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Ab Workout Routine for Beginners

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Welcome back to my channel so this video is the one you guys have been asking me for for ages and I finally grabbed boyfriend and we filmed it so these workouts are all based in my gym but you can do them in a playground or you can grab the equipment as I kind of go through it with you so this is one of my favorites the hanging local raised what you guys could do in the gym you could also buy up pull up bar or you could do it in a playground effectively you’re bringing your knees up into your chest and moving your bum up with it if you’re amazing at this you can take your legs out straight I’m not so you can have a little love if you fall down no worries get back up generally Griff is one of the hardest things with this exercise so that was about 15 reps we are going to use whole circuit three or four times now we’re moving on to be ups now I’m doing up Ben if you don’t have a bench and no worries axel you can do it on the floor the bench just means your legs already elevated which makes it a little bit harder if you can’t do it via then you can do a VSIP which is where you literally just hold it and i’d recommend 30 seconds would be fantastic again waiting to 15 reps it and as you take your legs out breathe you also want to look down and really think of your lower abs during this exercise now we’re just going to make it a little bit harder by adding a weighted dumbbell in between your toes this is a 5 kilo dumbbell but i would suggest starting light and getting used to it you don’t want to hurt your back also make sure that your toes are tiny put together don’t any injuries of broken toes again remember to breathe move as much as you possibly can and try not to fall back on yourself cause that would really hurt if I fell into that debit so we are now going to move on to the final exercise which again is going to use the pull up bar or if you want to use the playground and we’re going to jump on up and I want you to think of the muffin top at this point it basically lived in your legs to the side and crunching into a side crunch it’s a little bit more awkward so you might need to practice it before you do it but don’t give up and again hold on tight remember you need to do 15 on each side don’t give yourself a wonky body now you could do this whole routine do one exercise after another or you could split them up and you could just do each exercise three or four times I do them all together because it leaves you having the less red time and makes it a little bit more interesting next I’m moving on to the cable area if you guys have one of these and there are you suggest you guys get on it because they are amazing but if you do you can just hold a weight in your hand and do exactly the same now i see this exercise done a lot of time the main reason that it doesn’t work is because you’re not connecting with your body so i need you to really concentrate on your stomach we’re not pulling the weight up with our shoulder or I hand you’re pulling up with your abs so you want to breathe out every time you bring it up you’ll feel a little bit constipated and a little bit silly but trust me if you feel your tummy going really solid all the way down you will be working or out if you notice that your shoulder is moving higher and lower than you’re probably feeling it with your shoulder so again you for men can do with a plate we can do the damn belt or a kettlebell it doesn’t really matter but this will work really really well on turning your side obliques and improving your core take a little bun shop from the boyfriend I put my feet hip width apart so you can do the same and in between I’m then going to do leg raises I’m holding on to that because I’m I tend to fall over a lot we’re gonna do 15 reps of this if it’s too easy you can add a weight but remember you need to have straight legs so no bending and bring your legs down as low as you can and remember breathe out as your legs go down again I would do these two exercises together give yourself a little rest in between if you need it it’s not just keep going and do it three or four times next up its TRX lands if you don’t have one of these buy them or if you can’t afford it get yourself a resistance band or even one of the drive inflatable balls do can pretty much do the same the first thing that we’re gonna do is atomic push-ups no worries there’s no push shopping in here we’re going to do 20 or more breaths and one you guys to work until you really feel that burn so you want to bring your knees and your feet while they’re together all the way in as if dick a touch of elbows or your chest do it flow used to count one two one two not too fast and keep yourself in a very comfortable flight position you should feel a little shake next when you’ve got to the point you can’t do anymore I want you to bring your knees down and just gently stretch it back to protect your back we’re now going to move on to health climbers which is where your knees go in and out alternately you’ve done this on the floor with the boss you bought before and we’re gonna do 40 reps here because this is slightly easier again make sure your butt doesn’t drop and your arms stay nice and strong now we’re moving on to file exercise I’m to expand this is like a yoga pose and it’s called the pike imagine you are in your own you’re bringing your butt to the sky you’ll feel like you’ve got nothing to give from your lower app that that is where we’re pulling and keep your feet together take the world’s get used to it but it’s an incredible exercise and finally we’re moving on to the positive also turn it over guys that I want you those put your hands flat on it this is all about stability which is why it works your corners very similar to the t-rex pants we’re going to do 30 reps here because you’re doing it quite quickly and this one my legs are going up and across as if I’m twisting I want your knees to reach your elbows and if they can’t push yourself to slightly forward over your body we’re then going to change so stretch it out and then we are going to go back in and I want you to now take your legs on the outside so imagine that really sexy V that guys get imagine you’re giving yourself exactly the same so you’re taking your knees all the way out remember to breathe enjoy it and I hope you guys love this so please tag me in or through our pictures it’s time to get some ABS see you guys next week bye you.

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