Mental Challenges and Strategies for Men

Handling Life’s Challenges

Men face many mental challenges that never get brought up. This gives you a chance to step outside yourself and get a new, fresh perspective from other men. We all have fears and doubt, goals and dreams. How to we find the path that takes us to where we want to go? How do we know which is the right path? It’s all a matter of strategy and desire, backed up by a bulletproof mindset.

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Video Transcript

I’m so glad you’re here hey as you’re coming on to this live broadcast make sure that you say hello make sure your notifications are set you know as I’m speaking right here right now I’m waiting for the people who are gonna be joining me live to come on so I’m talking specifically right now except for the very quick movers to those of you who are watching this on a replay version make sure that you set your notifications down and as I do these live broadcast I am talking to you whether you you caught me live or not I want you to ask your questions during this live broadcast make your comments I’m going to go through this all throughout the day all right so as you’re coming on to this library I guess make sure that you set notifications if you haven’t already I come on this broadcast it come to you a little bit it seems like every single day and I love the interaction this is our time to connect I’ll give you a few sets here while we have more driven ambitious men who love bodybuilding training pushing themselves to become their best physically but also mentally and emotionally to the total package though as I like to call it making our man information becoming our best both inside and outside the gym if that sounds like you maybe you’re new to this broadcast then you’re in good company there’s a lot of men who are just like you so I’m going to do some sets this is the time to post your questions in comments down below I got a message for you today I’m gonna tell you the number one thing that stops most men just like you the number one thing that stops men just like you you may discover through this connection me sharing my experiences that you’re a lot more normal than you may think this stops you two from moving forward and getting what you want right and again this these thoughts this perspective then I’m giving you some objectivity as you step outside of your world and see what’s the experience for other men who are going for in life like me the experiences the insight that I share with you is from dozens and dozens of men who I’ve worked with all over the world through intense one-on-one coaching different ages at different levels of success you know different goals right the same things come up over and over again and sometimes we’re going on our focused journey we’re having some challenges obstacles if that sounds like you you’re just like me you’re just like every other man out there and you may figure out like I said that hey I’m not alone all right and then we could just get to work without all of those obstacles in the way and feeling that we may be defective you’re going to find out that you’re not defective you’re a lot like me you’re a lot like a lot of other driven and ambitious men all right so I’m gonna do a couple sets again post your questions your comments down below down a way for you to win by you being aggressive and being assertive and knowing what it is you want I posted my courses down below I want to give those to you knowledge learning more strategies certainly helpful in the process I’ve got that all structured and outlined for you in step by step courses and then when you come here every single day I want to work on your mindset with you so you get more out of all that talent and ability that you have all right so I’m going to do a few sets I’m so glad you are here again whether you’re watching me live or on a replay version I want you to participate I want you to communicate I want you to ask your questions and I’ll go through this feed all the comments all throughout the day as you if you’ve been here you know that I do that right so live on a replay version post your questions in your comments it’s a great time to like love and share the fee – I appreciate you doing that we check out some of these comments here I want to do my best to make this interactive while I’m working out with you – I know you guys want to see the exercise that’s our common passion you want to see some muscles so I always want to do that for you – I want to do it all in this time that I spend with you all right see some of these comments down below right again this is a great time for you to post your your your comments your questions I’m going to give you a chance to win during this live broadcast today and in the replay version all right let’s see who we got here and the comments good morning Jonathan how are you today hey thank you so much for your direct message on Facebook Jonathan thank you so much Jonathan asked the question that motivated me to come to yesterday with a message and he was rewarded with results University my comprehensive bodybuilding and training program in this beautiful members-only website I mean it’s got like 26 hours of video I think another 40 hours of audio workbooks it’s all lined down for in this beautiful members-only website in a Jonathan by being aggressive taking action knowing what he wanted reaching out he won my results University comprehensive bodybuilding and training course you could check that down below I want to give you the chance to win and – so Jonathan says says I took the initiative stepped up and asked it the question he rewarded me with access to one of his programs he is sincere when he says he wants to help you yes that is true thank you so much for the the kind words and that testimony showing other men what’s ahead of him if they take action like you – Jonathan John says hey skip been away from the gym for way too long and it and had a hard time getting back any advice to get back well show up on this you pick up your