Keto for Beginners- Meals for Weight Loss

I’m in the middle of this keto diet journey right now to lose weight. One of the things that people on diets always worry about is are they gonna fall off the wagon are they gonna stop doing it? I’m going to share the diet that I’m on, I’m going to share what I’m eating. How much weight I’ve lost, my general health levels, the exercise that I’m doing and all sorts of stuff like that.

It was tough for the first year and a half, and now it’s just a habit. What I’m really interested in is eating a healthy diet. Eating a healthy amount of food, getting the right amount of exercise and losing weight over time and if it takes me a couple years to get down to my ideal weight so be it.

Keto for Beginners- Meals for Weight Loss

Video Transcript

I made a video about my bike riding my new like exercise workout and all that and posted it on Facebook and I got all kinds of private messages and Facebook messages and emails of people asking for like they just want to know more what am i doing what diet wise exercise wise why am i doing it and just they want answers they just want me to talk about it so I’m gonna put it here on my youtube channel and it doesn’t really fit but it then again it does because this is an advice channel that I if you’re new to my channel I give advice to artists and people that want to become children’s book illustrator specifically tutorials and things like that and so but this is advice that I’m giving and to tell you the truth I’m a little scared to put it out there because you know I’m not I’m in the middle of this journey right now of losing weight and one of the things that that people that are losing weight always worry is like are they gonna fall off the wagon are they gonna stop doing it and so like putting it out here on my channel is kind of scary because what if I fail right but it is what it is and I my life and to hopefully be a good example of like you know of the successes the things that I’m able to do and share and I share lots of different things that I’ve that I’m learning and lots of things that I’m doing you know I’m I feel like I’m a lot better artist than I am at eating well and living well and all that but this is part of my journey and let’s not let’s be honest like you cannot like your art the art that you create comes from within and you can’t really ignore like like and I was your health because you need your health in order to create art and it seems seems obvious but I mean it’s true and I have I have felt so good in the last three and a half months that I really do want to share this because I know that other people are probably like I have been which is basically struggling you know where artists were at home or sedentary we it’s hard to get out and begin enough exercise and and just the fact that you’re sitting at a at a desk working and not having a job where you’re on your feet means that weight gain or or being on top of your your fitness level is going to be more of a difficult thing just by the nature of our work so that’s why I’m gonna put it on this channel I’m gonna basically share the diet that I’m on I’m gonna share what I’m eating how much weight I’ve lost my general health level the exercise that I’m doing and all sorts of stuff like that recipes I’ll put recipes in if it’ll fit in the description I’ll put it down there and different different types of foods that I’ve found that are really helping so let’s just pretend that you’re one of the people that asked me about this and I’ve come over to your house and I’m sitting on your couch and we’re just talking about this and I’m just sharing what I’m doing that’s that’s basically what this is if you’re totally not into it check back because I probably won’t be making many videos on this but maybe I will do an update you know six months down the road or something like that so if you’re not into this check check back in a week or so and I’ll have another video that’s more in line with the channel okay so number one I am NOT a doctor and I want you to watch I’m gonna link a couple videos below from doctors that are putting their patients on this nickname keto diet ket Oh which is also stands for ketogenic diet and with I don’t really want to get into the physiology of the diet and and all that because I’m not qualified to talk about that I just know what’s worked for me what’s worked for my family and so but but watch those like you might want to actually go and watch a couple of those videos first and then come back and watch what I’m doing because that will answer a lot of questions right there but it is of becoming a very very popular diet and one that is very healthy and helpful for people that are like me who are pre-diabetic or who are diabetic and it’s and it’s helping a lot more than just those people it’s generally lots of doctors are putting their their patients on this diet for a lot of number of reasons which again they talked about in those videos so how one thing I’m going to just say up front too is I’m not going to entertain any comments that are hating on meat-eaters and stuff like this that’s not what this is about like if you if you’re against eating meat then I you know I respect that but like go make your own video I’m not gonna comment if there’s any of those comments in the in the chat I’m just not gonna even respond to him how I found the diet was my my sons I hope he doesn’t mind me talking about this but my son’s wife and I’m sure she wouldn’t she’s very open about this and tells everybody and she’s on Facebook and everything also I forgot to throw my notes there’s a lot of Facebook groups with like thousands tens of thousands of people on this diet that show their their weight loss and their support so it’s really cool like if you’re thinking about getting on this go check out just type in Quito and look at the different Facebook groups most of them require that you get invited so you’re like you send a request then they’ll approve you based on you agreeing to their rules like don’t hate on people and there are no negative comments and stuff like that but tons of people tons of support of people that are doing this so my daughter-in-law was too heavy to have a baby safely health in a healthy way and so she my son said well let’s both go on the diet together and do this together and then we will we can be successful together and everything’s gonna work out at all so there and they live with us right now is they’re saving up and preparing to buy a house and and and so during the house all of a sudden they’re eating differently and I’m like oh what’s going on over here and for any of you guys who you know would have struggled with weight it’s like you the last thing you want is someone telling you to go on a diet or or your friends you know going hey guess what I went on a diet and it’s you’re like don’t talk about it then you know like it’s it’s it’s it’s a weird thing it’s like if you’re not ready to to do it you don’t really want to hear about it so I was like pretending like okay well you guys do your own thing but I’m doing my thing over here and then they were on it for probably a month and then maybe a month and a half or so and then we were gonna go camping as a family and in my sick twisted way I was like you know what I’m gonna do I’m going to sabotage them I’m gonna cook so much good stuff on this