Exercise Bike Guide to Workout at Home

Spin Bikes for Higher Intensity

  • For anyone searching for a low-intensity exercise to develop endurance and workout their entire body, Amazon is king of selection having a great deal of cycles for cost-effective rates.
  • Spin bicycles are made particularly for people who desire to train for strenuous workouts.
  • Additionally, if you happen to be somebody that uses lame excuses such as the heat, cold, or rain to reduce your everyday workout, the stationary bike tosses those excuses out the window.
  • A fixed bike is definitely an important component of that regimen designed for somebody new to exercise or an individual with back, knee, or joint problems which make other sorts of aerobic exercise hard.

Triceps Workouts and Nutrition.


  • The larger seat has to be one of the greatest advantages of the recumbent stationary bike.
  • Although a vertical stationary bike has you hunched over the handle bars, a recumbent bike promotes greater spinal position.
  • Recumbent bikes are easier on the spine (lumbar spine) because of the way that you’re seated.
  • Recumbent bikes have bucket-type seats situated lower to the floor.
  • These stationary bikes are ideal for anybody who is eager to burn fat and calories, creatine benefits, enhance their cardiovascular fitness, and also be comfortable while doing so. Gone are the days of needing to suffer to lose some weight.

Ab Workouts and Building Muscle.


  • Depending on the resistance knob for intensity is fine – that has been the setup of many of the bikes we examined.
  • A heavy flywheel cuts down on the turbulence of pedaling and be sure your workouts continue to challenge you as your level of fitness increases.
  • If you are short on room, select from pedal bikes that fit below your desk and collapsible cardio equipment that’ll help you get fit.
    For folks searching for an genuine cycling experience, look for a vertical bicycle or spin bike.
  • You will modify the pedals, seat and gears to duplicate your outdoor ride.


  • If your cycling bike is going to be used by a high level trainee, or by an individual with a large body, then selecting a bike with at least 25-pound resistance system would be better.

Pain and discomfort

  • Neck discomfort is yet another frequent cycling complaint and is often the consequence of riding a bike that is too long or getting handlebars which are too low.
  • People with mechanical lumbar pain (such as degenerative disc disease ) occasionally find the back support and reclining placement of the recumbent bike more comfortable.
  • Magnetic resistance bicycles are made with a better quality system that gives smoother and non-jerky motion of the wheels to the user.

Alcohol’s Effect On The Body.

At the gym

  • The majority of the fitness centers who maintain best amenities and fitness equipment end up losing out on the cleanliness when a massive number of individuals join as members.