phone all right I’m coming here it’s four o’clock in the morning Pacific time I’m in the gym – and we can kind of go through this journey together you’ll see that some days I’m on fire and I’m screaming right with excitement some days I might be just putting one step in front of another getting through the day but following through and a lot of different things in-between and we can go through this journey together and hopefully I’ll set that example that sometimes we just need to keep on keeping on some is better than nothing and then we get back in that groove again so probably the best advice I could give you which is that’s a great question John is to keep your phone in your hand and make the time to connect every single day with me right and post your questions and your comments let’s make this interactive or actually a part work here I am in Walnut Creek California that’s 35 30 miles east of San Francisco in California USA for our international viewers right and so here I am coming to you at 4 o’clock in the morning Pacific time and we can actually connect I mean you can post a comment I can actually respond your question hopefully you know I come to you right there the right moment to just make that shift in your mindset to remind you of who you are what you’re all about what these goals you have in front of us and that’s the awesome thing that we can use this internet for all right a lot of people say you know social media what a waste of time and those type of things well we can use it any way we want and that would be a good way for you John Daniel love the his coaching thank you so much Daniel I appreciate that feeling better today after I talked to you last night going to keep it going that’s Vick made that comment yeah I talked to Vic like I said I make myself available to you guys all you have to do is be aggressive and I love helping other people I love learning right I love learning from your experience and that’s what gives me the insight in the creativity and the imagination of what I’m going to come to on the next live broadcast right so I love the connection I love working on my craft I love sharing my experiences so I make myself available to you just got to be aggressive like like Danielle and Pakistan I’ve we’ve we’ve communicated many times before Jonathan and Vic last night in in Michigan right Pete good morning to you sir so John says I connected with you before I have a massive machine awesome yeah we have connected that is true Pete look forward to these every day thank you so much good well thank you so much Pete for appreciating what I do here now let me do a few more sets again that guys this is the time to post your comments your questions you want to be like Pete Danielle a John Jonathan right post your comments down below but post your questions you know I’m gonna do some cardio afterwards I’m gonna be on my stationary bike in my home I’m gonna go through these comments and answer your questions I may you may win one of my courses so we can really take this to the next level what I want to do is I want to actually give you those courses and you can see how systematic it is systematic I am with the step-by-step instruction so you don’t have to just grab information from a lot of different sources from a lot of different videos on over several days or weeks right and then when we connect every single day like PE looks forward to is every single day we can work on your mindset so you actually do what you want to do what you set out to do you could actually follow through with the strategies that you’ve learned all right so post your your questions your comments your suggestions down below let’s make this interactive so glad to be with you here again today okay which one you guys are posting the best question that we can all benefit from all right I don’t want to check and post your questions down below guys you want to make sure that you stick around for this entire live broadcast because I am going to share with you not just from my own personal experience my journey going for higher and higher levels to reach my goals and my sense of fulfillment and happiness but also from the men who I’ve worked with with with intense one-on-one coaching going through the journey of life this is what I’ve discovered to be the number one challenge that gets in your way from from really working towards those goals that you really want and when I reveal what I believe is the number one challenge that stops us then just like you and me you’re gonna find out that you may be a lot more normal than you think that your way of thinking isn’t just unique to you so you can just let that go and actually get to work Oh yeah Pete you know you said you’re looking forward to these live broadcasts to tell you something I look forward to coming to you every single day I love going through the journey I’ve lived by the motto to teach is to learn twice if I get up here and I turn on this camera and I have to say hey guys this is what we need to do right this is what can really help you this is like Lauren through my experiences it and other men just like us right that makes me have to live up to my words it gives me an extra layer of accountability that I must actually do what I say I got to be congruent right I can’t say one thing and then when I have challenges I can’t crumble right so I love putting this pressure on myself again its motto that I’ve had for over 20 years many of you guys have been with me that long to teach us to learn twice post your questions your comments your suggestions down below I’m gonna reach out to you today I’m going to answer all the questions all the comments so I do that right now and let’s make this interactive be aggressive like like John and was like Vic was yesterday who I talked on the phone in Michigan and how Jonathan was in he won a results University my comprehensive bodybuilding and training course see here we had going here tell some detail the dark side of steroids I can’t tell you that the dark side of steroids I don’t have that personal experience right and