camping trip that they’re gonna go off their diet they’re gonna realize that they don’t want to be on this thing and I even had to resort to like offering to take them out to eat to try to because I said I told them before we went and I said if you guys survive on the camping trip and you stand your diet then when we get home I’ll go on the diet but I didn’t really want to and so I was like I gotta make make them cave somehow so anyway that was bad and and but anyway they they did it the whole time they they were like no can’t have that no can’t have that ooh that looks good but we can’t have it you know and I was like wow these guys are commit holy cow and and the thing is they were losing weight and they were they were already starting to show signs I was like oh man this thing and I had known a few other people that had gone on this diet who had done really well with it and I also knew that it was really good for people like me who were older who are getting to be pre-diabetic and basically what happens when you when you’re pre-diabetic and this this happens to almost almost everyone who’s overweight and maybe in their 40s 50s and 60s and on is is your body doesn’t it doesn’t if I have this right your body doesn’t make insulin to counteract the sugars that you eat in the cabra carbohydrates because the carbohydrates turns into glucose and so because your body can’t regulate with insulin you get these crazy sugar spikes and it I’m not sure exactly how I know it raised your blood sugar but if you roll up blood sugar gets too high again I don’t know the physiology behind it but if your blood sugar gets too high it can get really dangerous and it can cause other really bad things to happen in your body and that’s how you get basically diabetes where type 2 diabetes where you know you can you can have real problems and I actually know a guy I met a guy at the gym the other night who is a Polynesian guy and he was one of those really big huge guys and I got into playing racquetball again recently I’ve played racquetball for thirty years but I stopped two years ago I was playing like at least once a week sometimes isn’t much as three or four times a week for the like the last 30 years but two years ago I stopped because my knees were hurting too bad because I got too heavy and so it was like the heavier you get the harder it is to exercise because everything starts to hurt more and it said that for every pound of weight that you have over your your the weight you’re supposed to be it’s like three to four pounds of pressure on your knees and other joints so like if you if you jump down off of something if you weight 10 pounds if you’re overweight by 10 pounds it actually feels like 40 pounds on your knees and I mean it makes sense because I’m not a mathematician either but you know forces is like force times something times time I’m not going to try to do it but but basically you know that’s how shock absorbers work right so a shock absorber spreads out force over time well when you jump down on your knees if you’re playing racquetball if you’re playing basketball whatever you’re doing if you’re running jogging even walking every time you take a step because you don’t have a shock absorber in your knee all that force just pounds right on your joints and it and it hurts and it does damage and so that’s why I had to stop playing racquetball but this guy at the gym everyone was saying I was asking who that was cuz I met my all my old friends over there and they were like oh he started playing again he was too heavy to play he got up to 450 pounds and he’s lost over a hundred pounds so when he came out of the court I I started talking to him and I said hey so you know I just struck up a conversation so they said you you lost much weight he’s like yeah I’ve been doing this this diet I had died type-2 diabetes my doctors told me that they were going to take my legs within six months it just decides he had dropped something on his toe toenail on his big toenail and it wouldn’t grow back and the doctor looked at it and said that’s a sign that you were you don’t have circulation in your legs anymore a very little circulation and at the rate you’re at right now you probably won’t make it to six months before you’ll start to get gangrene on your legs and we’ll just but before that we will cut him off and he was like got it I am going to do whatever you say I need to do and so the doctor was like okay there’s this doctor diet called keto a ketogenic diet and we’re gonna put you on that and you’re not gonna eat any carbs and I’ll get to the to the to the eating and stuff in a little bit but anyway so he went on it I think seven months ago and he’s already down over a hundred pounds he went he got really scared and just went super serious and and he’s playing racquetball he he’s in the in the court playing racquetball and he still has fifty or sixty to seventy pounds to go but you know he’s this is like this is my new life I just this is how I eat now so when we got back for the camping trip I just like okay I’m a man of my word I said I’d go on a diet I went on the diet and then six weeks later I went back to visit my my dad and my my my sisters and my brother and the year before I had gone back for my brother’s birthday and my dad has type 2 diabetes and he’s like let’s come over here and have an test your blood and I was like oh it’s gonna be high I know it’s gonna be high and it was 136 and he’s like your that’s like in the diabetes range like your pre or if you don’t have it you’re gonna get it within probably a year so I mean like your that’s really high and we tested again it was really high so I knew like a year ago that I should have been doing this but I but it’s hard to start something it’s hard to get new habits going and it’s easier to just kind of put it out of your mind and think well it ain’t broken don’t fix it right so it really kind of took this someone else in the house kind of going down this road and kind of showing how to do it and so I’m really grateful for them that they started on this on this thing so then I started on it and then I went back to Maryland like I said in October this is December right now of 2017 so like two months ago I went back and I’d been on the diet for like six weeks and my dad test my blood sugar and it was a 76 and we tested again and or I had another friend test it and it was right around 80 and so ideally from from looking online my blood sugar should be between 60 and 80 somewhere in there is like really in the healthy range so I’m in I’m in the healthy range right now just after doing this for it was six weeks like your body can it’s amazingly adaptable and so that this diet just totally took care of the the blood sugar problem so right as of now I’ve been on it for three and a half months and right now I’ve lost just under fifty pounds I’ve got like another pound pound and a half to go and I’ll be right at 50 and so I’ll just first I’ll talk about like what I’m doing for exercise to give you an idea on that and how many calories I’m eating cuz you do have to count calories unfortunately you don’t get a get out of that and then and then like what my meals consist of and stuff like that so I have the the thing that you know a lot of people probably don’t want to hear that might be thinking about going down this road is you know I’m gonna have to hold