Guide to Motivation and Success

The thoughts and emotions that you create? You don’t have to find any solution for it other than building confidence. You should just turn it off before it’s gone, and it’s time that human potential is unleashed because we are the first generation on the planet for whom our survival is organized better than ever before. If you think you know everything or you believe you know everything you will be just too full of yourself. The top need motivation? Watch the top ten. I want you to find it embrace it and use it to make a difference.

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Guide to Motivation and Success

So let’s get your motivation to attend and get you believing in you grab a snack and chew in today’s lessons from a man who went from moving around a lot as a kid loving adventure and travel and motorcycles growing up to having a life-changing spiritual experience and then devoting his life to spirituality and founding. He’s a guru and here’s my take on his top ten rules a success volume for joy okay let’s kick it off with rule number one turn off the problems it’s time to understand all the problems of individual nature are generated from with him and we don’t have to solve problems that we create we just have to dissolve no problems that you create you don’t have to solve if there is a problem in the situation yes we have to solve but you have a problem within you solution is not what you need solution is madness solution means for an illusion you’re creating an illusion solution something that you make up for that you create one more solution that you made up once again now you just have to turn off the problems you’re going through a certain drama only thing is you’re a lousy director that’s all there is instead of improving your direction now you’re trying to find a solution for a situation in a drama it’s like people watch the cinema and come home and they have big arguments about what happened there so the thoughts and emotions that you create you don’t have to find any solution for it you should just turn it off it’s gone if you find solution you moving towards insanity because you create a ghost and you create a Ghostbuster the ghost that you create you must learn to play with them hello I’m saying if nobody willing to play with you have to play with somebody right so the ghosts you create if you like them you play with them if you don’t like them turn them off but they keep coming. You don’t play don’t like to play with them don’t play they come and go never it ever happen that one thought remained for more than a moment isn’t it comes and goes comes and goes let it come and go if you try to find a solution for that you will head towards insanity rule number two my personal favorite unleash your potential you told the story of a man who had wings but never used them to fly and just reproduce and had a life and isn’t it a tragedy that he never used his wings to fly do you feel like most of us are walking through life with wings and we never use them to fly unfortunately yes a whole lot of people too many people mm-hmm it’s time that human potential is unleashed because we are the first generation on the planet for whom our survival is organized better than ever before ever be so this is the time to unlock our potential to lose those all kinds of inhibitions and fears that we had there was a time if as much as cloud gathered and lightning and thunder happened without God was angry with us okay all those things are gone it is time you take away the nonsense that’s happening within you and the entire process the science of inner engineering is just this how to work at it in a scientific manner not with philosophy I can tell you a thousand times give up your fear it’s not going to go but if your chemical soup is blissful there’s not even a idea of fear in your mind it reminds me of your concept of the movies you play the movies in your mind you can choose a drama you can choose a horror story or you can choose a positive movie and not get stuck in the same movie forever you can turn it off and start a new one yeah but for that you should know where the switches are right you are like a supercomputer but you haven’t found the keyboard yet time to find the keyboard that’s my work to give people the keyboard to their supercomputer rule number three seek knowledge see the reason the only reason a human being will seek to know something is because he realizes that he does not know if he does not realize that he does not know there will be no longing to know there will be no seeking to know and definitely there will be no knowing it’s not possible whether it is spiritual seeking or any other kind of knowledge you will seek only because you realize you do not know if you think you know everything or you believe you know everything you will be just too full of yourself that’s all and that is a huge problem that’s a very big problem though we have a culturally cultivated humility that you see all over the place everybody is like this only but still too full of yourself when you bend nothing goes out of your head it doesn’t make any space I am saying because my head is open that’s why I’m bandaged can you see rule number four be truthful to yourself one thing that you must do to yourself is you are absolutely truthful to yourself if you’re also truthful to everybody around you will get other kinds of benefits with people but I will not go that far right now with yourself you’re 100% truthful otherwise all kinds of tricks keep happening to be truthful to yourself is not a easy thing because there is lifetimes of habit of simply both yourself our guest came to the house and being a South Indian man down south you know the lights come from further down south he was carrying an umbrella which is common thing in Kerala and southern Tamil Nadu to carry a nun realize a very common thing because rains can be very heavy then they walked out he took the guest out then he started raining that did not open the umbrella the guest said why don’t you open the umbrella said I’m sorry number lights full of holes then the guests asked why did you bring it well I never thought it will rain today a whole lot of people are like this they think somebody else has to catch their lives this will take a long time because someone else catching your life will take lifetimes you must catch them you should not let your chickens pass to become 100 percent straight with yourself you take a certain amount of application but if this one thing you do I saw Thomas Adam this piece of life will work for sure 100% then figuring out a few things is very simple for that I’m there if you just fix one this this one thing that you’re 100 percent straight no any kind of deception then there’s a hole in the umbrella you know there is a hole in the umbrella you will never forget that there is a hole in number Allah okay if you are like this rest of the work becomes very simple and easy