Simple Exercises to Fit Many Beginner Workouts

These exercises are simple to do and fit perfectly in many beginner level workouts.

  • For any more complex method of doing crunches for abs, use a stability ball or perform them weighted to actually make individuals abs burn!
  • To obtain a ripped torso along with a shredded 6-pack, you have to combine 2 kinds of exercises: ab workouts which make your abs bigger and more powerful and high intensity interval training workouts to assist burn off fat.
  • The most typical exercise used in your own home to construct abs may be the crunches. The crunches may target a few of the stomach muscles but it may cause back problems and sit-ups alone won’t build the abs you would like.

Here Are Some Easy-To-Do Exercises▼

I am so glad you are here make sure that you have your notification set whether you’re watching this live on a replay version so every time I go alive I’m really excited coming you here today got a lot of things to talk about I want to talk about how to set your entire life up like a contest in win big video – all right set your entire life up like contest and win big there – that’s what we’re going to talk about today so as you come on to this live broadcast make sure that you say hello hello John hello Tommy all right I always want knowledge you for being here whether you’re watching a live version you’re with me right now or on a replay but I checked all the comments all throughout the day so whether. I acknowledge the effectiveness of creatine right now. You know do it on replay version I’m going to do that all throughout the day I want this to be interactive so make sure you set your notifications hello Newton how are you today so set your notifications so every time I go alive you can jump on this live broadcast John I like what you are saying I may listen to instead of music during my workout today I am so glad I am flattered I’m honored that you’re taking me along this journey with you during your workout we’re gonna be workout partners that you’re even entertaining what I have to say got a lot of things to share I’m excited I’m even more excited hello Mel how you guys doing but I’m going to do so a couple more sets here while more driven ambitious men are coming onto this live broadcast – Hui Hou on her Mon how are you to say how are you today Ivan how are you sir alright I’m a little bit late coming on I’m a little bit more prepared when I come on to this these broadcast for ya what I’m glad to say the reason why I am behind it is because I was talking with Roger Roger in Australia and Roger watched these live broadcasts just like you and maybe unlike you what I do is I want to give you the strategies to succeed and so I maybe you notices maybe you didn’t take action I say hey look I want to give you these courses whether it’s test preparation whether it’s bodybuilding training the best my phone consultations if you go to skipper core members calm I say I want to give them to you give them for free right but I need you to comment down the section below I want you to go to skiffle core members dot-com which one do you want alright and then I’m gonna send you a message right and I’m gonna let you have access to these courses on the members-only website well that led to a conversation this morning morning for me I got the two o’clock this morning at 3 o’clock this morning I was talking to Roger Australia now it’s it was 10 11 o’clock at night in his time right where different parts of the world we just had an amazing two-hour conversation all right Roger is it maybe he’s a lot like you roger has so much talent and so much ability so much potential he knows he has it people tell him that all the time they would tell him that for a long time he knows it and he’s doing better than most he’s not a guy he just lattice self-confidence but it’s just that he just isn’t stepping to his full potential there’s something and that just isn’t making it all come together it’s like he’s at the 7 or 7 and a half in terms of the quality of his life using all his talent ability it can’t seem to break free to get the 8 9 and 10 in life and more time is going by and it gets more and more frustrating I know exactly what that feels like if that sounds like you that’s my journey – now it’s Rogers journey I want to help you this is what man formation is all about if you feel you’re hard-working or determined you know you have the potential people told you either potential more time is going by and you just can’t seem to crack the code to put it all together but at the same time you’re doing better than most so it’s sometimes you kind of fall into this comfort level only to wake up a few months later I’m better than this I don’t care if I’m better than most I gotta find a way to break through that’s my life story that’s what I help men do through my intense one-on-one coaching break through just having an amazing a two-hour conversation with Roger who reached out from these live broadcasts just like you he may have known about me over the last 20 years I went through that journey but he just found me through and these live videos right any took action alright to our conversation but I’ll tell you this I know Roger got so much out of it but he reminded me of why I do what I do why I’m so excited even more excited and how I’ve set my entire love like look like a contest right and I want to explain that whole process every single day whether I’m winning or losing I have this vision and whether I get beat up for the day things don’t go my way a lot of times guys right but it’s the journey it’s the mission it’s it’s just the vision right I can help you set your entire life of the contest so we can win big there too I want to explain that in a moment John says that’s that’s my journey too I know that John I know that Johnny that’s what who I talked to that’s why I speak to that was my experience that’s the men who I help so I don’t you notice I don’t talk to women I don’t talk to people on this guys who want to make a bazillion dollars or I don’t there’s people on the internet who speak that language that’s where they come from I talk to men whatever their goal is they know they have the power and the potential they’re doing better than most but that’s not good enough they kind of feel bad that they’re kind of complaining and want more and they gotta crack the code more times going by and that’s every time I turn on this camera I come to you I’m speaking from that mindset and that’s why you’re here John that’s why Rogers here right so that’s what man formation is all about that’s why it speaks to you