Chest and Back Exercises for Beginners: Video Guide

A Science-Based Chest and Back Workout

  • For strength gains, do a set every two minutes.
  • For burning more body fat, try to keep the rest periods a little shorter, and add cardio.
  • Do decline chest if you decide to mix it up, you get a really great stretch.
  • If you’re hitting a plateau with reps, give them way more volume.
  • Make sure on each workout you fatigue all the fibers.
  • If you’re winded, give it another 30 seconds here because I really want you to feel strong in the first couple sets.
  • The purpose of the workout is to create the most micro trauma.
  • Get good stretch and warm up before the workout.
  • I not feel nearly as fatigued doing those supersets.
  • I’ve found a great benefit of creatine during supersets are that they are giving me long to rest periods on a single muscle group.
  • An excellent beginning point for testing your body’s limits.
  • Teaches you how to generate explosive power.
  • Bodyweight exercises are great for gaining muscle mass.

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All right so today we’re gonna look at chest workout only if you watched my other videos I was pairing opposing muscle groups so we looked at bison trice chest and back quads and hands and before I started shooting these videos I had experiment a little bit with doing one muscle only and it’s a little it’s a little more boring not only for you but for me too but I think it what we’re going to try it here and see I think it’s gonna let me give them way more volume and gonna be way more sore the next day that’s that’s what I remember so I’m going to keep my rest periods low I’m gonna try to rest only a minute or two so ever ever at the at the least I’m gonna do a set every two minutes and and that way in an hour I could get as many as 30 sets or close to it and and I think it’s that that’s it’s that kind of volume that’s really gonna make the difference so let’s get started you’re all yeah that yeah so like we saw before I’m gonna do decline chest now maybe I decide to mix it up and throws them in Kleinman I think this is really gonna be my my focus for today so try to keep the rest periods a little shorter a bit squeeze I’m not sure about all the way to 10 on that said reps or so but the wink felt good so I’ll leave it there for at least one more set up let me start my timer already behind schedule okay so thanks I’ll try to try to keep the rest periods a little shorter but I’m gonna devote the whole hour chest yeah I think that’s what I’m going to need cuz you remember in the last videos once I hit the hour mark I still felt like I had a lot of left in me I hadn’t fatigued all the fibers and part of that is because you’re bouncing back and forth you’re doing a little chest go back little chest go back and then of course I’m talking in you given plenty of rest and so I really wouldn’t want to do an hour and a half for a two-hour chest and back workout so we’re gonna try it this way and you tell me what you think and all I’ll be sure to tell you what I think it’s just I think it makes for a more manageable pace a workout but it also means here’s the one minute mark already yeah I think I’m gonna I think I’m gonna give it up now those are the two minutes it makes it a more manageable but what it also means is that I’m probably gonna have to work out every day now or close to it if I’m gonna if I’m gonna keep my frequency to it to once a week I’m gonna have to so I’ve got six exercises alright so I’ve got a minute and a half give it another 30 seconds here because I really want to feel strong in this the first couple sets I think are really important because you’re using the heaviest weight over the whole workout because it only technically if you only go down from here the weight that you’re using so these heaviest weights your 10 rep masters are close to it it’s really gonna create the most micro trauma so you want to be well rested you can sure the rest period as you go along and the way it’s later right now I really want to just strong well they don’t get anywhere close to theater that’s one like if I get six here yeah so maybe I’ll do one more set no I think I’m gonna drop that was Sony you guys think about your blood pressure you gotta think about your nervous system and how much how much stress you’re putting on your head so we’ll drop it and not my mind I’m gonna take off weight closer ten reps all right so now once this gets close to 4 oh I’m already at three minutes and 50 seconds cool any shorter recipes I’m gonna be harder to keep up with you myself another 30 seconds maybe it will do two and a half minutes five minutes that kind of left the rest period so we’re at four four minutes but even here even if I if I get two sets every five minutes that’s four sets every 10 minutes and it’s a twelve sets at thirty minutes and that’s a solid 24 sets in an hour I’ve done my math right so I don’t think anybody could criticize doing 26 or more on chest that’s a lot of volume bound to see something something wrong so we don’t have to be too greedy that’s what I wanted I want to just take a sustainable pace your edges hit just [Applause] leave them alone it’s a trap tonight I don’t know it’s the Christmas break took a little trip to see some family didn’t do much working out maybe uh maybe that hiatus was enough – it was a little strength I think it’s the shore – rest periods I think I should slow down even more we’re at the six-minute mark should probably get counting my sets I did 234 pounds now I’m doing I did one there 31 pounds that’s three sets so far in six minutes it’s not it’s not rush it it looks like I’ve got one viewer so hello there there was a way to do have a chat in here yeah right there so if you want to ask me a question or give me a comment here I’ll