Building Your Endurance Like a Pro Athlete▼

three two one and go welcome your this is the fourth session session fourth session we can be going through the training zones so session number one number two we got used to the turbo trainer I would position on the trainer the resisters decadence some technique some basics then the third one was your FTP test and before you start training with me in this session just go to the description of this video and there is a link to the website where you can simply put your twenty minutes average power or heart rate and you will just get for free easily your training zones so basically you should already have your training zones from that website and then you just put those onto your computer computer or the memory and also if you are operating only with the speed of your rear wheel maybe you’re on the rollers or on some really basic non smart turbo trainer that’s okay it’s not gonna be very accurate for you but that’s okay so we are starting with just five minutes training zone number one so I’m right now in the number one training zone on this session I’m gonna be guiding you through six training zones the seventh one we’re gonna leave for another training session the seventh one will be just like neuromuscular one super short super powerful and explosive but we cannot suffer a little bit on the fifth and the sixth training zone today but this session is not really difficult it’s only forty minutes and you you should be able to do some training like after half day after this training session no problem so training zone number one what it means it means I’m way below my FTP so my FTP in terms of the power is 248 watts it’s pretty low and so my training zone is below 140 watts just roughly so I’m right now sitting at 120 going a little bit higher we’re gonna try to ramp up the intensity through the zones but also having some recovery periods so no worries you’re not gonna be like suffering so much in the red zone no no we’re just gonna try to feel how it how it how it is to be in the zone so number one and number two we’re gonna do is just in a row without doing some recovery because we are now like warming up we are in the recovery zone I think I’m already warm why I’m starting in the jacket in the long stiff Jersey because I have my window opened before the training session I have two fans here so it’s pretty cold it’s almost the outside temperature which is pretty cool today I think it is about eight degrees Celsius so no freezing training zone number one this is recovery we are using this zone for recovery right we are sitting in the zone number one in between the intervals usually if it’s not over unders then from the from your interval it is gonna go down into the intensity which is very very low for you you can spin at about eighty eighty-five rpms and feel that you must recover even though you spin so we don’t really feel that we do push the bike or the other drivetrain we are simply spinning so number one that means if you go for some trips with your kids with your wife some Sunday right with your family that’s gonna be his own one too and in in the first zone we are really recovering so the theory we should just understand is that we mostly use it for recovery rights like on Mondays after after racing through the weekend if you decide to do it actively active recovery zone one maybe a little bit too and also recovery between intervals we’re gonna do recovery between zone five intervals and then between five and six fifth and sixth zone so this is it just remember about your posture your form should be just nice relaxed but we don’t have any and the reason just just now for tightening our muscles okay five minutes over and now we are going to zone number two how we should feel well in the second zone we still don’t need that much of a concentration of a focus to stay in the zone two for me right now it’s 140 interval for forty watts 138 what’s something like that so I can easily talk to you this is also one of the keys in in the second zone you do like all day pace with your buddies you can you can chat with them you feel comfortable and we do start feeling like our muscles our body is warming up better than it so number one we do feel some some more some higher intensity but still you can do it for a whole day so this zone is often called the LSD so long slow distance yes we are now teaching our our muscles some endurance so why not muscle endurance that will be Zone number two but also higher for sure but if you’re gonna go for maybe grant form those or so you gotta try to stay in the second zone for the majority of the time that’s it you can pretty much write all day in the zone we’ll be more of an advantage for your muscles rather than for our heart and for our metabolism trying to get rid of the of the lactate from our blood because we do not produce that much of a lot that we do we always do but it’s a very little amount so that our body can process it that’s it cool feels pretty nice my heart rate is 120 to right now feels very very enjoyable this is enjoyable zone zone number two okay the biggest mistakes of us writers is that we write way too much in the second zone maybe in the third zone even and use too much of our time we can time a week time or month time for the higher intensity but for sure zone number two if you’re a beginner that’s a great zone for you to stay because you will give your body stimulus for building the muscles and mitochondria and just getting better getting better fitness level for you but also it’s still enjoyable if you are here for losing weight zone number two is for you with some tempos maybe maybe intervals but not that much some tempo rights and then going back to zone number two it’s pretty pretty the best one for for a losing weight this is also why I’m often saying that losing weight is much easier than training for fitness because it will mostly be enjoyable that’s the thing okay we are trying to go up and up with the intensity I’m still well within my second zone 160 something watts going higher means you have to concentrate because now if I was just to look at the camera lens there and not focus on pedaling probably my wattage would go down a little a little bit but still you don’t need that much of a focus here it is very enjoyable so try to feel what’s happening to your body try to feel the temperature in your legs your core temperature your body how it feels it should be very very nice if you want to you can get off the saddle for 20 seconds 30 seconds if you wish just in order to change the position especially if you’re not used to the position on the bike on the turbo trainer because on the turbo trainer indoor cycling it is much more stable there’s not so many things happening as it would be outside in the real world so you can just get off the saddle without pushing in to your to your pedals just pretty stable and relaxed but you can of course stretch a little bit and feel what’s happening with your neck with your arms should be good cool okay I should be now sitting at 173 watts now the cadence I tend to have a lower cadence for your recovery periods like between the intervals that’s the zone number one but when we go higher try to aim for