that’s why you come back here so I can you tell them a little bit excited to stay I think I see it a lot but I’m really excited [Music] [Music] like said today I said I just rushed here in the gym it’s gonna be opening up here soon but I always want to connect with you right even if it’s stretching himself good yeah I guess I’ve been talking to Roger from 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. my time and so it’s it’s put me a little bit behind again we’re gonna talk about during this broadcast this concept that I stumbled upon and I’m gonna tell you my story how I stumbled upon it and that’s it set your entire life up like a contest so you can win big there – all right guys want to see the muscle shots I tell you though I did get my pump on today before I turn off the camera right [Music] I still want up here doesn’t want to see that I want to move this around let’s see who do we got there or mine awesome brother oh good to have you here all you guys here what Johnny said are you a lot like me and Johnny are you a lot like me Johnny and Roger nation this is all about how would you like to wake up every single day get a bear early stay up late at night live in your dream your passion working towards it whether you fail or succeed you know you’re inching towards that the journey is just all-encompassing and it’s just a passion journey I want to help you get that feeling I want to help you develop those those habits all right so when our lose you’re always moving the direction that you want to go gotta make sure I warm up properly here some good lighting there so what guys think already about that concept of setting your entire life up like a contest to win big there – you guys want to hear more about it that hey let me take the time to introduce myself it’s a weekend right now we may have new viewers stumble again hey by the way thank you for liking loving and sharing the feed coming down below if you want to win one of those courses when you go to skipper core members dot-com go take a look tell me what your biggest challenges all direct message you I’ll give you free access to that members only website to give you those strategies that you need see I want to give you the strategies of step by step meticulous instruction that you know me for right then I want you to come back here every single day for the most important part part and that’s the mindset the motivation the rocket fuel the thinking the hard the guts that it takes to actually use the strategies right so I give you the step by step instruction in these courses when you post down below this is my biggest challenge okay give me one of these courses I want to skip with core members this one looks like best for me man formation personal development by sizes actions of powerful alpha male leader ultimate contest preparation I like these phone consultations with busy ambitious men I like this bodybuilding training mastery step-by-step post it down below I’ll reach out to you I’ll ask you a couple questions cuz as you’re coached in your friend I want to make sure I give you the right course and then when you come back here as we’re training partners in life two men going through the journey right then you get that that mindset that heart that guts the real rocket fuel so you can actually use the strategies this is a process I’m a coach I help men like you break free to use that powered potential and I have a way of coaching you to give you the strategies and then day by day we go through this journey just send me up down and everything in between but I’m still moving forward so are you that’s what it’s gonna take for you finally break through hello John so get ready I’ll be here John reached out to I talked to John on the phone earlier this week I really guys I really make myself a bill and I’m just surprised that there just aren’t more men who are aggressive and know what they want and can see an opportunity and season where [Music] alright let me take a moment to introduce myself for the new guys I am a coach I’m a speaker I’m an author I’m an entrepreneur most people know me as the 6-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder but I’ll tell you when my days ever done many years from now the biggest contribution I’m gonna make is to men like you to help them step into your power that full potential really align with their head their heart their guts to use their talents and become that man they know that it can be the total package not just a great physical body to be that total package to make your man formation that will be known for that’s why you want to stick around if you’re more than about muscles but you want to have a great body maybe that’s why you know me as a 6-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder who was just like you watching this broadcast you reached out gave him of course we ended up in a conversation right helping him a lot his tremendous potential I talked to John earlier this week really want to make this interactive all right so that’s who I am and when I talk about this coach and some people call it a life coach right I don’t really like that term because it’s all about you you bringing out your full potential right you living up to those big expectations that you have for yourself that you know you can but something’s holding you back I help you break free I help you set those ambitious goals once you really want that’s where the success comes in all right fulfillment you got to make sure they’re making you you you happy don’t just want to achieve these goals and go well that was okay I know other people like it but it’s not making me happy it’s keeping me out of seven seven half I know there’s more inside you don’t have that fulfillment and then accountability I remind you who you are every single week like I said I talk with men all around the wall talk about John late at night there early morning with me we talk on the phone we record the calls I give you guys recordings of the calls right I call myself a successful filming and accountability coach all right I help men like you break through the best thing to do if you want to get all this experience all these years of me being obsessed with the personal development world and then what I did in the fitness world for the last 28 years post down below post down below tell me which course you want I’ll send you a little questionnaire so I make sure that I’m guiding you that I’m going to really help you not just give you more information right and we’ll start that process that journey maybe maybe we’ll end up talking for 10 or 15 minutes whatever all right