How Do You Become Successful?

When I was growing up IBM was the monolith and it was always okay are we going to beat him are we going to join him those bastards you’re probably wondering what is this woman wearing a cat suit and this is where you start this is where you start making it happen.

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How Do You Become Successful?

Nation it’s Lily here and my one word is extraordinary I believe that every single one of you is capable of extraordinary when you embrace who you truly are so let’s start your morning off right together go grab yourself a cup of coffee and sip on today’s message make it happen over to you Bill Gates the idea that computers were going to be a change agent and I was lucky enough to meet Paul Allen and early on we brainstormed about this I did the chip and the chip changed the rules I mean most things don’t get a million times better not you know engine efficiency or you know most things have theoretical minimums computation is something that we’re not even close to the theoretical minimum and yet we’ve improved so much so seeing that that was going to come and weirdly that most people didn’t see that was going to come so you know even people at IBM were still thinking in terms of big computers you know now all the software and service driven companies are worth even more than IBM when I was growing up I’d be endless the monolith and it was always okay are we going to beat him are we going to join him those bastards actually that were very nice people but we always thought of them and they sort of stood for these big computers that only big companies and governments could get the benefit for so actually we played off of that have this power to the people personal computing type thing of course now we’re a big company and somebody can play off of us the idea that a young person could start a company here is a super nice thing because although people at first are skeptical as soon as they realized their normal model of what I knew and what I could do that I didn’t fit that normal model then they assumed I knew way more than I did and I could solve all sorts of problems I had no clue you know how to solve but you know it was nice that people were kind of a GOG that we’d built this company and done these things from a young age so I think the culture of America that you know almost the American Dream type success story worked out I believe that not enough people are making it happen whatever the it means for you whether if it’s starting a business starting a YouTube channel or even traveling the world you’re so afraid that people are going to judge you for doing the things that you really want to do so the alternatives are you down you shrink down and put yourself in a tight space that you’re not yourself and you live your life that way and it sucks let me just tell you that and for me you’re probably wondering why is this woman wearing a cat suit on the reason for this is because my it the thing that I wanted to make it happen the it was for me to be a kick-ass coach and an amazing person in front of the camera but I was holding myself back because I was so scared that people would think I’m too much for them because in my real authentic life so we’re time and I’m a highly sexual person I love talking about sex but yet I hold myself back because I’m afraid that people judge me because I box myself into this little mold that I shouldn’t be like that because I’m a personal development coach which means I have to play it safe and not swear and not Western alphas not show too much cleavage because the people see me as a sexual being so during a conversation with Evan yesterday it came to my realization that I was sucking big time as a coach because I was afraid to show myself who I really am and the reason for that is I think that there is a certain version of how I should be that I’m too concerned about what the perfect model is to be a personal development coach and if you were to look at what Bill Gates was talking about in the video he was seeing when he was growing up the monolith was IBM they were all about gigantic computers big computers and here he was this guy focused on personal computers he who didn’t allow that to hold him back he didn’t try to be somewhat he wasn’t because he was afraid of the judgment of others because that could have happened for him at the time when he was growing up people like what are you to go up against a monolith like IBM maybe you should focus on big computers but he said now because Bill Gates is a badass that’s what he is he went against that and he said I’m going to focus on personal computers which is what ultimately gave him the cutting edge against other computer companies and now of course he’s a huge company so it’s a different situation altogether but we’re talking about how we started and for me that’s what I wanted to do I didn’t necessarily want to follow the normal model because normal is born from yet weird and I love that about myself and yet I was holding myself back I was holding myself back because I was afraid of the judgment of others I was afraid that if I come across too sexual people are not going to focus on my message the answer is not to cover myself up the answer is to actually make my message that much clearer and that much more powerful and my message always has been to really embrace who you truly are however it looks like for you so I accepted a challenge by putting myself in a very hyper sexualized situation which meant that I had to buy this cat suit that I’m wearing right now do I love rain cat suit no it is extremely uncomfortable riding up my crotch and it’s hot in Toronto and it’s not fun but what does cat suit represents for me is a permission the permission for me to finally not follow the model that I’ve been boxing myself in and actually be myself it gives me the permission to actually go out there and be the best coach I can be and I cannot make it happen unless I actually just peel back the layers and stop wearing a mask because it sucks it pisses me off that I have attracted a lot of people because of the mask I was wearing now I’m going to lose a lot of people because they’re going to see what truly it’s a reality but that is a lesson learned from me giving myself the permission to wear this extremely weird ass outfit I will never ever wear again is giving me the permission to break the mold and be myself so I could make it happen from me so I want to leave you all with this I want you to write down the one thing that you really want to do what you’re too afraid to do it because you’ve afraid of the judgment of others you are