just say hello there anyone who wants to respond alright we’re a bit close to seven and a half funding myself all the way to eight minutes here to my fourth step you know they all start I’ll do what I used to do here in the past which was a little too big marks will happen I keep track of my sets so I’ve done that I did three sets of eight one two three so now we’re going to do it for the set here we go number four get good stretch here at the bottom a nice smooth top well I’m just not feeling it today and I feel good feel tired it’s not pushing oh god these shorter rest periods Oh so I’ll put a tick mark here that said number four I don’t know it’s better if I keep up this pace I’m going to want to be down the teeny-tiny weights here before you know it you know what maybe I could maybe I could keep a chest and back workout maybe I’ll just do chest here in the first thirty minutes keep my rest periods a little shorter and then switch over to back maybe that’s better than super soon because we’re the super sets the rest periods were so long for the same muscle group that I felt like I could do it all day which is there all day and the trigger for the weights to drop but on the plus side I must have been getting a lot more micro trauma right because the weight was staying heavy the whole time they have to say I wasn’t wasn’t particularly sore and even from workout to workout I didn’t think I’m able to you know I should be able to see a little bit of progress you know if you’ve really got a where we are our own worst critic right so when we look in the mirror we can tell what’s going on even if it’s not measurable by the instrument we can typically see whether we’re aiming weight or losing weight and just uh I wasn’t seeing it there with a super sense so all right I’m in 11 minutes I’m going to give it all the way to 12 twelve minutes here Sian really feels strong on the next one so like I said before own should be this chat function if you see if you mouse over here to the left there’s a little chat icon if you wanted to send me a check ask me a question or yeah happy to just say hello alright 30 more seconds here and I’ll do another set then they can take my film maybe I ended I’ve got a whore record in there will just be conservative sampling them work force. All right well I’m gonna make that my new starting link cuz that you’re really giving me a run for my money today I don’t know how last week I feel so strong all right so that’s gonna cross that out it’s gonna come back down to 30 31 and a half pounds for chest not that impressive when you see guys in the gym they’re pressing like 70 pound dumbbells but really getting a deep stretch that’s what I like about this decline press really a great stretch when I go flat and I try to stretch the stretch stretch really feels like up here the anterior delt and it just feels like something’s gonna something’s not gonna not gonna go well forming here if I stretch that deep in the shoulder all right when the elbows come down a little bit then and all the stretch happens here and man does that feel good and that’s really what’s keeping the weight low body up I didn’t stretch deep and I did a the flat press I could probably get the dumbbells up a little heavier but probably wouldn’t be hitting right muscles all right so we’re at 14 and a half minutes here I’m starting to get cold maybe I’ll put my sweater back on right the Fisher all those sleeves all right so I’m gonna do one more set here at thirty-one and a half pounds probably all you’re going to get four reps and then I think it’ll be times drop drop the weight and of John I’m really not sure if I’m really good job keep track of these says that was must be said number six not to go back and watch this again watch this videos see if I’m doing a good job so maybe maybe 30 census claiming as many as 30 cents for the team might even be a little too ambitious but let’s let’s shoot for it let’s see if we can get we’re ready that’s a 16-minute mark though if I do if I do decide to switch over to chest that would have to be at the 30 minute mark or so this really feels good I like keeping it separate here no no super sets really feel not feeling the chest a lot more [Music] over at 17 and a half already I’m not sure I’ll make it even 15 sets of this pace if no I’m already getting ready to change gears here I’m thinking I might want to add some back in your second half of the workout but priority number one here is just a fatigue the chest so let’s let’s stay focused oh I feel well I don’t think I’m getting anywhere close to ten reps any of these sets but still feels like a good workshop might be ready to drop the weights again so let’s be sure to count my set is here so I think I’m up to seven sets already almost 20 minutes yeah when I when I started filming these videos I thought supersets would be the way to go it’s just a more efficient use of time right because you’re you’re bouncing from one the next man did I not feel nearly as fatigued doing those super sets alright 20 minute mark you might stop another man here really arrested so always thinking about loading that muscle in the stretched position so I over this Christmas break I was taking a little trip to visit some family and friends and of course you know diet diet has to be compromised while you’re you’re out and about ended up eating eating more wheat than I normally do don’t like to eat the Greens beans nuts and seeds they really contribute to the inflammation I get acne breakouts and joint pain and all that surprisingly did pretty well didn’t didn’t see a lot of those symptoms I think it’s because I did a good job staying away from for so long but came home drank a kombucha handsome cuter with raw garlic and that helped a lot brought the brought the acne back into control very quickly and hopefully I