Build Unstoppable Confidence

Transition is not easy in order for you to go from one level to the next. For any woman, the thing that they want must be greater than the thing they currently understand. The next major step that you take in your life or in your business will come by you raising your standards. All this kumbaya crap about “just do it for love” gets me nuts. At the end of the day you’ve got to make money to keep the lights. Time to Rise and shine.

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Keys to Confidence 

To go from being on the block going to be a high school dropout to getting a GED is not the transition is not easy. In order for you to go from one level to the next level in order for any woman to transition, for any man to transition the thing that they want must be greater than the thing they currently asked. You only go to another level when you roll when you own this level and you eat not a trash cans and you say enough is enough. When you live in an abandoned buildings in the winter. You say enough you only transition from one level to the next when you tie to the level you own you keep telling me just happened in your life and that’s happening in your life and it who is happening to everybody you let your pain. Punk you let your pain make you quit you think you special you think you don’t only want we all go through. I’m just going to give somehow tomorrow so you going to have to go through it just like everybody else you going to have to pay the fair sweat blood here but guess what when you walk across that stage and don’t have that much more meaningful to me. This is just about raising your standards every single major breakthrough that you make in your life and your business will come from you just understanding a certain strategy better it’s from raising your standards it’s saying where I am now is not where? I am going to be I no longer accept this situation my living condition the size of my business is not acceptable anymore people bombard and you people picking on you people being a hater towards you negative people in your life. I no longer accept how people cheat me this is not acceptable anymore needs to change like it doesn’t matter about the specific strategies it starts in here it’s the mindset it’s raising your standards. It’s feeling like you deserve more it’s knowing that you deserve more that you are capable of great things and you are going to go off and do it believing in yourself that you can accomplish this big thing and not accepting mediocrity anymore that’s a starting point and okay and then so great raise my standards awesome pay the fare awesome. I do it-how do I get it to happen to me the greatest way to do it is to be around the people who have the standards that you want you are a product of your environment if you’re around people who have bad standards? Low standards low self-esteem low self-worth and guess what you get for yourself you’ll get the same thing you need to be around the people who have the standards that you aspire to and the more that you are hanging around those people. The more it’s going to rub off on you this is why I do my channel and this is why I’m so proud of the self-confidence ideally this is an entire series but the idea behind it is if you want to improve your confidence the best way to do it is to be around people who are confident and so every morning for free you get a clip 30 seconds the five minutes long around people who are being confident all you have to do is watch it don’t don’t be on your phone don’t be doing something else just watch a clip for 30 seconds to 5 minutes every morning if you do that you will become more confident why to 54 because it takes up to two hundred and fifty four days for a new habit to sink in and so I’m gonna be with you every step of the way I’m giving you no excuse no way out you want to be confident here it is gift wrap for you watch this every single morning for free and the ultimate goal of the for me later to do 250 fors around everything 250 fors around limited beliefs 250 pours around self-love 250 fors for industries for filmmakers for writers for athletes it’s a lot of resources to make that happen but this is the starting point 250 for confidence watch it every morning and one of the gaps with entrepreneurs is that they feel like because they own their day they can spend it like they won’t you cannot spend it like you want to if you gonna get to the next level you’re gonna have to give up something right so that’s my solution if you can’t actually be around these people then be around them virtually consume their content listen to them digest them try to understand their mindset they will rub off on you but if you’re spending your time watching Netflix hanging around loser friends hang on people who are complaining and hating and saying no the world sucks that will rub off on YouTube so whether you sign up for a 2:54 for free whether you watch more videos in this channel whether you read books whatever the thing is that helps you get to where you need to go understand this the next major step that you take in your life or in your business will come by you raising your standards by no longer except in the status quo that where you are right now and the way you act behave and think is unacceptable for the person that you want to be and that needs to change ASAP and to make that happen the best way I know how is to create an environment where on a daily basis you are consuming and hanging around the people who are already doing already thinking already