How to Get Six Pack Abs

How Can I Get 6 Pack Abs at Home?

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What’s going on guys today I’m going to show you how to get six pack abs now just for that’s right for secret ab exercises you’re going to be able to sculpt the body of your dreams and here we’re in sunny Southern California the beach is right down the shoes we all know we want to feel good we want to look good and we want to have an awesome fucking time right so today I’m going to show you those for ab exercises they’re going to change your life let’s do it alright guys so it’s mainly like an ab machine because it is but I’m going to teach you a secret and that secret is breathing something that most people don’t think about when they do apps in order to get a very good contraction in your abdominal muscles you need to focus on catching the breath at the top of the movement and exhaling and squeezing all the way down to the bottom of the movie so let me show you how it’s done man that felt great [Music] I remember guys four sets 10 reps about a 30 second rest you don’t attack yourself too much but you also don’t want to make it too easy get to work all right guys so right here we have the app coaster now this can help you build some strong functional aesthetic and you know most importantly a lean powerful physique over all right this is can help you build the abdominals and of your dreams so you know it looks like a little bit like a roller coaster but it’s not one essential tip just like the other one is the breathing technique it’s very important so wait at the top and squeeze as you come up [Music] you now another important tip guys this is control the movement I’ll rush to them if you rush through the movement then what’s going to happen is your body is going to use tendons ligaments and other muscles to help aid in the work that the abdominals should be doing so keep it tight keep your right you [Music] alright guys next exercise essential to building a strong core the hanging leg raises now sorry I’m focus I remember Arnold said focus guys he said one of the most important things ability muscle is a my muscle connection so if your mind’s not in it the muscle won’t be in it make sure you squeeze real tight [Music] alright guys next exercise is one of the basics but it’s a classic and it works well it’s the seated ab crunch so tried-and-true routine now this whole routine you guys can get at your door for you know only 4799 and but if you buy within the next 10 minutes it’s going to be free it’s going to be free because you’re going to get a gift that is the same value of 4799 so basically paying nothing to get this full routine to change your body sculpt the body of your dreams the ABS of your dreams today so don’t wait guys click the link in my bio but look I want to talk to you guys about some shit ok I want to get real with you guys that was a fucking joke you know I was a joke because this whole industry I’m not gonna say it’s a joke cuz i shouldnt have to say that but I swear if I google how to get six pack abs and I see another bullshit on video about some dude talking about this is doing this is the secret fucking ingredient assista magic it’s the magic pill this is this is what you need like bigger than my hand it’s gonna be like anyways the point is this guy’s I really want to talk to you about this oh there is no secret there is no secret you know what happens in this industry you know what happens with Fitness people sell to people because they know that they don’t know better right they sell a this try try selling something right anyone could sell someone something that they know that they want to buy they want to buy they want this instan gratification they want abs now you know four minute abs 2 minute abs 10 days the weight loss they’re 30 30 day trip change your body now today tomorrow it’s only going to take you 10 minutes 5 minutes 6 minutes a day one minute a day just do this one thing when you pull your stomach in and then fucking laugh or whatever it is right people oh this constant sell this instant gratification our whole society has been based on that Instagram instead it’s incident I’m not gonna I’m not gonna lie look I love Instagram i love these apps i love these social media things but who I’ve turned this into like this this especially in America this instant gratification of having things right now so what that what does that mean to marketers people who sell things that means they go what do people want they want things right now right and fitness what if we what most people want fitness what do they want Kevin they want apps right they want arms they want to shoulder whatever it is right this is probably the most searched term on the fucking on the depth in the fitness realm of things on the internet how to get six pack ass how to get them now how to get in today right I like I just I just want to say this it’s easy to sell someone something that you know they really really want want and I say want not because I want to say this try to sell them something that you know they actually need that’s the fucking challenge because the reality is this what’s gonna what’s really going to help someone get six pack abs what do you think about I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen I’m trying to ask him but I’m gonna tell you guys so what do you guys say pause it right do you think what’s going to help someone actually get six pack abs pause the video type it all right play a video this is what’s actually gonna help somebody get six pack abs and this is why no one sells this idea cuz it’s fucking hard right because it takes time and it’s different for everybody there’s no one fucking program that that dumb ass on YouTube would however many followers is going to write for you this is going to help you do it no no it doesn’t work that way it takes consistency it takes time it takes effort it takes dedication like you have to implement you have to sleep enough you have to eat enough you have to eat the right amount you have to train the right there’s so much more to it than just do these dumb fucking exercises and by my routine and do this one then by my routine right this fucking man I guess I’ll heated about this shit I guess what I’m trying to say guys is I did all this funny stuff because i watch all these videos on the internet I just see it’s just so fucking corny it’s like they’re trying to sell you guys stuff because they know that you want that now right you want you want it the idea six pack abs now I want to buy that now peace I want them now right the reality it’s like if someone told you like hey guess what I can get you six pack abs but it’s gonna take you six months and I need to do this you got to implement you’re not even like I’m going with the guy who’s he saw me for a minute to AB AB way heaven then I got abs in four minutes right there oh I gotta walk away six months I don’t want to wait six months I don’t want to wait tomorrow I don’t want to wait then I want that shit now so the guy four minutes all i gotta do is do four minutes bro that’s all I got to do right keV here’s four minutes just four minutes easy and then I have abs it’s magic right that is so much easier because people want this people want this so of course you got all these people who want to want to sell you this they’re going to sell you that idea of magic and the reality is there’s no fucking magic guys if you want something takes time so imagine someone who’s trying to sell you an idea that is going to work for you a routine or a program or something that but you have to learn a long wait to take it you have to implement it you have to make changes you have to work at it you have to get better it’s going to take x going to take weeks it’s not going to happen tomorrow it’s not going to happen it for a min it’s not gonna happen in six minutes not going to happen in 30 days right but if you really want to change your life you want to change your body because you want to feel a certain way or whatever whatever it means to you you have to stay on it you have to be dedicated and it’s going to take time it’s not gonna take four minutes there’s no fucking magic secret there’s no secret tip to abs is stupid this shit is just dumb and I’m tired of seeing the show Nina so i made this video it’s at Erica bullshit comedy it was probably trying no God you guys like to know if you did give the video a thumbs up if not like I don’t know but you want anything I’m inside of the bullshit man I’m tired of people selling people this mindfuck look like this is what unique is what happens is this and you have other people who sell things actually work and can actually benefit someone and people going to shy away from that because it sounds like too much work I don’t want to do that much work I just the guy over there’s four minutes 14 minutes care four minutes Kevin pretty quick as fast woman is four minutes Oh just for a minute if it’s legit I might say shit what’s yet i’m outside US I not been but the reality is it’s not work it does not work it says it’s a it’s an idea just so you go in there and you page three motherfuckers money all right there’s no magic plan there’s no magic pill get that shit out of your mind you need to get out of mind otherwise you’re gonna keep looking for it they’re going to look for and you look for you look mean Arkansas can do shit for you and what happens is people get demotivate because they don’t get the ABS in four minutes I like fuck and then they get d motive and they don’t want to be a part of the gym anymore right so now these motherfuckers just ruin it for everyone else so that they can go like this what the fuck is that is that really what light has to be about buy it like ah well a fucking fucking don’t have the fences barbed wire yeah let’s been doing in saw the barbed wire so as I fuck that not gonna do it but but uh cut it before that hits yeah that’s in the video

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