get started now take your chance take that leap of faith look I’m a guy who shows up every single day no matter what no matter what he’s got going on right I’m the kind of guy that you can take that leap of faith with I know if you’re a lot like me and a lot of guys are tracking for the same reason you know trusting other people maybe not our strongest point for whatever reasons in our past right this is an opportunity I’m showing up because I understand that you don’t put your faith and trust that easily in other people right I know when you see me every single day consistently that I’m slowly breaking down doubt resistance and saying you know what I think this guy can’t help me I’m persistent you know I’ll wait for you but take action now you’ve seen it now let’s start on this journey let’s go on our man formation together set here and then I’m going to tell you about how to set your entire life look like a contest I got a way for you to even do more just talk actually do the camera here with the bar but I want to get you close enough to see muscle right this close [Music] all right guys I’m so glad you are here today again make sure that you said your notification so when I come live you can jump on this line interact did you post your questions your comments your suggestions down below even if you’re only watching this on a replay version I want to make sure that you do this all right I want to make this interaction that’s the first step I’ve got something for you this PDF file this is the core to a book that I’m writing in a special course a coaching course that I do for my guys and to set your entire life like a contest wouldn’t be fair to on these six pages or the emotional bullseye then I think you can relate to just shoot for I want to give you this PDF file but after after I create a compelling case that you want to set your entire life up like a contest and win big there too you’re gonna post you out below and say hey I want that PDF give me that set your life up like a contest PDF all right let me explain this to you alright so I share my story with you guys right my ups and downs and all around you know I don’t I’ve achieved some things but I’m telling you I get stopped I have challenges living up to my potential just like you see this was a challenge for me I left it all on the floor when it came to bodybuilding becoming that 6-time national champion a teaching coaching guiding of being in the magazines making DVDs being on television Tony Robbins chose me to be on an infomercial that played for three years all over the world years ago because of my story I left it all on the floor that’s why I talking about a jail that’s why many of you know me for because I left it all on the floor but when I retired 14 years ago a couple things one is I didn’t I focused on the things that that lifestyle prevented me from doing I enjoyed it I went for it but you’re not focusing on relationships love our connection or business right you’re not doing them all at the same time and I had to catch up to speed fast I was behind because I put so much focus over over in that area so when it came to the other areas of my life I understand it more clearly now I was afraid to go for it you know I could I said I want a marriage and children and family and business and make a difference in other people’s like I said that might even kind of work towards it but there was something that was holding me back what was holding me back was I was a little afraid because I didn’t feel all that effort paid off so I was gonna be smarter this time I was gonna be more logical this time right maybe you can kind of relate to what I’m saying but I’ll tell you something if you’re not all and you’re not gonna use all your talents and resources and abilities your potential to the fullest and I think I was going many years since I retired 14 years ago without this level of passion I didn’t understand I was holding back because I felt that being all in before wasn’t the smart approach I was doubting putting that much energy but here’s the thing I was missing so much in life right there was this feeling that I was I was missing because I’ll tell you something if you’ve ever entered a bodybuilding contest and I know many of you have there is nothing better than that feeling right it’s challenging you’re ambitious you’re unique not very many people do a contest you have a deadline you have that you have the pressure to be on stage in your best shape you can’t fail you want to win it your focus on winning your also focus on oh my god I better be in shape that pressure make sure you step up it makes you lift five more pounds make sure you stick to your here’s the other thing is when life isn’t going very well you suck you don’t think you can do it you persevere and whether your total belief that you’re gonna look so amazing on stage and all this hard work is going to be so well worth it or you’re on the other extreme Who am I kidding I can’t do this look at everything I’m giving up Oh what am i doing I gotta quit but you don’t quit and then all the emotions in between I’ll tell you when you persevere and you step up for all that time in a hundred times day you’re visualizing what you’re gonna look like on stage there’s nothing better than that feeling but by the time you get on stage it doesn’t matter you’ve already won because you stepped up you use all your time your talent your willpower focus and energy you’ve used it to the fullest you left it all on the floor it doesn’t matter if you win or lose because of what you proved to yourself and it certainly isn’t for plastic trophy if you’re in conscious people’s that you’re doing all that for a plaster it’s not just for a plastic trophy it’s you growing pushing yourself if you enter a contest I want you to post that down below if you enter a cost of you say you’re speaking to me brother that’s exactly why I’m addicted to the contest preparation process alright I realize my part my mind my gut it felt that and I’ll today there’s a saying by all of our window homes that says a mind once expanded can never go back to its original form a mine once expanded can ever go back to its original form see I think your heart and your mental fortitude once it’s been stretched and expanded you can never settle for the ordinary life again and I’m telling you if this is resonating you if you enter the contest you can’t get the rest your life together I’m telling you this your mind your heart your gut has been by that contest preparation and it will never settle for anything less anymore and if you can’t get the rest of your life together you