rule number five make the best of every experience how to address the larger issues of my life there are no large issues in your life what is the large issue that you are talking about it is just about what job to take which girl to marry where to go for vacation whether to get married or not get married you know little things isn’t it these are not large issues these are little things in your life yes or is it just a small thing whom I get married to I’m not saying it’s a small thing but as an issue it’s a small issue little issue as a consequence to your life yes it has many things but this is something that human beings have done for millions of years we have enough experience on these things isn’t it we know that whatever job we take whoever we marry it is just a way we make out of it every experience of life you can make it an enriching experience every experience in your life you can make a curse out of it see there is nothing wrong in your job whatever job you’re doing there’s nothing wrong getting this job there’s nothing along wrong and losing this job there is nothing wrong in getting married there’s nothing wrong in getting divorced there’s nothing wrong in not getting married there is nothing wrong in anything there is nothing wrong in this or that but it is just that you make misery out of it that’s wrong if you do this you make misery out of it if you do that you make misery out of it that’s what is wrong with you so you got married is it wrong that’s not the point there’s nothing wrong with it you did not get married is it wrong no there’s nothing wrong with it that’s wonderful – you got divorced is it wrong no that’s also wonderful it is just that you make misery out of everything that’s what is wrong you just address that one issue everything will be settled rule number six live a full-fledged life people are always thinking that something else if somebody else is restricting their freedom but once freedom is lost simply because they are tangled up with their own body and their own mind these are two dimensions of you two faculties unless your body and your mind is fully in your hands if they’re continuously working for you never against you only then you can live a successful life people have approached in a well-being either with belief systems or philosophies or ideologies or some wacky ideas of their own it’s time to approach your inner well-being in a scientific manner as the science and technology to create external well-being there is a whole science and technology to create inner well-being that is what we call as calling as inner engineering technologies for well-being it is time that you approach your inner well-being also in a scientific systematic way and employed technologies to create this well-being everything else you using technology you understand that technology can facilitate everything on the outside why don’t you understand that does the best piece of technology on this planet is this human mechanism unless you approach it properly it will not Eve living here is half a human being is not good enough right now people’s idea of success is they’re doing better than their neighbor now your idea of success should be that you are a full fledge life because this is not my idea this is not my philosophy this is the longing of every life every worm insect bird tree animal and also a human being are always striving to become a full-fledged life but we know what is a full fledge worm we know what is a full-fledged insect we know what is a full-fledged apple tree but we don’t know what’s a full fledge human being that’s where the problem is rule number seven don’t conquer embrace the purpose of business or the purpose or the goals of big business is to expand you can expand in two different ways one is by conquest another is by embrace I can conquer you or I can embrace you both ways you will become mine if I embrace you will become mine willingly and I will have better use of you in every possible way I am talking business not this not my personal thing but if I concur you I will still have you but I have to sit on top of your head and make you do things and you will do everything possible to make my life miserable yes or no roof absolutely so people are trying to conquer and their businesses and their activity is doing everything possible to make them miserable and you can see it on their faces successful people are showing miserable faces which is a wrong message to send to the world particularly to the youth if you send a message that success is misery you’re destroying humanity success is the sweetest thing that can happen to human being but now you take the most successful 10,000 people on the planet you will see there are an epitome of tension and anxiety and misery you are sending a completely wrong message this you can see took such a bad turn in United States of America in the 60s the so called corporates brutally wanting to grow conquer the world set such an image of themselves the youth thought it’s better to sit in the street corner and smoke pot and it’s a better way to live at least you’re happy you’re not causing any damage to anybody this is a horrible way to exist so it’s extremely important that successful people send a clear message success is a beautiful thing it is not a suffering it is not a miserable thing to do in your life if this has to happen your expansion has to happen by embrace not by conquest rule number eight find stability spiritual process means to become like a mountain stable still because it’s only when somebody has a very stable base many things can be done the exuberance of life is possible only if there is absolute stability otherwise exuberance will lead to madness that’s why a lot of people what a little creative little active little exuberant always end up being freaky and literally insane because without stability you cannot have a dance going this is why save I mean stillness Shiva means dance at the same time either you see him sitting absolutely still or you see man an explosion of dance because an explosion is possible only when there is a stable base an explosion which is not destructive is possible only when there is stability and stability people try to become stable by controlling and trimming their lives this is the way your grandmother would tell you how to be stable control yourself then you will be stable yes if you’re dead you will be stable very I promise you that so normally people who talk about stability are all constipated existence you know what’s constipation that means it happens little by little [Music] their joy their love their ecstasy happens little by little here and there that’s constipation so stability is not because you have trimmed your life down or pruned it down to minimal and you’re stable that’s of no consequence stability because you see everything are totally clearly that is why when we say hatha yogi we’re talking about stability at the same time an exuberant dance this is