eighty-five to ninety-five rpms I have now 86 87 86 feeling good my water is now at the higher end of the second training zone so you should just you should just follow the zones you have got you have gotten from the website speed if you operate on the speed it will be much more difficult because there’s no training zones for speed theoretically but you should just know that your average speed from the 20 minute test minus 10 percent roughly is your FTP and your FTP is let’s say in the middle of the fourth zone maybe the upper end but let’s say in the middle each device you can have will have different curves so different the the resistance will change differently comparing to the speed but just now the fourth zone is your FTP so your average speed from 20 minutes – 10 percent roughly we’ve got some nice light sunlight here there was no sunlight until I push the record but it’s interesting it’s nice okay that’s enough we have two minutes of the recovery so going back to the zone number one you can change the gives into lower ones you can also lower the cadence if you wish for me it seems to be comfortable like 80 82 right now this is the recovery we have one and a half minute left and then we go to the zone number three where we’re going to do it deeper and concentrate more but getting back to the speed operating cyclist if your FTP speed is 4th zone then try to look at the percentages of the heart rate zone and power zone and do roughly that but it will be much better for you to feel your perceive perceived exertion rate so how do you actually feel zone number one feels like nothing zone number two please like a good warm up you’re getting warm but still you can talk you don’t have to concentrate it’s nice that’s enough for you operating on this be zone number three as you will see need some deeper breathing more regular ones so I’m not gonna be talking that much but still it’s not suffering zone number three has nothing to do with suffering okay 30 seconds left and especially speed operated operating cyclists focus on how will you feel I’m gonna start with about 180 watts going up for I think we will do it like three minutes or four minutes maybe five minutes I don’t remember exactly okay we’ve got five seconds left nice recovery my hardwood is 116 which is good okay that’s enough five minutes this is the zone for the temple rides so I’m starting with 189 this is zone number three and here we need to concentrate on the on what we do on the intensity otherwise if I don’t I will go down to zone number two so this is this is happening just automatically okay one night that’s my goal now you can already hear me breathing deeper beautiful outside just try to feel what’s happening to your body okay heart rate if you operate on the heart rate don’t try to just hit the right heart rate from the beginning of your of your interval like this one five minutes use two minutes even for getting up there maybe one and a half because otherwise you would have to go from number one zone number one skip second third and fourth go to up up to the fifth and sixth own in order to ramp up the heart rate and then it will hit the the third zone and then you go down to number one so that your heart rate will just stabilize in the third zone try to do it very very gently this is really good exercise actually with the heart rate for pacing okay my breathing is deeper more intense and I do have to concentrate so I look at my laptop here 200 feeling good and don’t forget about drinking three minutes left okay so these are the temple rites we can also divide the training zones according to the time we’ll be able to spend on so zone number one number two a whole day zone number three it will be Shari we’re going to be doing like 10 minutes tempo twenty minutes ten balls with some maybe recovery times and then another one you can hear me breathing okay relax the shoulders you can see in the third zone I already made a little bit tight more tighten position on the bike cool this is good my cadence is 85-86 you will see my cadence be much higher from the fourth zone upwards it will be above 90 because the higher power output we want to put without the higher cadence we need ok one and a half minutes left so this is our tempo right notice also that the lower end of certain zone is so much different from the higher end so mistake number two I’m gonna mention during the training is to try to stay at the higher end of your training zone no don’t try to stay in the middle in the higher end also if you struggle to stay even the lower end that means it’s too intense for you maybe today so just try to see where your body will be will feel best ok this is still very aerobic workout in this zone so 37 seconds left and we’re gonna have some longer recovery after that at the end I’m going to show you the example of intervals in the six in the fifth and sixth so you can try your arrow position on the by you can go to your extension if you have once if you don’t have it’s okay to do it like I’m doing three two one recovery three minutes of a recovery nice I would normally give myself maybe half a minute to recover so that my breathing will go down and will be less intense and then I drink because drinking during the intervals will be more challenging for sure even in the fourth zone you’re going to be drinking during the intervals like if you’re going for time traveling you need to drink but you know training recovery time is very good for that so this is the good moment as you can see my heart rate is still going down 1:29 it will maybe stop it just below 120 and then the next interval will start the next one will be the fourth training zone and I think that’s where you’re gonna feel the most difference comparing to the lower zones one and a half minute left okay look at your knees focus on your pedaling push forward at 12 o’clock and then pull backwards at 6 o’clock and try to lift your feet from 6 to 12 just lift not really pull upwards or just lift your feet and try to focus maybe on just one side at a time I saw left-side pushing pulling pushing pulling pushing from lifting pushing were lifting pushing be lifting this is how it goes and then the right side pushing pulling lifting the right technique pedaling technique will save you a lot of energy a lot of energy but also it will save your muscles oh maybe it’s even if it’s a it’s even more important advantage than just saving energy saving your muscles burning less matches ok we are well halfway through like three and a half minutes beyond the halfway mark and we have 10 seconds to start zone number 4 speed operating remember his own number 4 is your FTP ok let’s start 5 minutes 5 minutes here okay I’m gonna change the gears so that it will feel smoother on my bike and we’ll see what the earth mode does I want to have my cadence at 90 at least so I’m giving some time to the earth mode to adjust the resistance I’m riding in the earth mode right now I’m on the tax flux okay seems like it’s working so mighty ok this is the lactate threshold area at the FTP our FTP is somewhere new to the LT so lactate threshold it’s not the same threshold but it’s very very close to it and lactate threshold that’s the moment the threshold of our intensity