Strength Workout With 100-Pound Dumbbell

Dumbbell Workout

In this video what we’re doing is we’re gonna roll you through a strength workout with 100-pound dumbbell. Now, the reason why I use this size dumbbell is because I’m comfortably able to do 20 repetitions in one go. I personally love using this heavy weight on my squat or with my other workouts that allow me to use one piece of equipment. I get a really strong strength training workout efficiently. I do suggest that for somebody who obviously can’t lift a hundred pound dumbbell to use a more appropriate weight, but everything else should be the same.

This is a Great Resistance Training Workout With a 100 Pound Dumbbell

The first hour workout find something that’s heavy that you feel that you can do anywhere between 15 and 20 repetitions with and try to use that dumbbell for the entire workout now one thing I will say is it’s really important that if you’re going through this heavy dumbbell session that your form is tight you’re you know you’re focused on exactly what you’re doing listening to my instructions throughout the video so that when you’re working with this strength training video that you’re doing things correctly so we’re not overriding something else just to go through the progressions of the exercises so the key here is to stay focused find the weight that suits your strength abilities and just roll through it what I want you to aim for is to be able to at least six between six and ten you don’t want to do less than six and you don’t want to do more. advanced strength training programTen so find a weight that kind of fits in that category all right we’re gonna crush out here you’re gonna feel sore legs in the morning your abs are gonna be tired from trying to maintain stability with that heavy dumbbell focus on core engaging focus on you know really strong legs and your squat positions sturdy push-ups and staying control it’s all about how fast you do this workout it’s what how effective you do this workout this is the hundred pound dumbbell strength training workout brought to you by may power fitness and guys as always take the time to hit that sub button so we can get our subs on to a hundred thousand make sure you like share with your boys or your ladies and let’s get more of these videos done thanks for watching enjoy the workout and I’ll talk to you soon all right here we go for your dumbbell strength training workout as I mentioned I’m using a hundred pound dumbbell we’re working goblet squat single arm push-up sumo squats lat rows split squats push-ups and some core alright guys here we go grab that big-ass Dumbo this is a dumbbell squat set number one and again I’m just focusing on how. BodyBuildingI’m picking this up for me I just give a little a little squat I kind of thrust it up to my chest hold it in position always keeping my core tight from this point on holding a goblet squat position and start squatting for ten reps now important thing here is inhaling down holding my breast lately at the bottom and exhaling about 3/4 of the way up is when I exhale so as you go through your first at a goblet squats what you want to do is anticipate your body stopping before it gets to the bottom so you’re gonna flex your core and your quads anticipating the stop and driving those big toes into the floor and pushing the momentum through the midpoint of your foot and obviously using your obliques dealt with any rotation or your core nice deep core muscles to hold that alright so that your first set done what I do here is I just kind of give myself you know time I’m just waiting you know it seeped into my neck set my heart rates not pounding I just I just wait but I feel like I’m gonna get into a nice solid set again I just picked the weight up then I go for my second set of goblet squats alright number two throw it up there follows instructions from your first set and give me ten reps one two three so that’s the pace you kind of want to follow so it’s down it goes. Your rep count that’s your tempo strong leg strong core glutes are firing quads of firing abs are on breathing’s tight 4 set number 2 down all right there you go now occasionally you’ll see me walk around is checking the cameras make sure everything’s solid we’re trying to keep this as fresh as possible with a limit amount of pause through the camera every once in a while I got to reset them because it’s you know that he shut down after certain amount of time so goblet squats at number 3 for 2 seconds down one second pause two seconds up so the rep takes approximately 5 to 6 seconds for each rep so if you count 10 reps that’s about a minute a set a little bit less than a minute a set let’s do it said number three ten reps let’s go get it so from this view you can check and see if my knees are bowing to the inside how strong my pelvis is if I’m talking when I’m squatting if I’m gonna no way move side to side so I’m trying to keep everything straight and working straight down you can see my hips going just by my knees always trying to stay calm and consistent and just think about every rep kind of looking the same beautiful goblet squats. for weight lossDone so I’ll throw that weight down we’re gonna move into singular and push ups and these are assisted you’re gonna throw that arm up the non-working arm hop on the dumbbell and we’re gonna do some single arm push-ups assisted now with this one again reps are control we’re not going crazy here these are not one second reps you want to keep your neck packed and one of the cues that I like is eventually make sure your hips follow your chest alright so give me 10 reps so keep going if you’re working with me right now just to my voice gonna push you through I want 10 reps from you with that right hand on the dumbbell the left hand is pushing using your core to bring your hips and your chest up at the same time alright I also switched over to the other side make sure you have room of course same technique these reps are obviously a little bit faster than your squat reps so your tempo looks like this one-two one-two one-two one-two one-two one-two q : with that for your 10 reps driving off that right side and just assisting with the left keeping their neck spine glutes everything in line breathing as you push inhale exhale push inhale exhale push and that’s set number one done again I’m just making sure I have room one thing you’ll notice is that a lot of time with them with times with push ups now when you see videos and stuff