I’ll tell you this a lot of natural bodybuilders right you’ll see they’ll talk from an experience of how it is what those guys do yet they’ve never gone through that experience all right so I’m not gonna I don’t climb into people’s minds I don’t imagine what they’re going through if I haven’t experienced it right and certainly if they don’t tell me what it is right you know but I will tell you this my attitude towards it is you know here I now when when I was training and winning drug free championships you know I had people who just love me and admired me for what I had done I had a lot of doubters too there’s no way this can be accomplished drug-free you know I just had to I just had to move forward I wasn’t know what the opinions of other people get in the way of what I wanted to accomplish all right and the thing about it is now it’s you know Here I am 28 years later at 55 years old a time can prove out what consistently will do alright and I think you know the way I live my life the attitude that I share can tell you why I made the decisions but I’ll tell you this that other people they make decisions for reasons you can never imagine we all go through our journey I don’t pass judgment on what people do we all do things for whatever reasons right we all want to be happy we all make our choices some guy may be taking steroids and you may not agree and you say that’s the worst thing morally health-wise whatever you may think right you know listen I am sure you may be doing things that a lot of other people would say hey come on Danielle it’s not productively through your life right they could pass judgment on you so look we’re all going through the journey whatever methods we do it we’re doing our best to make ourselves happy to get out of pain into pleasure Krait life people make different choices right I just am Who I am live the example that those who want to take it those who are reject it that’s everybody else’s choice alright how do you know when you’re emotionally or ready to take the steps to get to the next level real really good question that’s a really good question and again I’m gonna do a couple more sets here I want I want as many people come here I want to give you guys plenty of time like to post your questions or comments down below I want to make this interactive but that tie is in that question Jonathan ties into a number one challenge that gets in the way of most men like me like you from giving what we really want to really go for it and again you’re gonna find out that you may be a lot more normal than you think post your questions down below Oh all right other questions go ahead keep on post your questions your comments your suggestions down below guys you guys look down scroll down below see all of my courses alright from if you just are a man who I just wants to fit health and fitness into your life you’re looking for effective and efficient strategies you don’t want to become a champion bodybuilder right you just want to work with your life it’s like this experience we talked last night on the phone right I’ve got ten hours of the best phone consultations training eating the lifestyle mine said the best ten hours it’s all sliced out when I was stimulated through one-on-one coaching and I took out the client who I talked to and I just had the advice that I’d given them it’s ten straight hours right training nutrition mindset lifestyle right so that’s the course they have ten hours the best of my phone consultations for if that sounds like you all the way to the ultimate contest preparation all right that’s a thirteen hour seminar ready to teach you step by step through the meticulous contest preparation process that I went through bodybuilding and training step by step mastery I have that course in addition to the man formation confidence and leadership lifestyle motivation goal-setting a information the mindset actions of a powerful alpha male leader in the laven our course and man formation to get your swagger back alright that’s the next level to the man formation course right so check out all those courses like I said to teach us to learn twice is the model that I’ve lived by for years and I’ve documented my journey along the way it’s in a beautiful members-only website I want to give you that structured a step-by-step instruction so when you come here every single day like Pete looks forward to every single day we can work on your mindset so you actually take action on those goals and dreams that you want to work towards you want to achieve alright so I give you the step-by-step courses right that you can refer to back and forth back and forth on this beautiful members-only website do it on your phone your tablet your laptop your desktop and then you come here every single day for the inspiration the motivation as we go through life together all right post your questions down below post your comments down below guys this is the time let’s make this interactive I’m so glad you’re here you know one thing guys is that I am creating this man formation training program right I’ve talked about that a lot and what that’s all about is maybe you’re in this phase of life like me you want to look great at any age you want to be effective and efficient with everything that you do but you want to save some of that limited and precious willpower focus energy and time so you can put that on other areas of your life business goals family right so you you know don’t want to be a fitness zealot where it takes a three hours day and all your time and all your focus but you still want to look great and at any age man formation is what it’s all about and so you may notice if you’ve been watching a little by a little with my life broadcasts and my training is how I incorporate a lot more machines than I have in the past when I was a more hardcore basic compound movements and there’s reasons for that and again it’s the effect of an efficient with your time and energy and still look great right still looking at still looking great and my advanced stage here right I want to share these