keep my my body fat low so if you’re celebrating the holidays with family and friends and your you know enjoying the holiday food as you should when you get back on track in the new year try to kombucha try a little yogurt try some raw garlic if the intestinal flora where it should be keep your inflammation low brilliant we hope to keep the body fat look – oh here we go a little bit lighter [Applause] that one felt really good yeah let’s not forget to recorded alright we’re at nine sets and coming up on 25 minutes so maybe maybe 10 cents is where is that without super set it kind of explains why I seem so surprised when I started recording these videos with the super sets and just wasn’t wait wasn’t dropping the way I wondered it must have been those super sets giving me too much rest right so I had one viewer now it looks like I’ve lost him then happened right around the time I was talking about kombucha so maybe that’s maybe nobody wants to hear about kombucha but I should have liked it they got a lot of great flavors ginger ade bill berry lavender and that’s a good one Oh multi green I love the multi green that one’s got the spirulina chlorella mixed in with it very refreshing very very refreshing see where I met give myself another 15 seconds here alright I got 10 sets in all under 30 minutes that’s not not bad I’m not sure I want to keep going though another 30 minutes on chest once I get under 24 pounds it just feels like a waste of time so I’ll probably do let’s shoot for 12 sets I’ll do two more sets here might take me into 35 or 40 minutes and then I think I will switch over to back it will try to get a little more in here in one workout yeah if I had speculate those supersets are giving me long to rest periods on a single muscle group and it just wasn’t wasn’t able to fatigue those type 1 fibers they kept kept recovering one set to the next I want to talk to type ii fibers but we’ve got a lot of type 1 fibers in there they never they never gave a fully fatigue and they’re not gonna grow and we got a fully develop that muscle we need everything everything involved alright well that one’s not showing any signs of fatigue anytime soon I’m still getting six reps we’ll see here maybe I can get 12 or 15 sets to 45 minutes and then I’m good and then we’ll switch over to that now I’ll um I’ll likely refrain from doing any posing here in these next few videos I’ll wait for some more gains make it worth worth your while not to mention it’s 14 degrees outside right now my hands are like ice cubes so if I did any posing I probably wouldn’t look very impressive you’re not cold all right since 12 cents here I thought it was closer to 15 already but I’m gonna miss a couple it’s wait still feeling this following it there and then 33 and a half minutes I try to keep my rest periods even shorter now now the weights getting to want all right the good delis it was not like too long here [Music] 13 sets alright let’s see how I feel after 15 cents this is a coupon in on for 5 reps now the weight still filter real light don’t you want to drop lower once this once this tops out they’re not get three more quality reps I think I’ve done done with this exercise alright 14 sets let’s uh let’s shoot for at least one more here maybe that make a solid 15 I’m sad where to go from here [Applause] all right we’re just just at the 40 minute mark that’s 15 sets and I don’t think if I if I drop any lower not gonna be worth my while that wait this feels pretty light and still feeling still feeling strong so let’s go and switch the back I wasn’t planning on this when I started guys see I’m good now I have no straining on that you know my first couple sets then maybe maybe that gives me my answer that I should focus on one muscle but if I can do pull-ups or 20 or 25 pounds maybe that’s the answer and so the work that will be an 80 minute workout is going 60 yeah hands are cold alright so pull ups here I’m indicated 25 pounds in the backpack I think that’s all right so you got 25 pounds in the backpack [Applause] now chest was a little too heavy there 34 pounds so I might have dropped this – yeah it feels a little heavy so let’s bring up [Applause] I’m pretty good at the 43 mark for you three minute mark now it was said number one back I’m gonna cross that out we’ll start with 20 pounds next time that should be funny what we did 15 says in about 40 minutes 40-minute communication there and now we’ll see how long this one two [Applause] three hurry here we got so far so good and about six reps on that set should be ready to drop the weight here in the center to land this is what I really what I remembered before I started filming these videos on the way which are pretty consistently after about three or four sets and when I’m done with back maybe all a little experiment on try set or two on chest and see if see if a forty minute rest period brings my strength back up where if I really did manage to take all my fibers thereby keeping shorter rest intervals sometimes people talk about metabolites how do a set like this with moderate you build up a lot of byproducts and muscle which causes the sensation soreness or maybe the super sensor to help you clear those metabolites faster by alternating muscle who’s not faster but just more complete no no it’s better here we go alright five reps are up to 51 minutes here so I’ll probably have to rename this video call a chest or chest and back and if you’re watching this far you’ll know that the answer is just met so it’s pretty good I was hoping to keep it right at the 1 hour mark but I think I like this better than not dragging everything out because now I can really play with my splits right right if I only got three workouts chest back arms legs I can really have a lot of options with rest rest days in between work now we’re only doing one