like that you’ll notice that people just the way society kinda is now have a tendency to drop their chin so you’re gonna think about just trying to keep keeping a neutral spine so you hear the term packing your neck a lot or you trying to regain that cervical spine neutral curvature all right so it’s going to set number two same deal give me your 10 reps actually here it’s eight reps it’s not ten the second set is a reps maintaining control always left arm is just slightly assisting all right so eight reps down the left side we’re gonna work the right arm now assisted of course and again you just take as much time as you need to hit the second set remember what strength training you’re not going in there and just blast the note a ton of a ton of reps it’s a vote you know have an understanding of how to control the muscle having a mind muscle connection or second set get your 8 reps maintain control and don’t let that Dumbo get away from you and because it’s a little bit heavier there’s less likely a chance of that happening eight reps get it all right very good okay so now we’re gonna move into sumo squats for our second leg exercise now you can do these elevated of course you can do it off you know two benches where one foots on each side of the bench right you can do it some people hold the dumbbell or it’s you know one hand on each side type thing but I found it really awkward for some people you know 100 is not enough but for me again I just like to have control and just make sure that I could feel my glutes squeezing. list of exercisesSqueeze in a little bit get a little bit more quad tell that up for me just trying to keep a nice strong torso alright so get in there put that weight beside your ankles get a nice strong position lock in your torso lock in the shoulders and lift it ten reps this is number two shoulder blades tight squeeze your ass and cause the top again you’re still focusing on your head position I’ll let that chin drop down keep that nice and neutral spine and just crush that weight out the feet are slightly pointed out yes you have ten reps one thing I will say too as you finish your last rep is that people’s foot position changes with this exercise quite a bit and you know there’s nothing wrong with that – one thing I will say is that if you’re experiencing knee pain then you know maybe your stance is too wide or your not as good as it should be so just change your stance and just see if there’s you know a better stance for you that you can you know eliminate that pain or just draw a different exercise set number two squeeze it lift it own it squeeze your eyes and cause at the top again here my personal preference is always to kind of let go of the way then grab it again it just gives me a lot of reset tell me engage my core again so when I’m letting go and I lift that weight again I’m just gonna get my core to engage again before I live so it’s a little bit of a a set and reset high and as we finished our tenth rep I just checked all my cameras there make sure they’re solid before we get to the next one so this one I kind of rushed him because I did have to cut a little bit so this is your third set of your sumo squat so if you got the the goodies to get in there and go get it again get it again for your third set squeezing the quad squeezing includes strong foot position neutral spine cross that weight out make sure your abs are tight you don’t want to push your ass back in too much of a hinge you give yourself an anterior pelvic tilt so make sure your pelvis is stays neutral and strong a lot sometimes people have a tendency to depend on how their pelvis it’s to push their ass back little bit too much into their hands you don’t necessarily have to do that right so if you feel a little back pain when you’re doing your reps maybe trying if you’re going to way to adjust your your stance or your pelvis so maybe you might be sticking a bump a little bit too much or maybe not but you know I do see that often we have one more set of these guys just one more set of sumo for your fourth set fourth and final and it’s just going to show you a side position here change it up a little bit lock it in and you can see I’m not pushing my ass back that far I’m kind of sitting into the weight kind of keeping it between my name is a little bit so I’m lifting straight up keeping my torso really strong just kind of coiled spring under all the spring squeeze my ass and quads at the top putting some bull riding on TV.  I’ve never noticed I was there some crazy movie going on the background I was reliving this some guy getting gored by you guys there’s your final set now we’re gonna set up for your lat rose set your weight up for your lats and now this one how we’re gonna work this is render the first set of six repetitions and then we’ll do sets of three and three on the same side all right so first one give me six reps we’re tracking the pressure shoulder blade a little bit squeeze that make sure you get a decent squeeze at the top you can use your abs a little bit to help slow the weight down and I personally like the weight a little bit of an angle sort of the front head of the weight is on an angle and the best way to do is exactly what I did there just throw that weight up on the on the foot of the bench and it puts you in a pretty standard angle so you can get those reps in so you switch your sides get six on the right side hit those and guys look I’ll be the first person to admit four rows this one can be a little heavy I still get I definitely still hit my lats here a lot and I don’t crush up my biceps now if you’re feeling these way more biceps and elbow then it’s to a heavy period typically what I do if I want to burn my lights out hit hypertrophy or something like that I’ll cut the way to probably 60 or 65 and really burn all my last this is definitely much more strength for me for sure but I do not feel my bicep doing most of the work that’s really important I can still get my lats of fire so here’s three reps and then rest it same side for your second set and once you can go again and I do this to get my heart rate up a little bit this is an awesome way to get that heart rate lift already lifted three reps again go good and rest again same side I call get three reps just one more set of three on the side then we’ll switch it up lock that spine in lock neutral spine abdominals on fire it up squeeze a lot and let’s push that over all right well done guys hey you know you always like to do