experiences hardcore driven family business man have you emerged those two not one or the other right because I know you don’t want to compromise your physical body for your goals but you don’t you don’t want to anymore if this is where you were before you don’t want to compromise you know your goals and dreams and all the opportunities out there because you’re hyper focused on your physical body that’s what man formation training is all about and I’ll talk a lot more about the all right so keep those questions coming Danielle says skip please have visit Pakistan many people want to learn the best science of fitness and you are the best teacher elaborate everything love it well thank you so much John says exactly you need to find the balance for everything John I mean that’s what I pride myself on now right that’s what man formation is all about you want to come back here on a continual basis I’ll tell you this I come to you a little bit every single day some days I’m gonna give you a shattering information it’s going to come right at the perfect time it would be so glad that you didn’t miss the live broadcasting you you interacted there are going to be some times where something’s gonna be in your it’s gonna put it in your head and it’s gonna percolate it’s gonna marinate for a while and then a week from now a month from now a year from now you’re gonna go I get it that’s what skip was talking about so you what a little by little you want to just show up go through this journey again use this social media in a way to really empower your life and I want to help you do that by coming to here every single day beautiful gym here that we have here right this club’s sport rent us is connected to Renaissance Hotel here in a Walnut Creek California again it’s about 30 miles east of San Francisco California USA and this is where men come to me for and what I call my information weekends I mean sure we train we eat together but we set aside aside to really go over their goals and life and maybe some of the challenges that they’re going through have these man formation weekend’s if that sounds like something you may be interested in and where it doesn’t matter where you are if you’re in the United States or around the world reach out and see how you know you and I can connect in person come here we can train you can eat together here in Walnut Creek California near San Francisco at this beautiful Renaissance hotel and clubs for Jim all right I’m still going to come back with the number one the number one challenge that stops men just like you and me and you’re going to yeah you may be a lot more normal than you think hey I’ll pour for you how are you come over here poor P come on come on over here I tell you guys I’m so thankful for the great people here at the Renaissance Club sport hotel and gym like I said this is my man poor feet here I mean greatest work at this is what makes this experience so that people like him how long have you been here 11 years 11 years I’ve been here for 15 years and this is always a great great face to look forward to every single morning look what they allow we all poor feet a big thank you they they allow me to come in here in this beautiful gym before they open to come to you going through the journey life so they really appreciate it out all right every single morning this guy is the best worker best employee they’re really lucky to have him all right so yeah if you guys are interested in coming down here just send me an email and we can we can talk about that all right it’s really intense if you’re really ready to change your life spend this one-on-one time with me seeing this this beautiful facility and the beautiful part of California just let me know send me an email skip out skip of core calm or directly message me it’ll change your life if you’re like a lot of the men who take the time to do this all right can you describe intensity and how to bring it into your workouts you know Adam it’s good question it’s that that could be a great topic all by itself I may touch upon that as I talk about the message for today right again I’m going to do one more set this is the time to post your questions I’m going to go through the comment section all throughout the day and give you that attention but you have to take action and post your question down below you know what’s interesting Daniel you know talked about steroids I tell you guys look do your thing all right if you don’t do steroids you don’t want to do that that is awesome I certainly understand that you want to you know go towards your values your mission but one thing I tell you – and I think that if you’ve been around with me long enough I don’t spend a lot of time judging other people in what they’re doing especially when I choose not to go down or out because it takes so much for you I took gather all your own resources get the most out of life you don’t want to distract yourself by imagining or judging or other people’s experience if you don’t want to do it man that’s fine you got to put this all on you all right so I don’t I understand people why people do the things I’ll tell you this this will be an interesting topic okay so I’ve gone this route I’ve been rewarded for my efforts but I’ll tell you this right if you go into bodybuilding and you want to be a gigantic superstar right you’re making a choice to limit your options my options all of this hard work all right I would believe I work just as hard as the top legendary from the 90s their legendary still to this day they have massive followings because they went for it the decisions they made right and I talked to these guys every once a while I look at their soul Schmidty it’s it’s a hundred times they’re having a hundred times the impact on me that I’m having even on you and I know you appreciate the way I’ve gone about it but they have exposure to a hundred times as many people because they made different decisions going into it I chose not to make those decisions right right I’m comfortable with those decisions but at the same time you know those decisions