a SART exercising and you know if you’re not exercising that was never a problem for me like I have exercised my whole life and I’ve done it in spite of being overweight and that’s probably the only thing that’s kept me from getting diabetes is is that I’ve always exercise because exercise controls diabetes almost as much as your your diet and I downloaded this thing from WebMD that says on the link of exercise and diabetes it says in either case exercise can reduce the glue the glucose in your blood which is the sugar right muscles can use glucose without insulin when you’re exercising in other words it doesn’t matter if your insulin resistant or if you don’t have enough insulin when you exercise your muscles will get the glucose they need and turn your blood glucose levels down so and your blood and yeah and in turn your blood close your blood close your blood glucose levels down time-twister so basically like that’s and I never understood why exercise helps so much but basically I guess when you’re at rest your your muscles aren’t really doing anything so they can’t burn the sugar but when you’re exercising then your blood will actually metabolize the sugars so that’s a that’s a real help and people that don’t exercise tend to get diabetes easier and quicker than people who do and I kind of was relying on that the fact that I was exercising you know and and but I knew it was catching up with me too and so I have been every day and I remember like you know when I when I got to where it was hard for me to ride the bike because I was too heavy I was I started walking and I felt like an old man because I remember like these old men walking in my neighborhood when I was a kid and I was like am I an old man now this was when I was 40 I’m like well but walking is better than nothing so I started walking the dogs walking with the dogs and taking him on hikes and stuff and I’ve always been into backpacking taking and I wanted to take my kids my boys backpack you more but it’s also always been really painful in this last trip that I went on a few years ago was really hard coming going in and coming out just because I was just weighing too much and so I’m really looking forward to being able to get back into backpacking again that was that’s a part of my life that I had to kind of give up I also kind of gave up mountain biking I used to be an avid mountain biker and that this was part of the video that I showed on Facebook that got people asking about the diet is like I got a bike again and I got a fat bike just because I thought it would be fun to it’s kind of a new novelty thing and but I used to I used to been mountain bike everyday for like ten years I was like that was what I did in the morning I would just get up and go mountain biking and my wife was really into it we kind of found that together was really into snowboarding and lately it’s been harder to snowboard even though I still go up and hike with the dog I haven’t done as much lift service just because it’s so hard on my knees so I’m really looking forward to getting back in and doing that again and then again like I said I started playing racquetball again so yeah every day I’m doing something and I can’t it’s gotten to the point where exercise is really addictive if you if you get into it you’ll get to where at least I do in the day where I’m like okay when am I gonna exercise because it’s it’s it gets to the point where I don’t have to force myself I remember when I started walking I had to force myself to go walking and what what facilitated that was I I my the muscles and I found this out later but the muscles in my back got really weak cuz I wasn’t doing anything was when we were living in California and I had lost the ability to go mountain biking because all the land around us was was private property and so I stopped mountain biking and then I didn’t have the same network of people to play racquetball with so I was playing racquetball less and all of a sudden I got this pain in my back ran to actually crawl into the shower because my back got stuck and the doctor was actually the one who told me to start walking he’s like if you start walking it’ll strengthen your back muscles and he gave me some other exercises to do and I was able to fix that problem just with with walking I was like okay so if walking equals not having that kind of back pain then I am going to walk every day and then forcing myself out the door was tough for the first year and a half it took a year and a half for that to become a just a it’s it’s not a habit anymore I wouldn’t say it’s a habit it’s a need like I will if I’m sitting here drawing all I’m thinking about is when do I get to get my exercise in I enjoy my exercise as much as I enjoy eating and I can’t I can’t not do it so every day six days a week I’m exercising and I want to get to where I can do a lot of the same activities because it’s just fun to do you know the the mountain biking and the snowboarding and all that stuff so so I’m really looking forward to losing more weight so that I can do those things better and have more fun doing that because I think that that is one of the things that’s actually helping me control the eating and making sure that I’m eating the right amount and so and I might also add this is one of the things I put on the video the other day is that now I’m you know your body will forgive you pretty fairly quickly like if you’re treating it right it’s amazing how strong you can get and how quick you can get strong so I gave up mountain biking for probably a good ten years where I didn’t mountain bike in my 40s and now I’m 51 and I got the bike like three months ago and already I can ride non-stop 3.8 miles up this Squaw Peak Road in fact here’s a little video of me riding it yesterday and the other reason I got this bike because you can ride in the snow but and this this doesn’t really look like it but it is uphill it’s pretty pretty steep uphill and it’s non-stop uphill for sixteen hundred feet for three point eight miles and I’ve been able to ride up there five times now I’ve ridden parts of the road a lot more than that but oh I can ride all the way to the top I have to come sorry God like a virus protection thing popping up I can ride non-stop and so and I couldn’t do that when I first got the bike I couldn’t even come close to that it’s just in the last couple weeks that I’ve been able to get up there and so it just shows me that I you know I I have so much more potential it’s so much more than I can do but it’s all really comes down to getting the weight down so the keto diet is basically where you eliminate carbs carbohydrates and you’re eating basically just protein and fat mostly you’re you to stay you know I’m just gonna give you a cursory understanding of what’s actually going on there’s a process called ketosis that your body can go into where you instead of burning glucose and you burn fat and so you you can actually retrain your body not retrain it but if you starve it of carbs it only has the next thing that it will burn is is fat unless you’re getting too much protein and this is I’m just regurgitating what I’m what I’m hearing from the the research if you’re eating too much protein then your body will use protein to burn and it will it can turn your muscles into glycogen so basically you start to eat your own muscles muscle mass so they they