never going to win in life if you continue to play small and stay safe I hate saying better safe than sorry you’re going to be if you play it safe that’s not what life is meant to be life is meant for you to go out there and do the things you really want to do and that’s how you’re going to win both in life and in business so please today write down that one thing you really want to do and I want to invite you to make it even more challenging and make it hyper uncomfortable for you make it so uncomfortable that almost seems like a caricature or what you will what you always wanted to do like what I did in this body suit I was so afraid to show a little bit of cleavage in front of the camera because I was afraid I might kind of across as a sexual being so instead what I did was how can I make this as uncomfortable as possible is to go to a sex shop and buy the cat suit because now I’ve given myself the permission to be who I really want to be so today is your day your day to do something scary that you’re afraid to do and make it as uncomfortable as possible because everything else seemed like because you deserve it you deserve to have the life that you want but right now you’re to focus on the judgment of others and it’s scary okay so it’s time to peel back the layers and do something for yourself for once and make it happen now I got a special bonus clip for you but before we get to that the question of the day is what is that one scary thing that you are going to do today leave in the comments below I don’t join in on the discussion and hopefully by you leaving in the comment not only are you holding yourself accountable but you have the entire thing believe nation holding you accountable because we got to start to make happen thank you guys so much for watching I believe in you and I hope you can need to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is and we’ll see you again tomorrow morning for another shot of espresso and now enjoy the bonus clips. I’d like you to fast-forward to 70 80 90 years old right fast forward in your mind to that age if you’re really optimistic whichever one it is and I’d like you to write down what will be the things that you’ll regret that you didn’t do imagine you’re that age ask yourself the question what would I regret that I didn’t do know what you did do but what you didn’t do write it down make a long list right now get a pen and paper out and write it down don’t do on your phone don’t do in your laptop actually get a pen and paper and write down your answers and what will be the things that you regret that you didn’t do right really think about it would it be you know learning a new language will it be moving home will it be telling someone you love them what will it be what would have been write it down right now the incredible thing about this question is that you’re using the future to empower the past whatever answer you have in that question whatever your answer is you can do it right now today starting today because you’re not that agent and if you’re even if you’re 64 and you’re tuning in you’re still there right it’s still possible you can start doing that right now it’s empowering the present with the future there is nothing stopping you from making it happen right now you don’t have to feel that way when you’re 70 you don’t have to feel that way when you’re 80 you never ever have to feel that way if you start doing it right now and you can do it right now even if it feels impossible you can stop working on it right now you can start trying right now you can start making plans right now because you’re not there yet and this is where you start this is where you start making it happen it’s all in the now people see the idea of being entrepreneurs or being their own bosses are building their own empires this thing that you know you need investments you need all these people need that flip right look if this sock costs $5 to make we sell it for $20 you make $15 flip with rocking you know I was trying to give a rocky for a long time she said and you know Puerto Rican girls they can’t bring black boys home old school you know I’m saying right so it took a minute you know saying well and she was telling me curve balls left and right and so one of her curve balls was you know I see you put all these other people on you know I see you make all these other people’s dreams come true but you like to make movies I can’t get with you unless you stand behind what you love and I was like all right you know I had to you know I mean she called me out you know I’m saying Seoul was like you know I can’t have a woman or a girl I want to be my woman calling me out but also it made perfect sense it was true I was unconsciously probably standing behind other people instead of standing behind myself all I do is get somebody and tell them how to get it and you know make the things that are wrong right but if I could make the things that are wrong right for somebody else why not sell me you know understand like even down to the diabetes I’m like yeah we do a whole network on diabetes something that’s usually considered a weakness I’d prefer to turn it into a strength it’s about me firstly I wouldn’t say I was broke do you understand I was broke when I was 25 dead broke I’m not talking about financially broke let me tell you something no I didn’t have any money in my pocket I didn’t have any credit cards nobody would give me credit okay didn’t have a driver’s license okay 1970 Ford Maverick had a 1970 Ford Maverick no air no heat no door handles the freaking floor was rusted okay I lived in a 275 square foot apartment maybe 300 square feet if he counted a little step out in the front or pay 275 a month and I was late almost every month so don’t tell me about your money problems man okay don’t tell me about where you were born don’t tell me about your bad brakes don’t tell me about what your daddy did or your uncle felt you up or something just some kind of weird thing too you know I’ll ruin your head or your sister abused you or whatever okay look we all got problems you got to fix your problems now you got to get your money right so 25 years old I’m like I’m getting my money right I’m done no more excuses no more crybaby no more blame I’m getting my freaking money right now world domination honey Empire right I’m grateful I understand why I’m here I think because I am so open I wanted to think and see it’s a bloody brief life all of you have the potential for enormous success if you want to know what others know about empire building that most people miss check out the link in the description.

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