Improving Memory with Exercise

Today I want to discuss how intense exercise can actually increase your memory capacity like nootropics. The way that it does that is actually helps to increase your hippocampal capacity. It improves the neuronal communication within the hippocampus. The hippocampus is considered the base for human memory, so when you do that you see a lot of improvement in both short-term or working memory, and long-term consolidated memory. Just a few good intense sessions per week you’re going to feel amazing.

How Intense Exercise Can Actually Increase Your Memory Capacity.

Video Transcript

Back with another interesting health video. Now, a lot of people are looking to things. They’re looking at certain mine techniques and that sort of stuff to actually to increase and improve their memory however there is convincing research showing that intense exercise will help to improve your memory. So something that you could find in a routine you know good strength and power lifting session in the gym maybe somewhere around 45 to 60 minutes things that we talked about here on the channel or something like in the floor program those kind of sessions are increasing what’s known as BDNF which is brain derived neurotrophic factor. Which, is essentially like fertilizer in your brain that this this growth factor it basically helps to strengthen neuronal connections in the brain. What it’s doing is increasing BDNF in the hippocampus which is going to you know lead to that that memory improvement because that’s where things are if they’ve also found improvements in alzheimer’s patients. Turning and reversing that deterioration that’s prevalent with Alzheimer’s but when the Alzheimer’s patients were using the intense exercise they were actually improving those conditions they’re improving the connections and lessening the symptoms of Alzheimer’s so a lot of things like especially with Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s is a case of degradation in the brain due to a lot of different factors but really when it comes down to it it comes down to just this the inflammation that’s caused in the brain because people are not eating correctly they’re not living correctly they have high stress high stress lifestyles and they’re not doing things like intense exercise it all it takes us a couple times a week you don’t have to go into that that craziness neurotic threshold because also you that’s gonna be working against you as well but in general but it’s also going to help your brain so hopefully you learned something today that’s just another another reason to add just these a couple you know a few good intense lifting sessions or or training sessions every single week into your repertoire it’s going to help your memory it’s also going to be a nice stress release for you and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up if you want to see more like it subscribe to the channel I’ll see you the next video.

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