actually have done research and studies which show that it’s better for you to completely fast and and even do intermittent fasting than it is to get too high of a protein diet and with no carbs because your body will then apparently your you’ll be spinning your wheels eating or burning your your muscle mass instead of burning the fat so to train your body to burn the fat you eat mostly fat or most of your calories from fat so not not necessarily if you look on your plate does it just look like you have a whole hunk of lard on there or something you’re getting you know a cow fat calorie has more let’s see if a fat gram has more calories in it than a protein gram and a carb gram so your plate can look sort of like a normal plate but it can be really high in fat because again those the the grams of fat have more calories in them and so what you’re trying to do is you you’re trying to basically starve your body of carbs so that you burn fat and you can get a few carbs in a day so you can get what they recommend is somewhere between 25 and 30 carbs and so you have to really kind of start to look at one thing that you can do one thing that I’ve done is I’ve eliminated rice I’ve eliminated potatoes I’ve eliminated sugar sugar really is a killer and that was I thought that would be a lot harder to do than it has been and it has been so much easier to get rid of sugar so I haven’t had sugar in the three and half months except I did have it and my brother’s birthday add a piece of cake which I had planned to basically go on food vacations so I’m gonna so basically I’d plan I’m gonna eat a dessert there but I’m not gonna go crazy I’m gonna have a piece of cake and some ice cream and then on Thanksgiving and then I’m gonna do it again on Christmas so just one day and it’s not like I’m gonna make up for lost time on those days I’m gonna enjoy a piece of cake and then I’m gonna be done or enjoy a piece pie and and be done and and that won’t kill you if you’re you know eating in in moderation like that but it will throw you out of ketosis so to be in the ketosis state usually takes anywhere from three days to two weeks somewhere in there and once you go into that state your body is basically primarily just burning fat so it’s burning the fat that you’re eating and then when it runs out of that fat it starts burning your fat stores the fat that’s on your body and apparently you can lose weight faster when you’re in ketosis then you can just eating like a balanced carb protein fat diet which I actually tried last week because I before I did this video I use myself as an experiment and I wanted to see if I could eat the same number of calories which I was eating which I’ll get to in a second but introduced carbs back in so right now I’m probably not in ketosis right now because I i ate carbs last week but i wanted to see if i would lose the same amount of weight and i have been losing some where averaged between 2 and 3 pounds a week and last week I lost half a pound and I ate the same amount of calories but I introduced carbs back in so that was really interesting my theory was I I’m very skeptical as a person I was like you know what I wonder if I would lose the same amount of weight if I were eating carbs as well and so I measured and I just introduced some back in and boom I lost my weight loss wasn’t the same and one of the big benefits a huge benefit to this diet is that when you eat carbs you if you’re eating potatoes or rice or pasta or sugar or potato potato chips just pancakes flour white flour muffins all that stuff cereal you will get a sugar spike in your blood and then when you come down off of that it and this again I’m just regurgitating what I’ve been told but I’m finding that this is true is that’s when you start to get hungry you get a a hunger signal goes to your brain that says well there’s the sugar it’s supposed to be up here and now it’s dipping we need to eat again even though calorically you don’t need to eat but your body sends a signal going we’re hungry and that’s apparently why you can eat a big bowl of pasta they played a pasta or or Asian food and then be hungry an hour or two later and you ate a ton and now you’re wanting to eat again and I I can I can just tell you I don’t get that anymore that when I eat the the keto diet I it’s the first time in my life where I’ve actually forgotten that I need to eat again that that I should be hungry and an another thing that these doctors are saying is that three three square meals a day is a myth it’s an invention of the 20th century it’s an invention of advertisers your body does not need three square meals a day it needs a specific amount of calories a a day it needs vitamins but it doesn’t it doesn’t need to get them in three equal meals and at certain times of the day or anything like that you can eat at different times and so so yeah so you don’t I’m not getting I’m not getting hungry so that’s a really good thing and now people will say like Dhoni artificial sweeteners don’t eat after 6 o’clock or 8 o’clock at night don’t don’t drink diet sodas don’t wear some of the other don’ts I can’t should have written more of them down but um they’ll they’ll have all these things you know like and they’ll be people and probably comments on this don’t eat meat don’t eat don’t eat a lot of things you know like number one I am NOT trying to be perfect overnight night every time I have failed on a diet before and and I’ve tried a lot not recently but through throughout my life the things that trip you up are usually mental but they’re mental because you try to place too much you you try to go for too much you know and so you create these unattainable goals and then when you don’t attain him you go well I’m speaking for myself but I’m sure some of you are like that too you go well I screwed up I knew I was going to screw up so I might as well just go back to my old habits okay so number one I’m almost 50 pounds and by the time you see this video I probably am 50 pounds lighter the health benefit to being 50 pounds lighter is greater than drinking a diet soda which I’m way down to like one a day now but some people will will try to beat you up if you go on on something like this and they’ll say you know well you shouldn’t do this you shouldn’t do that or you shouldn’t beating me or you shouldn’t be you know all these different things being getting into your ideal weight is probably one of the biggest things you can do to make your health better and if you have to drink diet sodas to do it so be it right and and then maybe for myself like wanting to be healthy I I don’t want to drink diet sodas I don’t want to want them so maybe I’ll be able to work on those down the and go completely to water and you know I was talking to Jake my business partner the other day and he’s completely giving up so does he’s like you will love it if you can give that up right and I’m grateful for that I probably will try that but not right now so let’s see okay so let me talk about calories so right now and this is gonna be different for you you’re gonna have to look this up there there there are calorie calculators online where you basically just type in your weight in your age and your your activity level and your like exercise wise and it’ll tell you about how many calories you’re burning in a day and so for me and I went on three different ones just to