muscle workout I really have to have no risk things every day has to be a workout dish and that’s a little love just not very motivating to think that I’m going to be out here every day or that it will take me so long just differently one one cycle workouts alright three reps on that one you know what that means I’m gonna drop the weight 53 minutes 10 put in 15 and we keep going excuse me here are my notes [Music] all right I think it’s time for another set special considering that I drop weight a little bit well that’s that just felt really really light still didn’t manage to get 10 reps I like six or eight reps their weights really feeling like certainly cold out everything gonna put my hat back on not sure it looks so good on camera but it’s cold so I’ve got to stay functional all right we’re up to seven sets run halfway there and we’re only at 18 minutes if I keep this up I get the second half of the word got done about around time yeah right at the forty minute more wait starting to catch up to me now still feels like the only gettin he’s not like four or five reps perhaps you’re the drop on that one that’s way to decrease the weight although it feels to we’re just over the outer mark where it went on two minutes I’m really glad I started counting my sets here sometimes I just go and feel but when I’m doing two different muscle groups like this one workout I could end up put it I’m doing way more sets on chest than I did on back so it’s nice to keep them even here when you’re doing so many says it’s easy to lose count you know I’m currently doing three or four sets you don’t need any sticks or beans or beads or counters or anything that we track them you’re doing that’s is you lose track also use it was track for time so this just feels way too like this what’s the only access register now I the chest here comes my son I’m according to video so I need a chest I am I’m shooting the video right now oh I’ll tell you just little later okay I’m almost done hey naughty girl sure alright so I started at 34 pounds but that was a little on the heavy side count my drop so I don’t dropped well depending on my account and I’m going to dropped toys or three times here I’m back I’ve dropped how many times if I started at 20 I’m not tell my I’m gonna drop twice so I guess it’s not society anymore extrema children white be careful on the cheek too much of my legs should be like mine back to the work he right now I’ve actually started that’s good maybe I didn’t rest long that one I would really felt like it was getting at muscle at six and a half minutes over and now I’m there if I do four more sets in Cesaro a couple extra minutes to spare so I’ve got one more viewer here is joined us hello if you’re just tuning in here I’m finishing with my chest and back workout started off started off thinking was gonna be chest on lane but um and it should really fatigue my chest in about 40 minutes and I said hey why not throw a little back in there too so I’m doing my modify pull oh I’ve got my backpack here full weights on this case I’ve got about 10 pounds already done 12 sets on back shoot for 15 to 15 cents really trying to make sure every month library gets fatigued we’re doing that volume really fatigue those type ii fibers early on have your weights we’re just plugging along you’re trying to get all the type 1 fibers and off you can see mine pull up is a little unusual trying to get to the lines pull and he has the rear of the line pole just like already gonna pull up and then pushing my hips up I’m gonna get more of a horizontal line and pull like a dumbbell row or a cable row all right so getting close we’ll do two more sets two more sets and we’ll be right on the part of there with the chest portion of the word count and then then I’ll see now they’re not giving my chest up close to a 40-minute rest I’ll try another set or two and see it if the chest is truly Teague or if I just fooled myself by keeping those rest and it was so short that’s my four-year-old son he’s doing a job at school learning to already reading stuff writing stuff there anyone spell dead do not daddy [Applause] all right we’ll do one more set here for good measure we’ll be done so I’ll have to pay close attention here I’m sorry I feel like this worked out here to the last on that I found here where I super said it I’ll report back and let you know which one I feel did the job best now I was taking healthy rest periods during supersets so probably managed to get the same number of sets and not chest and back and and completed those tests with heavier weight throughout I wasn’t probably as much so that might be one arguing for the superset it lets me be more sets of heavier weights I suppose the depends on what that stimulus is for growth whether it’s micro trauma whether it’s tension whether it’s metabolic fatigue give me as rest in its short shorter me helps me do those type one-pot original better yeah that’s done it looks like we got 15 sets and in votes that took me 34 minutes I’ll round it up to 35 so chest was a little quicker than back there that definitely faster I’ve still got you here let’s go back go back chest now I’ll just do a little experiment let’s see just how fatigued to my chest is did these tiny dumbbells really feel so happy after all that yeah so are you able to play about the three reps there which tells me I must’ve done a pretty good job all right thanks for joining me let me tune the next time I’ll be working arms and I’ll let you know how how this chest and back workout feels a couple days later thanks again see you soon.


Chest and Back Exercises for Beginners: Video Guide
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Chest and Back Exercises for Beginners: Video Guide
A Science-Based Chest and Back Workout.
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