are limited a lot of opportunities for me all right and as time goes by you kind of thing you know each way you go on life whatever decision you make there’s pros and cons again we need to focus on ourselves our own decisions and to make the most out of our own decisions all right go ahead push your questions I’m gonna do one more segment to talk about today’s message they have looking today all right guys that’s post your questions below again live on a replay version I want you to push your questions down below did I say that once or twice for ten times if I’m going to take the time to be here I want it to be interactive I can do these videos anytime I want it to be interactive alright guys so I want to share with you what I found to be the number one challenge that gets in the way that stops been just like you and me right and again this is just from my personal experiences I try to become more and more and more really it doesn’t matter what you accomplish in life there’s always that higher level and any time you try to crack a code you go to that higher level there’s a new code to crack and you’re going to go on a different personal development journey maybe you’re younger and you’re realizing hey that’s me too right it’s never over there’s always a higher level you’re there’s another code to crack you’re going to be challenged you’re gonna have to go on a different personal development journey your normal okay but what I found to be the number one challenges see here’s the thing about life when we are in where we are whether that’s a good place a challenging place whatever it may be this is where we are in our lives right and we have this imagination this vision of where we want to be our goal all right now we’ve we’ve watched other people do it we said hey I can do that too that would be great to have it right maybe you’re in a position of so much pain and angst you’re sick and tired of being here and you want to be there but you’ve never been there before you don’t know what it tastes like it feels like you can’t smell it right you’re you it’s only theory all right on how to get there right you’re gonna you know go to mentors and coaches give you strategies sometimes you have the strategies but you don’t have the quite the mindset to actually execute the strategies maybe you’ve experienced that in the past before where you thought ah this this guy gave me this advice doesn’t work right and later on when you got more focus you got more determined maybe you limit a lot of distractions and you use that same exact strategy and it did indeed work right it was you you didn’t have the right mindset always put that pressure on you that these strategies work if I’m getting this advice if I took the time to be with this mentor maybe it’s me maybe I don’t have the mindset put that pressure on you first I see too many people blaming other people I just talked to a gentleman came to me he was a fitness expert right and he shared his disappointment with his coach or his mentor right that it didn’t work he thought he should get this this and this the strategies didn’t work now I spent a good amount of time on the phone I could tell you this he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know right but his mindset is so inferior what he needs to do he has no understanding of what he needs – he’s taking this attitude of this guy who has never been here before he’s taking the information from a mentor who’s been there before and he’s putting his psychology on it and it’s never going to work all right he needs to put that pressure on himself and figure out what that is and he’ll find out that the strategies will indeed work right put that pressure on yourself now here’s the challenge moving forward going to that place that you’ve never been is that we have to put our heart and our emotion into it our hopes and dreams we might fear looking back to other people if we’re okay with we don’t care about other people we might waste our own time energy we might let ourselves down our loved ones down right it’s an emotional experience to get our hopes up and get to work and sacrifice which it takes hard work sacrifice coming back and moving forward when we fail or at least in the short term we felt it really drains us a lot of emotion willpower focus time and energy that’s normal you’ve heard this before I’m not going to just get up here and say some motivational speech but you’ve heard this before that success is getting down knocked down nine times but getting up that tenth time you should know on every journey that you go that on a scale from one to ten right ten is you hit it out of the park it’s perfect I tried this and it worked amazing I got everything out of my effort that’s a tent that were very rarely happens especially if you’re trying to go to a place that you’ve never been before you’re just assuming that the strategies work you’re assuming you have the right mindset with the strategies that would work okay most of the time I’m not saying you’re gonna try and fail like it’s gonna be an embarrassing heart-wrenching zero out of ten but I’ll tell you you try 10 different things I mean none of them are going to be of two a three a five not necessarily zero but they’re not going to give you that reward that you expect and it beats you it drains you it makes you question and you got to hurry up and do the next one the more time in between those attempts those tries those ten tries knowing you’re gonna get down knock down nine times then the more momentum you lose you don’t case you learn from that experience that only produced a 5 out of 10 ok results if you hurry up and stack what you learn there on the next one right you can use that defeat to help you learn to do it right next time but you have to kind of move quickly but here’s the challenge we get beat up we we have to here’s the challenge is that we have to be prepared that it’s not going to work out the way that we want because that’s just life and you know all right a lot of times where you have an easy time doing that all right but here’s the