three and threes to get my sixes it just fires up my heart rate a bit more and it just allows me to not override through my bicep when I you know what I’m hitting what I’m looking at fairly heavy weight three reps very good rest again the heart rates up a little bit still three reps go get it very nice so you have two sets of three left use that lat lock it in three reps go get it nice are we have one more of those left again maybe for some you this is too fast maybe moving too fast with these reps then you know take a little time in between it’s just for me again I just like to have my heart rate up a little bit you see my you see right there that I’m breathing fairly hard actually I three more last set of these beautiful right now let’s get this bad boy up in the bench and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do our leg finisher let’s like go out a quick drink now here what I want to do is I want to get into a split squat elevated split squat position and these are where oh no we’re not using the way but these kick and hard man you’re gonna do one set of 40 so this is some serious hypertrophy. strength training workouts at homeI know 40 for me I can feel that I’m crushing out my glutes and quads with this one little hammy I once set 40 reps for each leg if you can do for you with me try it and again little lean forward go for it just hit it 40 reps this 8 9 10 geek on halfway keep that back leg relaxed keep going and then I like to do as I get towards the end as I slow my reps down a little bit got a little more burn and you got a little more extension to the top I’m not going all the way up I’m getting pretty close I’m not snapping my knee back either and my front loaded leg I’m extending my hip not pulling that knee back that’s important feel that oh yeah get everything lit up after that one those the ones you feel the next day so again once your heart rate comes down we can’t hit it on the other side what’s also good about when you do tons of reps you know for an exercise with a single leg movement is you get some good strength through your lower limbs in your feet so switch your sides hit your 40 reps think about stabilize on that bottom part at the bottom part of your limp get that hand in position and go for it lean for a little bit crush it out give me 40 reps and my hands are behind me I do that just give myself a little a nice little isometric the shoulder extension hold to help kind of put me on a straight line with a forward lean so it kind of keeps my Chi Jack tree a little bit even when I do my reps and this one is my recently torn Achilles so I you know I do have to to really focus on Form for this one and again guys here and I just have a few left I have to I’m just refocusing getting everything nailed down making sure that big toe is driving to the floor pops up sometimes but I want to reset it and just hammer little slower a little taller for those last reps that’s where it kicks in but we always get it done almost there there’s a couple left I stay you go you see that one doesn’t feel good at all man doesn’t feel good at all blue feels like that word feels like someone kicked you in your ass but that’s when you know everything’s a little it I so those are done you maxed out our legs we’re gonna move into push-ups again once everything gets back into position that means my heart rate we’re gonna hit our push-ups for one set of 30 and then after that we do a little bit of core work item so when you’re ready get into a push-up position and with your push-ups remember a lot of times do people do it depends on what part of your training you’re and obviously but for me I don’t want to be too fast my push-ups just gonna be I’m gonna try and keep it consistent rep count the whole time so go 30 try and keep it consistent for the whole 30 pack in your neck you fill your triceps on this one from your first set we had to increase range of motion and obviously through your chest rise so when you get with like 10 a little bit less left your try as well start to do some so I’m talking to you so we’ll keep that chest tight almost there come on beautiful hi guys we have one exercise left and we’re going to walk into a kneeling half plank into a full plank into a kneeling plank into a full plank and the reason why I do this with all my clients I’ll tell you why because number one it teaches you a an amazing it really does teach you how to develop tension through your core it keeps you stable it keeps you a lot more stable and when you go into a full plank from a half kneeling position or from a half position half plank people have a really good idea of how to hold our pelvis in position and they’ve already created tension. without equipmentThey’re able to maintain that tension better than you know sometimes you’re going into a full plank right off the get people haven’t really figured out how to hold tension through their through their pelvis so this is a great way to teach that initially you begin to that kneeling position pulling the elbows and knees together squeezing the glutes of core and then go into that full plank so it’s going to half first elbows and knees pull pull nice neutral spine and pull hard so elbows to knees knees to elbow I’m trying to pull each side of the room together squeezing my glutes as hard as I can making my core go tight and then packing my neck full plank from here again think about using your glutes to hold you in position and push your heels a little bit to the floor I can do a little bit better there we go see just like that and I’m just working a little bit of shoulder rotation at the same time when I do that I squeeze my abs are really hard as I bring my hands and squeeze ABS really hard when I come to the inside and half plank again pull hard we’re almost there you can see we got about a 28-minute workout here but you’ll feel it keep squeezing don’t give in full plank go and then what I like to do here sometimes again I’m just pushing my hands together and squeezing my core a little harder driving my heels to the floor and pulling my toes to my elbows as hard as I can and squeeze create tension and breathe that’s huge breathe well done guys thanks for watching check out these awesome videos and let me know how you like this one and I question before I hit that sub button and we’ll get more videos out to you soon hundred thousand subs here we come and much respect for watching talk to you soon peace.

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