possible only because here’s more than two eyes not necessarily three more than two that means this is much more than most people ever see because he sees much more able to be stable stability it takes to allow exuberance to happen otherwise you keep curtailing your exuberance because it hurts when it’s out of balance if you are out of balance and you move at a certain speed you’re going to hurt yourself whether you are riding a bicycle or you riding the cosmos if you are out of balance and you attain speed you’re going to hurt yourself very badly so balance is very important and balance that comes out of curtailment is not balanced that’s you know package debt rule number nine reduce friction so you must understand this if everything that you try to do is becoming friction is happening obviously you’re the sandpaper know it’s a sin people I’ll ask them to provide you a sample a small piece every day whenever you have a friction with somebody just scrape your skin somewhere so if you don’t cure yourself quickly you won’t have any skin left when you don’t have any skin left then you will not touch anything you will not create it you will not look for any friction you will walk in suppose you had no skin how would you walk even a little feather won’t touch you like that you will walk isn’t it because everything hurts now so if you want that kind of treatment we can do otherwise first come to your senses friction is happening means wherever you go friction is happening obviously to one simple thing you can do to reduce friction is I’ve told you many times but you’ve not done this ease whatever you’re saying in a day or in an hour or in a minute how many words per minute are you uttering bring it down to 50% still do the same work you will see a whole lot of friction will go down simply because you’re not blabbering yes and we’ve been trying to train you whatever you see whether you see a man woman child cow donkey also No how will friction not happen it will happen so when you insert the gurus here like this first of the time like this it won’t work bring this into you not just as a symbolism genuinely so friction of two kinds one within ourselves outside is just an expression and the consequence so this whole thing about in the engineering means just this that when you sit here you can sit here without any friction if you can sit here without any friction outside friction also will go down but when you meet a sandpaper there must be some friction there are sand papers hello so when you meet the sandpaper there must be friction otherwise how there will be so generally we avoid with sandpaper if we can but sometimes we have to work with them when we have to work with the sandpaper you need tact this is something you have to learn this will not come this is not anything spiritual about it this is tacked in the society sometimes it doesn’t work but it’s a question of skill some people who are not spiritual in any way they are very tactful when they meet sandpapers you will see this kind of agents and others or working in government offices and in political atmospheres they are so smooth it doesn’t matter how rough the other person is these people just they’ll just get the job done and leave so working with sandpaper takes a little bit of skill and experience nothing spiritual about it it’s a social skill but generally in there are some very few sent papers once in a way people pop-ups and on them but they drop it you know they don’t keep it all the time sometimes they’re like that they’re not like that all the time so when they are like that when the porcupine has its thing up you must just keep away a bit when it’s done you can talk to it it doesn’t keep it up all the time it doesn’t have the strength to do that so your friction you must understand it’s just you and will number 10 the last one before a very special bonus clip is tell great stories on a certain day a bull and a pheasant were grazing bull was chomping the grass pheasant was picking off picking ticks off the bull partnership the huge tree at the edge of the field the pheasant very nostalgically looked at the tree and sad Oh alas there was a time I could fly to the topmost branch of the tree now I do not have enough strength in my wing even to get to the first branch the bull very nonchalantly said that’s no issue just heat a little bit of my tongue every day within a fortnight you’ll get their present said come on what kind of rubbish is that the bull said really try and see the whole humanity is on it so very hesitantly the pheasant started pecking at that down and low on the very first date reached the first branch of the tree within a fortnight it reached the topmost branch of the tree just beginning to enjoy the scenery an old farmer I was rocking on his rocking chair saw a fat old pheasant sitting on top of the tree pulled out his shotgun and shot the bird off the tree the moral of the story is many times even bullshit can get you to the top but it never lets you stay there [Music] I’ve got a really special bonus sad guru clip on how to shift your perspective but before that question today I want to know which clip resonated more with you shift your perspective or turn off the problems let me know leave it down the comments below thank you guys so much for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is much love I’ll see you soon and enjoy the bonus clip anything that you don’t understand you will call it a miracle isn’t it suppose you don’t know what is electricity and I tell you just watch this and want to press that wall and this hall will be flooded with light would you believe me you won’t believe me you’ll say no such things are not possible now if I press it and suddenly there’s light everywhere now you think either I’m son of God Messenger of God of God Himself depending upon which culture you come from is it anything that you don’t understand is a miracle in your understanding either there is no miracle in life everything happens between cause and effect or everything is a miracle isn’t this life a miracle you are me sitting here on this round planet which is going at a tremendous speed is it not a miracle we sitting here and talking all this nonsense is it not a miracle so if you look at it if you have eyes to see everything is a miracle oh nothing is a miracle these are two ways to approach life these are two forms of yoga one is to see everything as sacred another is to see everything as after nonsense but now your problem is what you like is sacred what you don’t like is nonsense that’s a problem that’s a trap everything is sacred this is a beautiful way to live everything is nonsense that is also very beautiful way to live what these people are sacred these people are nonsense this will destroy you right now you chose on that isn’t it this is sacred this is not sacred this would work if you tell yourself a story long enough you start to believe it.

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