can’t feel it you know I’m telling you because your mind and your heart and your gut has been expanded because of that contest preparation nothing was ever going to compare until you recapture that feeling I finally figured out what was missing and this is a journey my wife was a former competitor too and we developed this concept and we live it everyday to set our entire life up like a contest would be there to see the thing about contest preparation you know you can do really well and it can cause holes in the rest your life and I’ve experienced that my wife has experienced that right but what if you were to set your entire life up like a contest with all of those mental emotional physical that challenge every single day right what if you were to set it up that way so you can win bigger than just a trophy that’s what this is all about this is why once you have this PDF file to start on the process this is a book that I’m writing this is what I do with my guys right all I’m gonna have to get going here in a second they’re coming into the gym I don’t have to put my shirt on here let me read some of these things like here’s one you know you’ve set your entire life up like a scientist you see a clear vision that you created in your mind at least a hundred times a day you created that vision in your mind no one created it for you right or told you to do it you did it yourself everything you do every single hour of the day is somehow connected to making that vision that you see a hundred times a day our reality even if you have to creatively make that connection all right details don’t seem like these tilts to you you gladly do them all everything you do or don’t do matters in your mind everything matters all right and I can go on and I think I’ve got it six pages let me read to you what number seventy is you rarely ever try to rationalize your situation by telling yourself you’re doing better than most I’ve identified you know what I said in your head your heart your gut this is what I have to recapture my like these feelings and emotions this emotional bullseye but it has to be bigger than the trophy in the muscles set your entire life up like contest to win big there too that’s why I come to you on fire especially you know connecting with Roger I want to connect with YouTube this is what I live for this is why I get up so early Anna Bond on YouTube the other day says Wow is it 417 in the morning yeah you’re up already Wow mad respect I go I’ve been up since 2:00 I’ll be staying up until I put my kids to bed tonight and crash and do it all over again here’s the thing is look my life isn’t perfect I want more I gotta crack the code there’s codes that I’m not used to cracking but I’ll tell you it’s the journey when you feel in control when you allow yourself to feel and bring it and go through the ups and downs you can’t lose and you’ll be persistent if you’re persistent I don’t care what it is you want life there’s a pattern there’s a code to crap some are more complex than the others if you have the cash if you see your one self winning moving forward you’ll crack the code you’ll stay persistent you’ll figure it out you got to set your entire life up like a contest so you can win big there to something bigger than a trophy bigger than muscles that’s what man information is all about I want you to get the process start I want you to have this PDF I would be 70 feelings thoughts and emotions right let me just kind of click through it if this is resonating with you let me just read number 44 doing what you do is your your therapy it’s your relief there’s no other place you would rather be when you do what you do okay forty-four days seemed like hours when you do what you do hours seemed like minutes what if I can help you set your entire life up like the conscience to win big there too but it could be your family could be your business in addition to your muscles maybe all three wouldn’t that be great there is a way to do it but you got to get to know connected to the emotional bullseye that’s what changed everything for me and it made me realize I wasn’t living my life like that I didn’t set up that way I was conservative I was holding back and I was gonna have all this talent ability and it was never gonna go anywhere I was never gonna get past the 7/7 half and I don’t care if I was doing better than most if that sounds like you want to come along for this man information journey I built a rock-solid compelling case why do you want to post down below why do you want to get this emotional bullseye put a private message down there comment down below get this in your hand let me give you this PDF file wanted start you on this process so you could be living your life like a contest and win big there to live with passion being able to withstand the inevitable ups and downs because you know you’re moving forward and you’re visualizing that dream 100 times a day and it gets you going when you don’t feel like it it certainly makes you enjoy when you’re doing something you love like connecting with other people and sharing it set your entire life up like a contest in win big there – you want this PDF file you want to post a comment down what I want in I want to set my entire life of the contest and all direct message you will start the process I want really committed guys in here I know a lot of guys just like seeing the muscles you know I know a lot of guys are just doing a distraction right and that’s cool too that’s why I take off my shirt at 55 years old if you’re new to that by the way I’m 55 years old right you know cuz I wanna I want to give those guys what they want right – but I want I know they’re serious guys that were bigger than muscles more than just muscles right they think bigger than just getting bigger and I that’s you and so I let those guys get the eye candy and the you know short-term gratification and then I fun round guys like you and me we take it a step further and we you know get the skills to live our entire life luck with contests win big no – all right guys I gotta get going I could be here all day with you doing this right so again let’s do it let’s set our entire lives to flip the contest and win big there – that’s what man formation is all about let’s go on this journey together I want you to have some of this passion in your life and direction and strategy right have a great day have an outstanding game have an awesome day think big and think bigger than getting bigger get the PDF file set your time I can’t just put the comments down below so I can get it too.

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