cross-check them against each other they’re all about the same it tells me that if I want to maintain my current weight right now not the weight that I was at but my current weight right now then I would have to eat about 3000 calories a day which is a lot it’s a lot of food and if I’ll show anything under that I can lose weight on and so now the keto diet isn’t magical it’s not going to allow you to eat whatever you want whenever you want in as much quantities as you want you still have to control your calories they call them macros you have to control the amount of calories you’re getting and you have to know how many what your maintenance calories are like for my wife it’s she’s probably only like a thousand calories a day and so she’s really you know she’s she always says it’s not fair it’s not you know that I get to eat more but that’s just the way it is and so if I so right my goal right now is to get between 2,000 and 3,000 calories a day because if I do an exercise where I ride the three point eight miles up to the that 1,600 feet non-stop in elevation game it takes me about an hour and a half and it says I’m burning somewhere between a thousand I’m I’m little skeptical it says I’m earn about a thousand to fifteen hundred calories doing that now as as I get lighter over time I’ll burn fewer and fewer calories so I have to keep checking that so right now if I eat 3000 calories but I burned a thousand then I should be in the brown the 2,000 calorie zone which is ideal for me to lose weight on 2,000 calories because it because I need 3,000 to maintain so and that’s been true the math that I’ve been doing with the diet is pretty much right in line so it’s another incentive for me to do these big exercises because I just I get to eat more and so my game plan is that I skip breakfast in the morning there’s that’s another thing that they’re saying is a myth is people who skip breakfast there’s there’s a couple things that and and psychologists and nutritionists are starting to wonder you know they’ll say things like people who skip breakfast usually weigh more or you know or people who eat late at night usually weigh more and what I think it really comes down to more than when you’re getting your calories is has to do more with the type of person that you are the type of discipline that you have and if you’ve already eaten your meal your evening meal then if you’re watching your weight and trying to count calories yourself you probably don’t want to go back and start snacking or eating a lot more because you realize at that point that you’re going to gain weight and so people who eat later so like I’m not eating late at night now and I’m losing weight so I think it’s but it’s part of my meal plan anyway you know another thing that I was thinking this is the thought I had like some people will say well diet sodas will prevent you from losing weight you’ve probably heard that one before right there’s something in the diet soda that stops you from from losing weight well one I’ve been drinking diet sodas this whole time so it’s already that’s already not true but if it were true then wouldn’t someone who was in a concentration camp all they would need to do is have some diet soda and they could just live off of zero calories I mean it’s kind of a silly thing to say that you know you can tell that I like my diet cook for now so so yeah so I skip breakfast and then I try to have and I and I I try to basically have between 800 and a thousand calories before up till five o’clock five to six o’clock at night that way I get to have a really nice dinner at 6 or 7 or 8 whenever I want to eat those other calories so if I had more like 800 some days I only have like 600 up to that time and then I can have if it’s a big exercise day I can have a 2,000 calorie meal which is a ton of food another benefit of this diet is because of the fact that you’re not getting you’re not drinking your calories like in a in sugar sodas or milkshakes or [Music] you know you’re not you’re not eating candy bars or little things that are packed with with calories when you get a thousand calories of food 1,500 calories of really good food it’s hard to eat in one sitting I mean it’s a lot of food so you you’re you’re definitely people are not hungry on this diet I choose to eat fewer calories in the beginning of the day so that I can have a lot of calories tonight they say that your that your willpower is like a muscle and it gets worn out through the day and that’s why it’s the worst at night so might one of my strategies is be strong in the morning when you’re fresh when you’ve got things to do when your mind is busy you know I’m down here at the office I’m working and not thinking about food and then when I’m at home thinking about what can I eat I don’t want to have spent all my calories already so that’s working out really good I can eat a ton of food even late at night some nights if I want to if I if I’ve budgeted for that and I don’t have to worry about it I don’t have to feel guilty and I’m still losing weight at the end of that week another strategy I have is I weigh myself once a week the reason for that is because your weight loss isn’t always let’s see this way it’s not linear you know it’s up and down throughout the week and so I don’t want to get false signals of a slight up right before it takes a big jump down which messes with your mind and makes you think that all this sacrifice isn’t doing you any good when really it is because you’re number one you’re healthier even being heavier if you’re eating the right things you’re healthier but to you the weight will come over time I have had a couple of setbacks a few days in there I haven’t been perfect where I’ve eaten a few things or too much of something we went to a Hispanic restaurant one time and I just got on the chips I’m like you know what I’m just gonna have these chips and it took me out of ketosis and I had to get back in I in three and half months the crazy thing is I probably could have lost about 80 pounds I figured about almost double what I’ve lost if I had been very straight it’s very fast the weight comes off amazingly fast on this diet or can if you’re really if you’re really on it and you could be more aggressive like my 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day could be 1500 to 2500 and it that would make it go off but what I’m really trying to do is I’m I have been looking for a lifestyle where I don’t have to think about it where I don’t have to constantly decide am I gonna be on the diet today am I going to follow through am I gonna stop and get something that I shouldn’t get and this diet there’s so many rewards because I’m going to get to some of the food in just a second here there’s so many things that you can have that are great that if you focus on those and that’s been one of my strategies is that it has been their their debt whole days and and and groups of days ago by where I don’t even think about being on the diet it’s like this is what I’m doing I’m enjoying life and it’s it’s becoming habit I think if I’m three months to nine months further down the road and I think it will kind of be locked in to where I’m not thinking about it at all anymore like I haven’t had french fries in three-and-a-half months and I used to have fries all the time and just that alone like if you if you just did one thing like if you