Guide: Full Body Workout at the Gym for Weight Loss

Work All Your Key Muscles in a Single Session

A full-body strength program includes exercises which work all your key muscles in a single session.

  • Before you choose whether you need to do full-body or break up routine workouts, take into consideration the number of days you are able to dedicate to workout, your individual workout goals, as well as your current degree of skill and comfort in the gym.


  • Performing the key compound workouts daily (Bench, Dead and Squats at undulating set/rep ranges), 3x a week.
  • When I was younger this particular split was very successful for incorporating power but as I get older I’ve found myself having to miss workouts, add rest days, etc.. These days, I’m much more focused on the future.
  • If you would like to begin a full-body regimen, TRX is a great way to go with creatine usage. Its workouts use body weight and resistance bands for an efficient, thorough workout-and they occupy minimum space, so they’re ideal for travelers or home workouts.

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Compound exercises for mass

  • To achieve this, most full-body exercises are developed around a small number of compound exercises, such as the squat , bench press , deadlift , and military press , and that’s part of why they’re so popular-they are fool proof and simple.
  • Since a full-body program works every one of the muscle groups no less than several times each week, bypassing 1 day won’t have a substantial effect on your progress.
  • A few full-body routines involve performing a great deal of exercises concentrating on particular muscles independently (isolation exercises), whereas others demand less, compound movements which entail several muscle groups.

Advanced- Several times weekly

  • Utilize this to framework to workouts and you obtain the supreme convenience in training: full-body workouts which you replicate several times weekly.
  • The good thing about simply exercising with dumbbells every few days would be that the days between full-body workouts enables you to include a few cardio sessions as opposed to depending on inadequate cardio added on at the conclusion of a workout.
  • You must choose how many days to train, which muscle groups to work on which days, which exercises to perform, the number of sets and reps to execute, the best way to program in gradual overload , and so on.
  • These include routines which i actually did, and I did these on several successive days – after which I had taken a couple days to weeks off from the dumbbells to relax and recuperate before beginning my next week of training.

Beginners Strengthen a Weak Core

  • Knowing your core is fragile or you lack power in your arms, a full-body routine causes it to be more challenging to put the lot of time into workouts that concentrate on those parts.
Video Transcript

rise and shine let’s get this thing started I’m gonna finish my coffee I just ate my oatmeal protein protein oatmeal I’m told you want to say it and then we are starting the prep phase of the cutting plan which is a 5 by 5 full-body workouts three days a week for three weeks straight not everyone has to do the prep phase we love doing it it really feels good and it just makes you feel badass since we are currently on a full body workout program I feel like this is a perfect opportunity to go over the differences the pros and cons of full bodies verse the so called gross lit let’s one say first off when the major benefits of full body is to focus on compound movements stressing multiple joints muscles take an amazing amount of energy to perform they’re also very functional the likes of squats deadlifts and overhead press being a staple throughout each week bodybuilding splits can utilize compound as well which any good program should but sometimes they can be neglected or replaced with machines but hey if you’re limited to what kind of movements you can do ie due to injuries machines might be a better option full body can also be a very efficient way of training you can be in the gym as little as 3 days a week and still see great results bodybuilding splits can’t keep you in the gym for up to five to six days a week which is hard if you don’t have the time but with the lesser amount of time in the gym you might have to be conscious of creating any kind of muscular imbalances so we’d like to take in some isolation exercises after the main compound movements are out of the way like lateral raises calf raises reverse flyes tricep extensions bicep curls just name few these body parts could start legging if you don’t give them a little extra love now this brings up a good point most programs should be geared towards goals you know that old saying you are what you eat well there should be a saint for training you look like when you train like so although a 5-5-5 type training is great for building foundation function all that good shit it probably won’t think you look like art with lower training intensity focusing on lower reps and higher weights you might find yourself looking more like mark Ripert Oh what you’re not saying it’s a bad thing it all just depends on how you want to mold your body cardio will have to be introduced or increased a bit more if you want to get or stay loose compound movements take a good amount of energy to perform but with the longer rest times your heart rate will not fail that too throughout the duration the workouts where as bodybuilding splits can keep your heart rate up with shorter rest times or implementing techniques such as super sets drop sets etc to keep you lean or get you lean without the need for article also 5×5 doesn’t video inspiring skin tearing panty-dropping pumps like bro splits does but hey that’s not for everyone but if you were first starting out I would recommend applied by five type program first for at least a few months and slowly introduced more exercises and techniques as you progressed and as your goals change the verdict is I’ll forever be in love with the bodybuilding split but you can’t deny the great benefits of full body workouts if you’re just starting out or have never done applied by five program that’s my opinion on the full body first bro split what’d you guys think comment below on your favorite full body or throat split alright all this working out talks got me hungry welcome to Brandon’s kitchen what’s on the menu today well it’s gonna be a nice hearty healthy breakfast something like a breakfast pizza what are some of the things you’re gonna need for this recipe it’s gonna be a medium to large pan with the lid a mixing bowl some of the mix of withme a cutting board and a cutting knife the ingredients are gonna be eggs cheese turkey bacon onions and asparagus we’re gonna add the diced turkey bacon to the skillet on about a medium to medium-high heat that’s when you add the diced asparagus and onions let them cook through a little bit on medium low-key and after that that’s when you add the eggs and also the cheese you cover it with a lid and let it cook through on about a low to medium low heat it is that simple there we go breakfast pizza is done it’s kind of like a pizza kind of like a scramble on another call but I’ll just call the pizza cuz it’s round and it’s delicious oh yeah fuck that top Oh dr. Erwin I let it cool down a little bit now time for the real taste test mmm that is delicious you know it’s good when you start cursing after every bite mmm fuck you god damn yeah i smoosh it okay wanted to give you a tour of my new bachelor pad just moved in it’s pretty nice it’s in the Hollywood Hills area you got the entryway got the terrace and then here is where you oh shit well maybe not quite a house they’re actually on set for a new skit that Rin be doing called my buff buddy Hudson wrote it and now we’re shooting it at the YouTube studio so it should be a lot of fun so you can kind of get an inside look of how the buff dudes work a little behind the scenes stuff it is just Hudson and I we’re gonna be shooting this today and hopefully it’ll be full of a lot of laughs another feeling it will because we have a lot of trash how the hell do these conspiracy theorists do it can you film one of these yeah I think this thing could stop a bullet nipple head I am buff buddy is it his buff buddy approved it’s like a robotic Smurf there was an executive decision made we changed the buff buddy now he’s cool before he just looked like black face well don’t we change to be honest kind of you never know you know you don’t want to it was definitely meant to be a robot but we don’t want it to be an offensive robot a little darker gray than we really initially owned you’re going for silver damn it like like my nipple head like nipple head I am but buddy your personal robot assistant you look so lifelike and you look like shit okay well that’s not exactly what I wanted to hear let’s go to the store and get you healthy groceries all right let’s do it no beer what we could just both walk in you walk out from one way I walk out from another and then you just go wow this is amazing yeah Wow well what do you think I want to switch back he can or should we just leave it it should be pretty short yeah yeah okay there’s probably one thing I should have mentioned and then what that body was not built anatomically correct I don’t have yeah and then I go you mean I don’t have a dick I used it anyways I would say that was a pretty successful week hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and until next time stay puff

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