Back Exercises for Building Muscle Mass Fast: Video Guide

Just started bodybuilding and want to develop a lot more muscle but I’m a bit confused. How many workouts, sets and reps do I do for each and every muscle group to develop as quickly as possible?

Key points:

  • That will be an all around very good beginning point for testing your body’s limits and see how fast you can recover, and from that point attempt to stretch it forward and progressively add the leg workouts, but never go much more than twice a week for the squats/deadlifts and try to alternate in between them.
  • This back exercise is an asset to a beginner weight education program since it teaches you how to create explosive power off the ground by activating your back muscles – not by employing inefficient arm strength.
  • Bodyweight workout routines are wonderful for gaining muscle mass.
  • If you want to construct a badass body, with functional strength, power and mobility you need to have to make bodyweight workout routines a staple in your workout plan.
  • If you want to create a muscular wide back, create strength or muscular endurance you can do so with bodyweight back exercises as lengthy as you stick to the number of reps essential for the aim you have.
  • The reason: Back workouts are also wonderful for targeting your arm muscles… back workout routines back pain reduce back muscle building upper back upper-physique workout routines.
  • You cant even rely on the best upper leg workouts like squats and deadlifts to entirely create diamond calves. Begin operating via these leading five workouts for increasing your calf muscles to ensure that you establish and preserve a properly-rounded exercise.
  • It’s an element of every significant weight training system due to the fact it calls for the majority of the physique – including the muscle tissues of the back – to perform in conjunction for the ideal lift workout.

These exercises are the largest muscle builders and also the most taxing on your physique so they must be done at the beginning of your workout to get the maximum benefits.