when we start producing much more lactate so much more like that in the blood in this zone that means we’re gonna feel something strange in our muscles in our legs especially so I need to focus I need to breathe deep start just below your FTP so speed operated devices let’s say you’re 20 minutes average speed was 30 30 km/h okay then your FTP is 90% of that so 30 – 10 % is 27 so 27 is your FTP so you should start maybe at 25 or so remember that the gearing you should remember what gear that was and what type pressure you have okay you can feel some little pinching you can start to feel a burning especially at the higher end of this of this zone so easy to memorize FTP that’s number four this is the fault zone okay focus I’m getting close to my FTP so I’m getting close to 248 two minutes and ten seconds left so this is not fighting this is not real pain it will start from the v zone this is focused intensity you need to be focused you need to push think about your economy efficiency and some nice position upper body relaxed okay this is my FTP so theoretically your FTP means the intensity you’re able to hold for one hour in practice if you’re a beginner it will be maybe thirty minutes that you are able to hold on with your FTP and pro riders that’s about one hour so if feeling like if you think like there’s no way I’m gonna be able to hold this for an hour it’s okay I probably wouldn’t be able to go with 248 watts for an hour okay 55 seconds left we are at the higher end so just below beyond the FTP that’s about 105 percent of it but think if you did some water some heart rate some speed for 20 minutes at some level you’re gonna be able to do more than 20 minutes if you you take just ninety percent of it okay okay we are getting close to the fifth zone but in 15 seconds we’re gonna have my kid is too long we’re gonna have earth mode sucks recovery at three two one recovery low gearing easy gearing relax upper body now we have three minutes of the recovery and then just three intervals left we’re gonna do two intervals in the fifth zone with recovery having 50% of the time of the interval so the interval will be like one minute or two minutes maybe maybe one thing I do remember correctly and the recovery will be half of the time so if it’s one minute it will be 30 seconds if it’s 2 minutes you will one minute and then another interval in the same 1/5 zone then we gonna do just 2 minutes easy spinning and lastly only 30 seconds zone 6 ok take your time to recover relax let your breathing go down and then drink it will be especially for the beginners it will be very surprising that during the interval you feel like no way you’re gonna be able to do anything more but then after the recovery period you feel like you can you can ask your body of some nice even hired as in density intervals we are 28 minutes 29 minutes into into the workout so only 12 minutes left 11 even it’s a short one but it’s more than enough for our body to memorize something has happened and we need to tweak some mitochondria are some muscle fibers in the body and prepare for more in the future if we do it on the regular basis okay 45 seconds left heart rate your heart rate will not always go down to your first zone and don’t worry about it so if you see like your heart is still in the second zone don’t try to do this just you know spin very lightly so no pain in the legs you should rather think about what’s happening in your legs in the muscles rather than the heart rate you know if it’s still like in the third zone don’t go don’t go any further from from here but I’m 125 that’s okay my first zone was like 116 it’s okay to have 123 and let’s go to vo2 max so guys zone number five for two minutes is starting from your twenty minutes average so not FTP but higher and going up intense breathing this is for vo2 max you can see my cadence now 100 just focus 1 minute and 20 seconds left relax upper body down the bite where the teeth one minute left breathe with the belly so 40 seconds left after that one-minute recovery fifteen seconds left hold on five to one recovery this is not fully full recovery because we only have 60 seconds and then another two minutes in the fifth now you feel what vo2 max interval means don’t expect your heart rate to go down – now at 155 it will maybe go down to 140 we’ll see breathe 12 seconds so I’m gonna start with 145 okay ready 3 2 1 and go back I’m gonna give a chance to the earth mode okay so 2 minutes here it is much higher than the FTP and a bit higher than your 20 minutes average so speed operating cyclist if your average was 230 try to go for 31 32 one minute 20 seconds left try to do it seated earth mode sucks for higher cadence it sucks one minute 58 seconds sounds better relax upper body breathe well 25 seconds fifteen five – one recovery so difference between zone number five and zone number four pain easy to memorize of course higher end of the fourth zone for a long time is pain but the intervals number five so number five that’s pain okay drink drinking when it’s still breathe intense be careful not to choke whoo okay one minute left to the last and only 30 seconds in important note 30 seconds interval she’s like like a sprint but you should be able you should be able to estimate within maybe five seconds of it maybe ten seconds of it what intensity you’re gonna try to keep for 30 seconds we’re not going to hit the seventh zone so no neuromuscular like max workout just go up and hold not go app and fate it’s not peak and fate interval 18 seconds a nice recovery my heart rate 130 for 132 not bad and four seconds three two one let’s go okay they’re intense six three recovery this is pain this means pain okay we are done with the tough part so the sixth zone is way beyond FTP if my FTP is 12 to 56 zone is like 500 but it big is lower for sure two minutes and ten seconds left to the end if you wish you can do some cool down afterwards you don’t have to end with me it’s just for the YouTube video and your internet connection think about all the training zones now it will be much is it for you to know I’m in the third one I can go for thirty minutes easily this is third zone I can go whole day like that second zone I can go for about three minutes that might be the fifth one or the fourth one the upper end but probably now fourth one upper end you would go for much longer so the fifth one my breathing still intense pretty intense my upper body was tight my arms my shoulders so shoulders away from the ears this is like a yoga mantra shoulders away from the ears cool fifty seconds left thank you all for training with me today I hope you’ve learned a lot it is pretty simple it’s not that complicated like memorizing all the percentages just different training zones are made because we feel different in these training zones and we achieve different goals once more up to the zone number four it was super Arabic vo2 max we are now at vo2 max we are generating a lot of lactate and the sixth that’s the anaerobic the very anaerobic training zone okay think about what you have chipped you have achieved how it’s been whoo and thanks so much guys cool we are all the waiters all our wieners bye-bye whoo.

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