Discussing Warm Up Exercises Before a Workout

Warming Up Before a Workout

So let’s talk about warming up for your workout properly, effectively and efficiently. One thing that you’ve got to remember about warming up the muscles is you want to spend as little time as possible on it.

  • Use as little of your energy and strength warming up.
  • Fewer total warm-up sets, and the least amount of reps.
  • You’ll also be using a light weight.

Muscle Growth and Preventing Injury

You want to save the hard work for the heavy, intense overload sets because that is what creates muscle growth. A quick warm up leaves the energy reserves to stimulate the muscle properly. It’s physical, it’s mental, and it’s emotional warm up to lift the heaviest weight possible without getting injured. Staying away from injury is such a key to progress because when you’re injured, you can’t workout.

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Video Transcript

I am here right and early for you in this empty beautiful gym come to you live and it is 4:17 in the morning right now so make sure you post your questions that comes through. I don’t have a way for you to win to get access to some next-level information just by you participating in this live broadcast so I’m going to do a couple sets here I know we’re all about the training. Like guys in this video I’m going to talk about warming up properly I’m gonna talk about old school versus new school nutrition and how I formed it is what I call my information to Tricia and I’m going to talk about your parachute personality for those of you who are here for more than just the muscles you’re all about man formation of personal development becoming the best you could be both inside and outside of the gym tell me about your person parachute personality and talk all about that you may be doing this without even realizing it and then you’re wondering why you’re not getting the best things in life your default into what I call parachute personality all right so during this live broadcast I’m going to talk about warming up properly effectively and efficiently I’m going to talk about old school eating habits new school eating habits and then the perfect fusion of them both what I call my information evening happens and I talk about your parachute personnel you want to make sure you’re not doing this I wanna make sure that you’re not doing this if you are trying to get to the next level help the best options in life go some muscle here so glad to be with you here today I know as I established this these live videos here on YouTube. I’m just so glad that you’re even here entertaining all right so let’s talk about warming up properly effectively and efficiently you know one thing that you got to remember about warming up the muscles you want to spend as little time as possible warming up you want to use as little of your energy your strength warming up all right so that means the fewest amount of warm-up sets the fewest amount of reps during those warm-up sets and the lightest weight you can during those warm-up sets right you want to save all of that hard work for that heavy intense overload sets because that’s what’s gonna create the growth that’s what’s going to stimulate the muscle growth right and at the same time of course we why do a warm-up we warm up to be physically ready we don’t want injuries we want to prepare ourselves to actually lift the heavy overload weight and it’s just not a physical thing it’s a mental thing it’s emotional thing we got to be prepared we’ve got to take ourselves through the process but the key here is you want to do the least amount of work in the least amount of time you want to save all that for the heavy overload sets and the biggest mistake sometimes when we get into training is sometimes it carries on long after we actually are more established is that what we’ll do is we’ll start a just say we’re training back so of course at the beginning we warm up and take ourselves to do whatever it takes I don’t know five six sets right sometimes we go 12 to 15 reps each one making sure that we’re warming up whatever it takes for you to be mentally and physically ready for the sets whatever it takes right but keep in mind you want to do least amount of sets in the least amount of time at least amount of weight least amount of weight just get warmed up you just don’t want to go through an automatic process where you’re doing all this weight all these sets all these reps right wanna be efficient with that because you save it for where it really matters right here’s the other thing too is that you want to make sure that after you do that first warm-up set let’s just say for back that first warm-up set of sets you know that group of sets to be warmed up when you go to this second exercise on the third exercise and the fourth exercise you don’t need to warm up anymore you should be mentally ready should be emotionally ready and your back should be warmed up now we’ll talk about it a little bit but sometimes exercises are just different you’re awkward with them you just need to get you know I’m prepared for the movement but your muscles are warmed up alright so for those what I call them mental preparation sets where you just visually go through the exercises you can even do that without weight but you don’t want to continually warm up all right right so now I want to talk about nutrition so many of us we struggle with our nutritional habits right it’s the biggest challenge for mobile most of us we want to work hard we want to build muscle we love trading in the gym just can’t get our nutritional habits down all right you know throughout my years that’s something that I worked hard on when you master your eating habits you’re gonna master your body and I think you know that and so I went through the process reading the magazines stemming from some people really knowledgeable people in bodybuilding and training and executed those becoming a 6-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder a lot of those disciplines those strategies that I learned I incorporate every single day that’s why I’m here still here with you training hard at 55 years old looking this way because of my eating habits here’s the thing is that there’s a lot of new schoolhouse so old school new school so when I retired from competitive bodybuilding where it wasn’t everything worth me I want to expand my life I started executing and implementing the new school habits I didn’t stay old school and I found all the things that worked well that made eating easier and you know I found out what this way of talking was just a different mindset so I really dedicated to myself from there then you younger guys the new school philosophies and I incorporated what works new school training philosophy so I have the perfect fusion between new-school in old-school what I call man formation in the house if you want to know right you’re a man you’re driven you want to eat right and maybe the techniques that you’ve worn the strictness all the timing all the meals you just can’t do it you understand it may be done it when you were younger it just doesn’t work I understand that because it would work but you just can’t dedicate your life to that right and you want more effective and efficient strategy I want you to post your comment down below say I want some of that new school old school training eating philosophies because I have this audio cassette this audio recording of what I did so this is for an hour long I just talked about what it takes for you to eat right and I did I did that about eight years ago as all of my years right and what I’ve done recently is I study that that recording backwards and forwards and I incorporated all the ways that make me look this great at this age yet a more effective and efficient with my time right to a little bit more balanced life with business and family things that I wasn’t focused on when I was a bodybuilder right it still looked great so if you want these man formation of aiding strategies right this old school refused with new school this man formation eating habits you want this audio recording that’s going to explain to you backwards and forwards very simple and effective ways post a comment down below say I want that I want those eating habits that’s my challenge to post it in the comments section I’ll reach out to you or so many amounts get at core calm right one more thing I want to talk to you about a lot of men who want to take their lives to the next level right and it’s what I call this parachute personality it’s something that you definitely don’t want to do right it’s like you know what you do you want to be the man you want that respect you’re the authorities got a lot of great things to share but you just can’t break through you can’t be heard the way that you want many men I deal with men all the time one-on-one coaching go through their lives without knowing it they default to this parachute personality this parachute personality is like a blend between who they want to be how they want to share their passion knowledge they want to be respected because they’ve got great value to offer and it’s a blend between that and without knowing it just in case they fail so I’m gonna explain this parachute personality it’s in my special series so I do a lot of muscle tips here right I know our passion is bodybuilding training right and then I’ve got a special video series just for the more dedicated guys I know this may information I don’t know on my 10th time really about becoming the best you can be both inside downside um I know that everybody isn’t like that I just just a few if you’re one if you’re like me one of those dedicated hard-working guys who want more in all areas of life then you want to be a part of this man formation crack the code video series but you gotta reach out to me send me that private message to master send me an email on skipped basketball court a comment or comment down below and I’ll get you in on this video series the information crack the code explain this parachute personality because you want to make sure you’re not doing that without like a lot of guys alright have a great day have an outstanding day have an awesome day think big and think bigger been getting bigger.

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