Single Limb Movements- Squat, Deadlift, Curls

Single Limb Exercises

  • Single-leg squats and single-leg deadlifts can be a great way to add variety to your workout.
  • Single-limb exercises can make you stronger in your bilateral movements.
  • Great for stability and strength under different angles of tension.
  • Bring your weaker muscles up to par with the rest of the muscle chain.
  • They bring the focus towards balance.
  • I do not suggest doing as the backbone of your training.
  • Compound movements should always make up the bulk of your training, with single- limb movements thrown in occasionally.
  • More total overload (more weight) can be achieved with compound movements.
  • I’m a big fan of Bulgarian split squats and single-leg romanian deadlifts.
  • Key- follow through on the complete range of motion.
  • Maintain a smooth, controlled repetition.
  • Grease the groove and push through your grounded limb.

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Video Transcript

I’m gonna be doing a lot more a live broadcast just for you YouTube hey thank you so much for supporting all of my videos in this video I’m going to talk about single limb movements that’s when you know we have exercise normally do both limbs both arms both legs both lats at the same time right and these are single limb movements I’m going to talk about the downside of single live movements that the downside of single limb movements and then their benefits too and how you can hedge your bet with the combination right that’s we’re going to talk about during this live at video broadcast to make sure that you say hello if you’re joining me live I’m going to do a lot more of these live videos interact you have any questions you have any comments make sure that you we interact while we’re doing this here so glad you’re here thank you so much for being here it doesn’t matter if you’re live on flavors and thank you so much for being here thank you for supporting my youtube channel I’m gonna be doing a lot more these live videos just short ones they’re gonna be primarily focused on on training but you know me I’m intense I’m all about man formation I appreciate all the guys who’ve been saying man I love the person without me keep on doing what you do and I love the messages I’m going to continue to do that and at the same time I am going to have a way for you if you’re more committed maybe you are more interested then maybe those other guys who are just into the training and eating I get that too and then coming here for those tips maybe you just traction to get entertained with some of the videos but you wanted to take your own personal without in your life all of your goals to a higher level you’re in that group you’re more like me more intense about that too right I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you a way that I’m gonna take some of those next level the information lessons you know off of YouTube right and give you a special link all right so that we can keep them keep your focus for the guys who want to develop the muscle maybe throw in a few tips and those guys who are really committed because there’s really only just you know one or two of us in every ten who are more committed all right who are really serious maybe more intense because they want all those other things in life and so. I’ve been studying up on supplements and I’m going to use creatine monohydrate to build muscle and get stronger this year. Kind of separate I’m gonna grab you I want to identify you put me in my special group when I tell you about that and I’m gonna have this special series that I call cracking the code and you may have heard me talk about cracking the code and using that phrase a lot and that’s you know when we all want to go to the next level in life there’s always a pattern and figure out it’s frustrating some are more complex than those sometimes we don’t think we’ll ever figure out we got the coat and keep our attitude and look for the strategies and so that’s a special series and then I take off of this this YouTube channel bring you over to this special place that I have only have a special series of videos for you cracking the code and I’ll do those like every few days alright so if that sounds like you go ahead and you can send the email to skip at Schiphol core you can post your comments below and then I’ll get your email address direct message you the link to the special crack in the code I’m going to tell you what that’s gonna be about I’m going to do another set here [Music] [Music] alright so in this video I want to talk about single live movements and again single limb movements are you know traditionally like you see lateral dumbbell raises to do both arms at the same time right now you know late distinctions both legs at the same time even you know rows for your back you do both my hats at the same time both hands moving right that’s traditional right in simple little movements like it explains you one at a time right let me just tell you if you witness a lot of my training over the years very very very little singular movements let me tell you the downside of single limb movements all right and then I’ll tell you why I’m incorporating them more now how I’ve evolved in my training and thinking right so the down side is yeah you know let’s just say like I did six to eight rep range did stride well leave you a traps got focus concentrate and then you got to do eight more here but the long or the set is you know we’re all human we have a limited amount of willpower focus energy in time right so the longer the said I don’t care how powerful you are the longer the single legged deadlift set the more of a chance you have to lose focus right and we don’t want to do that right okay so that’s one of the downsides the traditional if your rep ranges are higher that second body the second limb could be really short change all right so that’s gonna be a downside all right secondly this second one is it runs out of gas less focus all right so that’s those are the type of things and then you do that with quite a few exercises in that day’s work out it’s gonna be a longer workout and it’s gonna really test your amount of focus you know ideally to be effective and efficient gonna do the exercise to do both limbs at the same time for those reasons right well here’s the thing and I’m humble enough to know that I am not the same execution effectiveness with every exercise all right I don’t care what the body part is depending on the exercise I have different levels of effectiveness and efficiency no matter what ideally think or what ideally that I’m shooting for right there’s also certain body parts like and you tell the shoulders it’s so it’s a tiny muscle you got to hit it just right if you message you can be training hard all you want but if you keep on messing it all right all that hard work is gonna be wasted all right not totally but you’re not gonna be as effective and efficient right one thing too is that you know even though it may look the same I know that one arm may be more coordinated than the other so even though I might be doing them both at the same time that it may look in the mirror to me or feel the same you know one arm might be a little bit slightly back let me go forward and things like that so I like to hedge my bet on the exercises that I humbly know I’m not as good at or the muscle group is it’s very small to hit or it’s maybe something you want to focus on so I’ll hedge my bet with single limb movement so those are the pros and cons of single and Liuba so yeah I know you guys are loving all these years of what would chuck me to be a 6-time national champion stroke regarding all these tips that i’m sharing got a lot of compliments about the biceps when I just talked about these next level distinctions so I want to continue to give you those next level training tips but if you know me and if you’re a lot like me you know I just being having an awesome body is and is it good enough for you if you’re like me it’s certainly not good enough for me it’s great I appreciate but I want the next level in life and that’s what man information is all about right at the same time me I want to be short I want to be sweet I want to give you guys what you want during these broadcasts and what I’m going to do is pull out one leg deadlift those guys who are really committed to their personal development they soul man formation thanks all the guys have asked me bodyweight you know how are you so committed how are you so motivate what keeps you going you see them positive and you’re always driving forward and you know no matter what the obstacles you keep on going and you know I want to share with you a dream life that I created many years ago it’s like eight pages and details and it I didn’t just sit down on you know for an hour and write in the salad I went through a process that I learned from the Masters I want to teach you this alright how to create your dream life because I created it many years ago and I made adjustments along the way but it planet in the bath of my head right now I don’t have to consciously think about it it’s always pulling me forward it’s working my subconscious brain because they took the time I learned from a masters how to do this step by step dream life and when you know we’re going and my taking time to think it out all right it’s gonna really help you become more motivated and keep you going keep that consistency that I know you wanted I could be with your body or all your other goals in life so if you know you want to see what I call cracking the code right because we’re all trying to figure this this stuff out whatever it is life runs in a pattern we got to crack the code you hear me use that phrase all the time so if you want to be a part of this crack the code series you want to know about motivation drive the big picture how to create your dream line then I want you to put this in the comment sections well I want to be a part of the craft code I’m in skip I’m one of these special guys who want more all right or send me an email and skip out skip the choreo come be persist by the way I mean you can direct message me you can find that on any social media platform skip a skip the court I can’t make myself available and I will pull you up side with all the other guys who are more committed into personal development and give you this special crack the code a video and talk that I give so really really short really effective but I want to give you these next-level secrets alright so if you’re that type of guy put crack the code you want to crack the code and I’ll bring you over to this special site that I have for these special lessons alright guys have a great day have an outstanding day I’ve been awesome day think big and think bigger.

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