were if you were normally you know getting something like french fries you know a bunch of times during the week and you only cut that out and replace that with something healthier you would see an impact on just that you know and maybe there’s a thing where you if you’re gonna try to do something like this where you step it up every month you take away something else and add something else that’s really good in place I don’t know different things are gonna work for different people the people who struggle on this diet the most from the videos that I’ve watched are a lot of people who have been fit or who are fit who try to go on this diet for the other benefits there are people who get diabetes who are in a good weight sown maybe they’re genetically predisposed to getting diabetes maybe they’re not exercising as much as they should be but either way like you can be in a good weight right near your healthy weight or even at your healthy weight and still get diabetes and sometimes doctors will try to put those patients on the ketogenic diet and what the reason they fail is because they won’t they’ll never go into ketosis because they won’t eat enough fat the actual pure keto diet is 90 percent of your calories from fat which is crazy in some ways I mean if you if you think about it the diet that I’m on is more like 70% fat of calories from fat and and that’s a lot of people call that a lot of doctors call that a modified Adkins diet so here are the basics that I’m just gonna talk about but again like if like don’t just take it from me like you need to if you’re gonna do this you need to go and start watching videos you need to get into Facebook groups see people that are doing it you can ask questions on Facebook people are so helpful and you just read what people are posting and that people are posting their recipes on these Facebook groups and so if you’re gonna do this do it right you know like get involved in a community get the community aspect of it and start watching videos and you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn but basically the one of the big ones is you can’t have fruit so if you’re a fruit lover you’re going to have to go off fruit at least for a while while you’re while you’re in doing the weight loss if you’re if you’re diabetic and you’re getting rid of the fruit because you want to lower your sugar down then maybe you just have fruit every now and then but you know fruit has glucose and and even though it’s it’s good sugar it’s the better sugar for you it’s it’s not as bad as the refined sugars but it still will spike your sugar level and cause you’d have problems with your insulin level so you you can’t have like I said you can’t have fruits you can’t have really have potatoes you really want to limit your carrots carrots aren’t really keto friendly because they have a lot of sugar in them you do want a lot of vegetables a lot of your green vegetables tomatoes aren’t that great for keto because again you have sugar it’ll spike your sugar but I put a little bit of tomato slices in with my quesadilla and I don’t seem to have a problem with that you so you’re basically I’m basically eating meat and vegetables which is the the main thing with chicken you know we used to be told we were basically told that that fat is bad and so you want to take the skin off chicken and you wanna and you can have sugar you know you know sugar and you can have you can have protein but get rid of the fat and it’s we’re finding that that was all basically a lie that that it’s the carbs that really spike our sugar and really wreak havoc with the with with your body and so so let me let me talk about a three basic well let me let me let me let me give you an idea of like the stuff that I’m having for snacks first maybe you can eat I don’t know why I’m going snacks first but it’s like let me just talk about things you can eat avocados are your friend avocados like the perfect quito food eggs dairy is good as long as you’re getting like the fatty dairy like butter and cream which sounds wrong but it’s this is what I’ve been eating and losing weight eating these heavy rich foods it’s like you you know they’ve always for years they were wondering why why did the French have in general why are the French people in shape well while Americans are overweight so much and in French cooking they use a lot of cream a lot of lot of cream sauces and things like that number one they don’t bend they don’t need a tongue but they’re also eating more of what’s in line with a ketogenic diet so bacon eggs for breakfast is really common avocados you can have those you know you got to cut out the toast you can have bread but you can have cheese and one thing that we have found that has probably been the best find are these low-carb tortillas with it with carbs you can subtract the dietary or the fiber carbs from the regular carbs the the total carbs to get your net carbs so you’ll find tortillas that are net anywhere from four to six carbs and again if you’re in a day if you can only have 25 to 230 carbs if you can have a tortilla that’s for carbs you could have you could have a tortilla with your breakfast lunch and dinner and you don’t even have 12 carbs from the bread like substance so that’s like that’s the tortillas have substituted for bread nuts you can have almonds you can have Brazil nuts you can have walnuts and macadamia nuts I’ve heard that almonds are okay peanuts tend to have more carbs and so do cashews cashews are my favorite nut as heartbroken find that out but I love I love macadamia nuts my parents used to live in Hawaii and they would bring back macadamia nuts and so I love those so let me give you an idea so for lunch I’ll make a tortilla like it maybe on on Sunday I’ll make up you know maybe 10 quesadillas and then I’ll just wrap them up and I’ll bring them down here to the office and just heat one up in the microwave and one of them’s probably giving me about they’re pretty big they’ll probably give me about 600 calories and so I’ll skip breakfast have that at lunchtime and then I won’t eat again till dinner and boom I’ve got if it’s an exercise day or no exercise day which is very rare I could still have about 1,700 calories in the evening which is a lot of food so and you know and that and again because you’re it’s not spiking your sugar you don’t get that hunger craving but I will reach for some sardines and a lot of people are squeamish about those kippered snacks are good you know eating that the cam fishes are good they’re you know they got good oils good fish oils in them we make a keto casserole and I’ll I’m gonna put the recipe in the description down below this is it’s like one of the best casseroles ever that I’ve ever had and I’m not a really big casserole guy but sometimes on Sunday I’ll make up a pan or two of this and then I’ll put it in of like the little Tupperware things and then I was bring those down here and heat those up so that’s kept us going another thing that we found is the cauliflower rice I’m Asian food is probably my favorite food and so when I went on this diet I was like I am giving up my favorite food I I love all kinds of Asian food it’s my favorite so rice is my absolute favorite starch and I can’t have it I just can’t it’s gonna spike my sugar I mean I can have it every now and then like when I’m taking like on a holiday or you know and