thing is when you try the next thing you got to get yourself to believe that this time is gonna be the one time out of ten this one’s gonna change everything because if you go on to the next one and only give it a half way effort even though you don’t know because you’re kind of prepared it’s gonna be like the other nine you have no chance you have no chance so the number one challenge is to keep on going to be prepared that it may not meet our expectations and at the same time you got to act all out in not half in it not protecting yourself right it’s that balance to knowing that’s probably going to quote unquote fail to some extent but you can’t know that right while you’re doing the next thing and it’s this balance the more you can get yourself to do that and quickly you’re gonna eventually crack the code because everything is a pattern everything there’s a code to crack some patterns are more complex than others and we all have to figure it out we have to know where to put most of our energy right you know that at 8020 rule 80% needs to go into just one or two 20% of the strategies but at the beginning we kind of just try hard at everything and we’re not using our willpower focus energy in time but you got to have that mindset all right so you should at that sounds like you hopefully it’s creating an epiphany in your mind is that hey I have the course it gives me this corset skip is offering to talk to me I’m afraid that he’s gonna give me the information and I’m not gonna do it something’s gonna hold me back hey well welcome to the club that’s me all the time – that’s you that’s me right but not getting the information not calling me not trying to win of course not getting the information that’s not gonna do it either right well you need that information but we have to get our our heart and our mind in our gut into everything that we do even though we know we’re gonna fail see that’s why I want to give you these courses I want to give you this step-by-step structure strategies the way I do things right you got one source one clean members-only website to go to and then you come here every single day and you learn these epiphanies about the mindset hey that’s it I know I’m probably gonna fail but if I don’t totally go for it and believe there’s no sense that even going for it right and so I’ll call skip later oh I’ll invest in this later I’ll try later and that doesn’t do it either so if that sounds like you maybe didn’t really that is me that’s why I don’t call skip that’s why I don’t get the course that’s why I don’t move for it I wait till I’m ready I hear that all time from guys like you and me skip I’m gonna reach out I just got to get ready I don’t want to waste your time you’re not gonna be ready you’re never gonna be at a point where everything you do is just gonna pay off all right and you know it so that’s the message I hope that’s you found that helpful I got to get going now like I said I love doing it I hope that whether you watch this live or a replay version you posted all your questions down below I am going to answer all those questions I want to reach out this is the time we actually get going hope you got value out of the time that we spend together come back every single day for these live broadcast have a great day how many outstanding day have an awesome day think big and think big getting bigger being the man I want to be being the man I’d want my son to be being a man others would look up to and be inspired by being the man that I know I am but have not figured out how to let out but now I’m on my way I’m letting it out he really just takes your your thinking on that matter and forces you to look at what’s holding you back and what what you could possibly do better to further reach your goals so anyone who really wants to just finally conquer one area of your life or for even multiple areas of your life and just finally get it done and understand it and be able to master it I definitely recommend skips coaching services to skip helped me cut off a huge section you know of time and help me get everything so much faster you know and help me find things that I aren’t really wanted he’s literally a wealth of knowledge but not only that he literally knows what you’re thinking but even better the mistakes that you’re going to make and how to basically do a 180 and point you in the right direction so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible the advice you get will be so valuable and it will enable you to make key distinctions which will propel you to succeed in any area of your life but he’s got me to think bigger to push harder and to actually get a lot more motivation than I’ve ever had before and I had actually learned a lot from him and he’s a great guy I certainly would recommend his site and try to get some help from him as if you are interested he’s offering a lot of stuff for people who are serious about improving themselves and I really want to work at it you know this serious about working on themselves he will help I’m taking on more risks I’m challenging myself in ways that I never thought possible before I’m here I just kind of holding back the tears of when I when I got done and it was like oh my gosh there is hope there you know I wasn’t wrong we can still take our business I can still take my relationship I can still have all this this guy understands it he’s been there the knowledge and discipline and insight that I learned from him took everything that I do in my life to that next level and that’s what I really want you guys to understand is Skip is an amazing bodybuilding coach but he is also somebody I look to as a life mentor as basically a father figure who has been through those things that I haven’t been through who understands those things in life that I don’t yet understand this coaching has been a great experience it’s it’s taught me so much it’s I I enjoy every minute of it there’s not many people that I can say of influence to me or had an impact on my life as much as skip has.

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