Push-Pull Workout Routine: Video Guide

Great Push-Pull Workout Video

This is a great pull-pull routine video for those of us looking to add some serious muscle size in the upper body and legs. It allows for a maximum overload on the target muscle groups with efficiency. It’s a great split for those us of who have hit a plateau or just need to mix it up and try something new for fresh gains. You’ll also increase you strength and endurance, which has great carry over to other sports. Just a word of warning- you will need access to a gym, or at the very least, some home gym equipment that will allow you to reap the benefits.

Increase Maximal Strength and Endurance

Video Transcript

Oh what’s up guys as us to see I’m currently at barber brigade now I just drank some bang and like I’m starting to get wired I don’t know I feel really funny but anyways okay so today is bench day and we’re gonna be doing back in chess as well spoiler talk blog please maximum overloadPut a hundred pans in or dust back could you feel my toes I’m a do red welcome a friend so it’s gonna be one of those like super set of chest and back workouts before us we need X cubed so today were supposed to do a five by one at our PS 7 and we had nothing on the car so we’re gonna have to work upset as a single whatever it may be okay I don’t know if you guys can hear me the music’s really loud but so we have three hundred and sixty-five pounds on the bar 350 moved like a mood I like 365 is like a different animal let’s go and see this can be hard for you seven if not I might bump but I have ten more pounds to 375 or 380 yes I feel really good today like I just you know there’s a lot people in the gym saying. legs   Energy’s really nice so let’s see what’s good with 365 alright guys so 365 was like it’s pretty nice pretty nice wheel bump up to 385 let’s see how this moves so 385 flew up so that’s gonna go ahead through my first set of one and RPS seven and I went ahead and bumped off the weight to 395 I’m like look today’s a good day I’m gonna eat greedy so I’m going to 395 for one set and my just drop down 380 next for the rest of the of the 5 by 1 so this that’s gonna be like a top top set so I’ve already done one side of one spew our second set of 1 395 let’s eat greed 395 move perfect but right now let me show you guys what I’m working out here so you guys to kind of get what’s going on in my mind I have a lot of my steps recorded on my phone so I’m able to go back and see how it moved so you’re gonna watch this set right here it’s moving at an RP of seven that’s perfectly fine what if I kind of understand that I’m not gonna be able to maintain that speed so I went ahead and drop the way down to 380 pounds and this is going to be the weight that I’m the abuses the last the reset so this that’s going to be 384 second pick your 1850s can be great so like I’m super excited the way it moved I think it’s mostly just like the environment here at barbell it’s like I don’t know you can’t you can’t you can’t by environment like at the end of the day if there’s this great environment you have a great workout so it’s just like being able to tap into that just like that vibe makes a big difference so let’s go ahead and execute this these last three sets of 1 and our feet 7 we’re 380 pounds okay so hopefully you guys can hear me but we just finished up pinch now bitch what amazing so I’m gonna go ahead and show you. upper body The last set with 380 pounds right over here so now I’m moving lots to Incline Finch we have a 3 by 8 on our pH and that’s gonna go ahead and be that’s just gonna be like what 225 pounds so we’re gonna finish this up and they’re going to start the whole volume workout once again after we wrap up incline bench press we’re gonna be doing a chest back workout like we go we’re gonna begin we will begin it’s an out feels great the music in a bar bar right now jumping I’m feeling it so this is the incline bench out of the way it’s work and there’s something like old school 90’s rap playing that’s been working now so right now it’s time to move on it’s the body blood pushing this work out so like I said earlier we working chest and back right now I got the shirt off you know I’m saying you got her got a flexible bit but we’re gonna be doing some waited waited tips everybody was saying that with some pull-up so we’re doing make me about like 10 12 reps on the weight of dips and eight reps on the pull-up you’re that young guy so no not about that let’s work yeah we work we work so whenever we got pinheads there probably do i kept it light so we have five pounds will the wall right now so it’s much going to be maybe four five sets of crap maybe ten twelve reps ever shoe set that with some chest flies so that’s gonna be maybe twelve fifty ribs so okay that’s right now we label on two sets of ten also watch that pull it out I don’t forgive me but like I said earlier really like I grabbed boy downs okay guys so we’re approaching the end of this workout now we’re going to do a chest finisher and basically what we’re going to do is win a superset what does it call with dumbbell t-bar rows I guess dumbbell dumbbells heroes no no don’t both tea chest press three or do some chest presses and we superset that with some push-ups so everything’s gonna be in so failure so I have the 75 pound dumbbell and we’re gonna rep it out and then we’re gonna do push-ups basically until failure or basically like 20 to 25 reps so let’s go ahead and end this workout with this chest finisher right heel man what a great workout I don’t think you guys realize how amazing it feels to get it a great workout is like being out here in LA being able to go to Barbara game has been honestly one of the best things that’s happened to me in a while just because I feel on point I just feel like unbeatable aside the gym right now man whoa amazing chest back workout ah now it’s how to spend by like an hour and thirty minutes in traffic let’s see let’s check this out just in case y’all thought I was playing look at this it’s gonna take an hour and 24 minutes to get back to tell if it’s crit all the way from Barbara gates so let’s go ahead and hit that go and spend the next hour in 30 minutes over program oh my gosh man we talked space into online therapy I mean it is Thursday we have an hour and thirty minutes on the road so this does give me an opportunity to listen to one of my favorite podcasts they’re brilliant idiots. serious muscle size So I mean it’s not too bad it’s not too bad you feel me so all right you know means we’re gonna be able to enjoy the videos for the next hour 30 minutes ma’am I don’t see how people in LA are used to this traffic it’s ridiculous big dog autobiography may moves no choreographer okay guys after having to basically two hours I’m finally back home so I picked up some Chick-fil-a now about to grub chill it’s so dark outside it’s like 5:30 now but um oh wait no it’s almost six o’clock now oh my gosh for in this video I want to talk about a junk Browns giveaway that I’m gonna be doing so if you guys want some free headbands from your boy truly I suggest you click link in the bio and just enter your email and there you go you have a chance to win some free headbands from junk brands now this free headband giving away it’s gonna be basically some of my favorite headbands so there’s gonna be like a list of you know basically that my holiday pics and like the headbands that I like so all you have to do once again is click the link that’s going to be in my description box and they’ll send you to my landing page we’re able to type in your email and they’ll put you in kind of like the contest to win these free headbands so once again the link will be in my description box add your email and you will have a chance at winning some of my favorite headbands but your boys tired I’m hungry have a great workout now it’s time to get some work done so hope you guys enjoyed today’s video like always you guys liked today’s video please like comment share subscribe you read today I know cutthroat we know savage time cut though we don’t savage time look I’m taking out anyone in my way.

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