I’ve basically decided if it’s a family birthday not extended family but family birthday I’m gonna have I’m gonna go off the diet if it’s a vacation I’m gonna go off the diet if it’s a major holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving or I’m gonna go off the night so I can still have those things but I’m just gonna have him very rarely but we found this keto rice and I thought when I first saw it in I saw it in the Facebook group I thought no there’s no way there’s no way this is gonna taste anything like rice it’s not it’s not gonna be like at all and then one day I was like wait a minute I make one of my dishes that I make regularly is fried rice I make up the fried rice and I’ll put chicken in there with it or have some chicken with it and I make a really good friend rice by the way and and so I thought well what I’ll do is I’ll just get some of this cauliflower rice and try it out and just see if it works and so I experimented with it and fried it up and it is amazingly good it is definitely not rice but it’s not a poor substitute I put a little of the the xylitol in there and it is surprisingly good if you because I put a lot of other vegetables and stuff in there too and with the meat and and everything it fries up with the soy sauce and I put the either some stevia or xylitol in there and it’s it’s another dish that we can have and and when we found that that we can have that it just opened up all kinds of new possibilities so we’ll have that another thing you can have is like sugar free stuff so like sugar free jams sugar free barbecue sauce and like a like I mentioned the stevia and the xylitol or xyla is the brand name that I get and I get I just ordered those on Amazon or I go to the local health food store here they’re really good sugar substitutes and one thing so I’m my biggest vice I will admit right now was sweets that was my hardest thing like I am I’m I’m good at eating ice cream like really good I love ice cream and and so the the xylitol which is actually it’s a sugar alcohol but it’s it doesn’t have any alcohol and it’s actually made from fruit and that and the stevia is a little bit more of a natural sweetener be prepared they are a lot more expensive than raw Darth and then refined sugar but you’re not eating them as much you’re not eating them all the time so it might cost you sort of the same amount it’s like you’re just not eating sugared stuff all the time so all what I have at night.i budget in and I saved my save up enough for me to have 500 calories a day of a chocolate milkshake at night and what I do is I buy half-and-half and pure whipping cream and with I put some stevia in there and some xylitol or the xyla to sweeten it to taste and some cocoa powder in a shaker bottle and shake that up and it’s it’s amazing how good it is we’ve also taken our ice cream maker and just take that same mix and thrown it in the ice cream maker and you just I mean you make it to taste you put as much chocolate in there as you want you put as much sweetener in there and and put like equal I put equal parts cream in half-and-half and it makes an amazing ice cream the problem with making the ice cream is it’s so good that we tend to eat too much of it so we’ve kind of only are gonna make ice cream on special occasions because you kiss again you can get too many calories but your sugar doesn’t spike it’s not gonna spike up your sugar so it’s something you can have now III want you to know I’m not a guy who likes substitute sugar substitutes and stuff and so when I first started finding these it’s weird cuz I don’t like the xylitol flavor by itself and I don’t like the stevia flavor by itself but together it’s like they almost act to me like sugar more when you put them together I don’t know that’s just kind of what we found but I’m I’m amazed at how satisfying it is and how I don’t feel like I’m missing sugar on those so that’s been a huge thing when I when I think about getting you know if I have a thought that pops in my head like you could go get some ice cream or something I’m like I’m gonna have the shake at night you know don’t eat it the other thing that has been that it’s really good are Reese’s peanut butter cups the sugar-free ones are amazing in fact I don’t I think if I got one without knowing it was sugar-free I wouldn’t know and then Russell Stover makes all kinds of sugar-free peppermint patties all kinds of chocolate candies that are sugar-free that you can have can’t pinch on them and the good I guess this is a good thing if you need too much they act like a laxative so you might not want to to go too big on them plus they’re really expensive it’s like they know that they got you I think I think that’s why they’re that expensive like if you’re diabetic or if you need it then they they’re like well you’re gonna pay for it because you don’t have an alternative and so they’re really expensive also their specialty items so they’re going to be more expensive anyway also if you want to go out to eat you know you can you can have a steak you can have vegetables with it instead of the baked potato I just try to get vegetables or a salad if you’re going to a fast food place a lot of places will do what they call a protein wrap or a lettuce wrap and you can get any burger that way or sandwich so like if you go to if you go to a lot of sub shops they’ll do what they call some places call it an unwish some like Jersey Mike’s calls it a tub a sub tub where they they put basically they make the sandwich in a tub instead of on a bun so yeah you can get stuff like that a lot of times you know a cheap snack a little cheap meal if you’re if you’re just dying you know and you’re you are hungry because you haven’t eaten in a while and you just want to get something in you so you can keep going if you stopped by I mean in McDonald’s or something and get a a McDouble for a dollar fifty and throw away the bun you can eat the burger out of it so I’ve done that a bunch times too so that’s like the stuff that I mean I’m trying to look through my notes and see if there’s anything else on here that I’m missing but basically that’s what we’re doing everybody my wife’s on this now she’s lost a bunch of weight everybody in the family’s doing this and we’re still going strong my son has lost 55 pounds and my daughter-in-law has lost 40 or 45 and they took some time off they’ve gone on like three or four vacations and they’ve taken off each time so they would be way further ahead to if they had stayed on they’re still going strong and that’s basically it I just hope I’m not forgetting anything if you have any questions or anything I mean that you could email me maybe I’ll do a follow-up on this another time there are every now and then there’s I have seen things I saw the thing pop up and the guy posted this just so everybody could laugh at it in the in the Kido Facebook group a guy posted a video of a nutritionist saying the keto diet is really bad for you it’s really dangerous don’t don’t go on it and she just kept saying it’s dangerous it’s really bad for you you shouldn’t go on the keto diet it’s not good what you really need to do is easy balanced carbs protein and fat and keep your fat intake down low and that’s what you should do to be healthy but don’t go on keto it’s really bad for you and the whole time I’m reading like okay what the what are the findings like