behaving in a way that you aspire to be now I’ve got a really special bonus clip that I think you’re gonna enjoy but before that question the day I’m curious what other 2:54 should we launch so we’ve done the one on confidence that’s coming out we’re now looking at how do we branch out whether it’s other belief systems like self-love like believe in yourself that kind of stuff or if we go specific to an industry like singers actors writers down the line that path let me know you think I’m curious to get your feedback please leave it in the comments thank you guys so much for watching I believe in you I hope we continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is much love I’ll see you again tomorrow morning for another shot a vinspresso and enjoy the bonus clip [Music] you know a lot of people don’t ask themselves why yeah do I want more cars more jets and select no I don’t I speaking of mr. Cuban uh I go to Dallas one day and I’m you know I’m like man mark I never I never been to your office man tell me about it’s the man’s all kind of thing it was huge probably right and because and he’s like alright I’ll meet you and then he comes to the hotel in his pajamas and this is when sidekicks without looking at his sidekick and I said ok why am i good I mean I said I wanna go your office he said I haven’t been in three years I said what do mean you haven’t been the office in three years he said what am i what do I want more money he said I want his chill home when my son to jakester I want to answer my things here I but I’m like but well why do you publicly give out your email if you don’t want more work he’s like I enjoy sitting at home in my pajamas looking at this stuff and I you know and I realize you know he’s just like me why are you doing things you have to ask yourself right and that is your discipline right why am I going to work every single day and of course I understand a lot of people here don’t have the luxury like I am afforded now and you have to go to work you have to you have to keep the lights on and all this kumbaya crap about just do it for love the end of the day if you got to keep the lights on right there’s a crack but but but uh you got to ask yourself why what power have you found in the darkness first I before I answer that question I want to say about listen to this I’m the happiest man on the planet Earth so people may take this and as so many people do we live in a very weakened society so when they hear a throwback guy like me from back in the ancient days of Garanimals they often think this guy’s just whatever so if you think that I’m some unhappy guy you’re wrong having lived a life I’ve lived in seeing the other side not being afraid to attack what was in front of me has made me happy say that again and in fact let me make sure I understood it getting to the point where you’re not afraid to face the thing on the other side of the door that wants to attack you has made you happy right it’s really powerful I hope people heard that right that made me very happy so basically I just don’t walk around with a dad gonna smile my face all the time so you know Merry Christmas but but basically what the dark side is is we all have a cookie jar and we all have a jar that’s its official name it’s a jar of Man which just it’s just ain’t going right and in hell week what they do in hell week because this is where I really went to the dark side we’re doing hell week because they designed hell week to find your flaws and they do a really good job of that it’s a hundred thirty hours of continuous training you may get two hours of sleep and they beat you will find everything wrong with your mentality and then they start hell week and that’s the beauty of it and for me I’m not some not no nasty guy giving guy you know I don’t have a great bit of talent in anything so what got me through horrible times was the dark side whereas I created my name is David Goggins I created Goggins Goggins is the guy that can take anything you put in front of them you want to break my legs so be it I have a way of going to a place like I did in that race where all the pain and suffering that they put on top of me in hell week I will reverse that pain and suffering and I will take your soul so every instructor that put me through buds my job what drove me was I wanted you to go home that night after you beat the living me and I smiled in your face I wanted you to feel worse than I did and you were going home to a nice warm bed with your wife or your kids in a nice meal and I was still out there in the grip suffering for another 100 hours I want you to think about me knowing that I’m comfortable being very comfortable and I you think about when you went through week how uncomfortable you weren’t how bad you wanted to quit knowing I’m not thinking that way so the dark side is something that I’ve designed it’s an evil place I can go that very few things can hurt me I used to hurt you’re trying to put on me I flip it upside down and use it you try to use it for kryptonite know its power pillars for me I’m using it for strength I flipped negative into positive Saudis now terrific world domination honey Empire right I’m grateful I understand why I’m here I think because I am so open I wanted to think unseen it’s a bloody brief life all of you have the potential for enormous success if you want to know what Gary Vee DJ Khalid Oprah and others know about empire building that most people miss check out the link in the description for a free bonus video

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