Video Transcript

I’m going to show you the best back exercise for building mass with dumbbells. I said today’s video is all about the one of the best back exercises for building mass and as you can see I’m standing here in a cage with a bar just about at my knee some of you are probably guessing what it is right now and if you are guessing rack pulls you are correct now rack poles I wouldn’t say are necessarily the most common exercise that you see done in the gym and I think for the inexperienced person seeing someone do rack poles think that they’re just completely doing deadlifts all wrong and that person would be wrong because rat poles are actually one of the most beneficial but back exercises for building size and strength so we all know that to build mass to build muscle to build strength you got to lift heavier and you can you can have the greatest form of the world here on my channel I talk about lifting with great form time under tension making sure that you’re hitting it from the right angle the concentric the eccentric training all the contractions I cover all these topics but truth be told if you want to put on muscle at least naturally you’re gonna have to throw away that all that strictness in your form and you’re gonna have to lift heavy every now and then and rack poles are a great way of doing that especially at the beginning of your back workout just because it is a great compound movement that’s gonna work a bunch of different muscles in your back if not all your back muscles and just help you build a nice Christmas tree with your back of your if you’re at least lean enough so I just want to show you exactly what the rack pull is now some people say that you can do rack pulls from below the knee some people say that you can do rack holes from above the knee just to show you what a rack pull is real quick just real quickly it’s just one right here that’s a rack. Workout routine for bodybuilding- okay very short range of motion which meant to basically be able to load up on weight and the reason that you’re able to load up on as much weight as possible is if you get down on a deadlift and you’re picking a bar up from the ground you’re gonna be able to you can lift a lot of weight when doing deadlifts one of the best compound movements so you pick that way up and then from right there from right there from right there I should say to right there you’re using primarily your legs now if you’re trying to just work your back why not get rid of that that pressing of your legs and just make it that top part of the exercise where you’re actually pulling back and you’re basically maintaining thoracic extension and working the muscles in your back that is what Rack pulls do they get rid of pretty much all leg engagement and put all of the focus on your back muscles which not only puts more emphasis on your back muscles but also allows you to go heavier so rack pulls what they’re going to look like or what you want to do first off is get these straps for the most part unless you are like a power lifter and you can’t use straps at your meat or whatever for the most part your rack pull strength the strength of your back is going to be stronger than the strength of your forearms the strength of your grip especially if you’re going super super heavy 225 only got two plates on here to show you guys not necessarily super heavy I’m not gonna use it for this but if I were to do let’s say four plates or even five plates and I was going for let’s say four to six reps with that kind of weight that’s what I’m gonna start using straps because sure I could get that a couple of times but towards the end of that set my grips gonna go out and I’m gonna wish that I had these because I’m gonna be now focusing on trying to just hold that bar rather than the maintaining thoracic extension a neutral spine and really just getting my back muscles to fire and just build strength now the other thing that rack holes are going to help with is like I just said thoracic extension if you’ve ever seen somebody do any exercise and they get super hunched over maybe it’s a regular deadlift maybe it is a rack pull maybe it’s been over rows this right here is horrible for your back and is going to cause injury thoracic extension neutral spine right there that right there is going to allow you to be in a stronger position with every exercise that you do and the rack pulls are a great way to strengthen that so that you can maintain the rest a neutral spine throughout all exercises so main like I said main topic of this video is just to explain what Rack pulls are so I’m going to get into this with you guys real quickly you can wrap these around the bar I’ll actually just get rid of these these are kind of just remind you to use them if you have them and if you’re going to go heavy but with rack pulls you are going to get into a regular deadlift position you’re going to have your legs about shoulder width apart I typically like to go with my feet slightly pointed outwards it’s just more comfortable for my knees and for my hips but do whatever is comfortable for you that I’m not saying the best right for everybody from there also I like to go with the bar just at my knees some people will say that you should set this up with the bar below your knees but what I find is when I go with the bar below my knees I’ll pull this weight up and then if I go to drop it down super fast it’s gonna hit my knee before that it’s that bar and that could cause injury if you’re just not careful for one rep and could end up really hurting your knee so I don’t like doing that just because I think it’s plenty of range of motion just from here to there now one of the issues that you see when people are doing rack pulls as you see them pulling this weight up and then you see them really squeezing back weight weight back bar just looking like this basically they’re going down squeezing super far back you don’t want to do that you still want to maintain that neutral spine do you want to roll your shoulders back and squeeze down on your lats yes but you don’t want to throw your hips super fuck super far forward because what you’re doing right there is putting a tilt or basically you’re just overextending your your your spine which is no good you want to maintain that neutral spine so a rat pulls shoulder-width apart I get in a ramble a little bit there you’re gonna grab this bar just outside of your knees and then the same thing with deadlifts or same thing as when you do deadlifts is the first thing that you want to do is make sure that you were outward rotating out externally rotating your shoulders right there and then that’s going to lock this into place it’s going to make your lats in a very strong position from here what you’re gonna do make sure your chest is out and then you’re going to you’re gonna bike down your glutes you’re going to squeeze down your glutes core tight and then from here you’re going to drive your hips forward and you lead with your shoulders you’re gonna pull that weight back standing up straight you want this to basically rub right along your thigh all the way up so externally rotate rub that on your thigh all the way up squeezing down the lat muscle right there not overextending but squeezing down return same thing taking it up squeezing down same thing squeezing it up picking it down so just wanted to make a video on what Rack pulls are I think they are probably one of the more lesser known back exercises in all of fitness and I don’t think that’s a good thing because I think if you are trying to put on size you are trying to put on muscle RAC polls are one of the best exercises that you can do at the beginning of your back day because you can go super heavy that’s going to allow you to get stronger it’s going to release more testosterone on your body more growth hormone it’s going to allow you to get bigger and just give you better results so try out some rat pulls next time you’re going to back day do them and at the beginning your back day for let’s say four to six weeks and I bet you start noticing a little bit more in the mirror and maybe even get stronger faster so hope his video helps you guys out if you are looking for more tips in the gym trying to get in shape you need a little bit of help I have a free body type quiz that not only tells you what your body type is if you don’t know it but it tells you the three most important steps that you need to take to actually get in shape for your body type and you can check that out by clicking the link in the description right below this video just go ahead and click that down there other than that if you guys like this video you guys like rack pulls make sure you’re clicking this thumbs up button down below if you guys have any comments questions concerns or videos that you guys want me to make leave them in the comment section and then last but not least make sure you are smashing that subscribe button that way you’re not missing out on any future videos alright thanks for watching guys and I will see you in the next one.

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