how is it bad for you and she never said anything in there that was bad and so everybody in the in the group was kind of laughing at it you would think that it would it would make your cholesterol go up it actually makes your cholesterol go down there’s I will top maybe I’ll finish with this I’ll try to explain this but like if you want to go in-depth you can you can definitely look for videos of doctors talking about this because doctors explain this way better the reason I’m gonna do it in here is because maybe you’re on the fence of thinking you’re gonna do this or not and maybe I’ll say something that’s interesting enough for you to actually go and check out the other videos or do some reading you know region look at it look at the research online but in the past they would they would take you know you would see them take like someone’s artery from some dead guy or something and they would squeeze out like cholesterol and fat and stuff that’s clogging up the arteries so you say well how do you get clogged arteries other than like eating fat and what they have found is number one your body actually makes a ton of cholesterol every day I think it’s something like 3,000 milligrams I want to say but don’t quote me on that because I can’t remember I’m just I’m trying to remember this from what I’ve heard the doctors saying your body makes a lot of cholesterol so cholesterol is something that your body number one has to have you don’t want the bad fats you don’t want the trans fats you don’t want to eat margarine like if you’re eating that stop that stuff is as a killer but you want stuff that your body can metabolize like animal fats and fats from like I said avocados dairy type fats things like that eggs in fact they were you know we used to throw away the egg yolk now they’re saying egg yolks are good for you but what they’re finding is that the reason that you get your arteries clogged isn’t because you’re eating fatty foods it’s because you’re eating the refined flours and sugars and what happens is when those molecules go through your arteries they create inflammation apparently now we didn’t we didn’t evolve I mean like like pasta and and white flour and refined sugar cane is a new thing within the last 150 200 years that’s that’s new and so our bodies did weren’t designed to process those things and so one of the ways it manifests itself is that it creates inflammation inside your arteries well inflammation is like a sore it creates basically sores and your body’s response is to go and create a scab just like it would if you skinned your knee or you hurt the other part of your your skin your body has a way of making a scab to cover it and to protect it so that it can heal and then when as it’s healing this gap goes away well apparently what’s happening inside your arteries is that there’s it there’s three components and I defined this the other day but I couldn’t find it and I didn’t have time to really look for it but you’ll if you’re interesting this you can go find it there’s three components to the scab that your body makes inside your arteries and one of those components is cholesterol and it’s only supposed to be temporary and so you’re supposed to if something were to come along in your body and create a a sore where you get cholesterol because you’re eating a good diet eventually that scab will Oh way and that cholesterol will leave your arteries on its own but if you’re eating every day if you’re eating like I was like most people are white flour sugar and other types of processed carbohydrates then you’re constantly irritating the inside of your arteries and so your body’s continually trying to repair by creating these scabs inside your arteries and so apparently if you’re eating the correct foods which are the fats and the and the vegetables and the proteins then you basically won’t create inflammation and so your body won’t send plaque won’t send cholesterol to clog up your arteries and there have been studies of people who have had clogged arteries who go on the keto diet and then they stop there they check their arteries later and they they’re clear much clearer than they were before again a lot of doctors put their patients on this diet in fact when my my neighbor across the street found out that I was going on this diet he’s a nurse and he’s like oh your doctor told you to go on huh and so it’s an it’s a known thing it’s like a very well known thing now a lot of people haven’t heard of it yet a lot of people are familiar with adkins which is very similar but the fat content on keto on a ketogenic diet is much higher than that on Atkins so anyway I really hope this helps again if you have questions you know hopefully maybe I can answer them but but I would suggest like there are people that that are on the keto diet that know way more than me like I don’t I basically make foods my strategy is to make foods that I know are safe for keto I don’t measure everything i approximate portions so like when I get casserole I portion myself out what is a normal what would be what would look like a normal sized portion I know that that’s really big but like if you look at a TV dinner or something like you know or or I mean like I mean they said the size of your fist is about the size of your stomach right so I mean that’s basically what I’m trying to get is a normal size for a meal and what this this like for instance this keto casserole is loaded with calories but that’s a probably I’m probably with with the portion that I’m getting probably getting six to eight hundred calories in that but I’m not I’m not to the point where I I don’t I don’t want it to be hard enough to where I’ll quit cuz it’s just too hard to do it has to be something that’s easy something that’s a lifestyle if I go along at the rate that I’m going and I stop losing weight then I am going to decrease my portions so that I can continue to lose weight that’s my game plan right now so my game plan right now is what I’ll take whatever I get if I’m if there have been a couple weeks where I was the same weight and then and then the next week I lost like five pounds so again it’s not it’s not always linear but I’m not gonna watch it and and I don’t have a projected date in the future of when I have to be a certain weight I think putting those kinds of those kinds of expectations on yourself can really set you up for failure what I’m really interested in is eating a healthy diet eating a healthy amount of food getting the right amount of exercise and losing weight over time and if it takes me a couple years to get down to my ideal weight so be it if it takes a year then that’s even better and then and then not going off of it when I get there you know like this is how I’m going to eat I have to eat like this otherwise I’m gonna get diabetes so this isn’t something like all I can’t wait until I can go office this is my new reality this is the way that I’m gonna be now and like I said I will take a vacation from it and I think that that’s the best at least for myself that’s a good way to look at it is you know there will be a day where I get to indulge and have some of these things that I that I’ve cut out and then I go right back on to what I’ve been doing and anyway we’ll see how that works so far it’s been working really well okay thanks for watching you.

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