Success Rituals and Getting Out of Procrastination

I’m about to change your life because this piece of research changed my mind. I’m going to give you three ways on how I avoid procrastination. I want you to find it embrace it and use it to make a difference. It’s about to change your life because this piece of info changed mine. Procrastination has nothing to do with work the people that write to us the most that struggle with. Yes- students, engineers, and entrepreneurs. People that have a lot on their plate and a lot of things that they need to juggle. For analytical thinkers, by nature, procrastination is a form of stress relief.

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Getting Out of Procrastination

When looking for something meaningful in life, what are you stressed about bingo and it makes you upset doesn’t it yeah how many of you can relate to that she said that what’s stressing her out is she wants to retire she hasn’t saved up enough money what’s really stressing you out is finances and money and the fear that you have what happens when you struggle with procrastinating and thank you for being so honest there’s it stresses you out maybe you feel the same way and we felt that way. You need to live in a positive way. I know exactly what you’re talking about you carry around this dark cloud because you don’t think you make it you’re stressed about money all the time or maybe your mom’s health is declining and it really stresses you out or maybe your best friends are going through a divorce or you’re going through a divorce and that really stresses you out and so you walk around with this big-ass thing on your shoulders all the time and then you walk into work and you sit down and you’ve got a list of phone calls to make which requires your prefrontal cortex and your prefrontal cortex looks at the list and it’s like oh my god you want me to make 15 phone calls I’ve been worried about the money all day can we just look at cat videos I need a break and next thing you know two hours is gone you’ve been online shopping even looking at cat videos and then of course you look at the 15 phone calls you’re like I didn’t make him I didn’t make him I didn’t make the research on motivational speeches and procrastination is undeniable it’s black and white number one all of you that procrastinate procrastination is not the issue it’s stress you’re procrastinating to give yourself a little break at work it’s sort of like taking a smoking break almost you know you’re just taking a break so number one because you’re all stressed out and for procrastinators are very hard on yourselves this sounds super stupid but you got to forgive yourself you have got to actually have a talk with yourself where were you feel yourself starting to procrastinate you go look you know I really screwed up I know I’m in a mess financially I forgive myself I’m just going to do the best that I can so you have to address the thing that’s underneath it so that’s self-awareness of knowing oh my god here’s that stress again about finances screwing me over and preventing me from doing the small things that will act fix my finances second thing that you’re procrastination’s a habit right you get triggered by stress the habit is to procrastinate so when you get triggered by stress your new habit is oh there’s my stress again I’m actually tell myself okay you’ve done the best you can it’s okay we do a little bit today you’re going to create what we call starting ritual a starting ritual is something that pushes you to start the best one on the planet the five-second rule so you’ve said okay there’s my stress again I forget myself now. I want you to only work for 5 minutes that’s it five minutes make phone calls for five minutes here’s what we know based on the research 80% of you will keep going the trick is starting you see I want to break the connection between the trigger which is stress and the response which is procrastination and whenever you feel stressed which is normal you have a choice here’s that gap in 5 seconds flat the habit of procrastinating and beating yourself up will take over or you can close the gap 5 and you can make a different choice I’m just getting started I’m just going to be okay with where I’m at and I’m just going to get started got it good so I’ve seen this clip a few times and it’s starting to sink in for me I love Mel’s perspective on it I just like how she’s coming from a different place the idea that procrastination is really coming from a place of stress I don’t have fully formed thought surrounding yet I won’t share that with you but I encourage you to think about if you are delaying something in your life what are you stressed about and can you change that to help you get going the thing that Mel really stresses is around how to change yourself in the moment how to change your mindset how to re-shift and use the five-second going to get back into it what I want to focus on today is talking about how can you use systems to get your procrastination levels down so that you don’t have to rely on being in the moment I think when you try to do things in the moment a lot of times you’ll let yourself down you may know of something like the five-second rule but you forget to do it you get overwhelmed and you forget to do it and so for me what I prefer doing is instead of trying to rely remembering something in the moment to set up my life my schedule my business so that it defaults me to plain the way that I want to play I’m giving you three ways on how I avoid procrastination and become successful, hopefully that helps you to number one is bat your days every day the week is different from me but every Monday is the same and every Tuesday is the same everyone’s it’s the same so if I’m making YouTube videos on a Tuesday I have to make a lot of videos you know if I don’t get these videos done for you it means videos will not go live from my channel I don’t remember the last time we have not had a video go live on a channel for a day it’s been a long time and so because I have so much that I have to get done in that day it beats me out of procrastination I have no choice but to get up and do it otherwise there’s just so much pain in that I will have no videos on the channel for that week because Wednesday I’m doing something else I can’t let Tuesday bleed into Wednesday because Wednesday I have a whole bunch of other stuff that need to get done and Thursday I’m in meetings all day long and so there’s no buffer time I need to get that work done on Tuesday so I designed my schedule to allow me to be productive I don’t have the option procrastinate because there’s no other day to do it where if you say I’ll get this done tomorrow and that can lead to the next day and that can eat to the next day you allow yourself that buffer and so you will often take that buffer whenever you give it to yourself so it’s much more about designing your schedule with intent and purpose once instead of relying on having the awareness to say I’m progressing it again and using a rule to help you get there number two is commit to somebody else if you know that this is a problem for you commit to somebody else that you be there at a certain time this is an issue that Alex and I face with Toronto dine salsa he would have a hard time getting started in the morning for me I don’t care about what hours people are working what time a day they’re working doesn’t make a difference as long as the work is getting done he was not used to that kind of freedom at the beginning and so he would sleep in who procrastinate until I absolutely had to get done there’s so much pressure that he had to get it done so to be more proactive he said to me hey I’m going to show up at your place and we’re working together at this time so every day he’s got to show up by this time and he’s got to be ten minutes early and if he’s not I give him crap for it and he’s rushing in the morning motivation to make that happen because he’s committed to me to be there and so if you commit to somebody else they’re much more likely to follow through and that sets you up for the rest of the day so if you have a hard time getting started in the morning have your first thing be committing to somebody else to show up and be there so that you will actually do it you let yourself down all day long but you don’t want to let other people down so you will show up commit to other people and number three is change your environment I walk into this I into this to get me inspired on a daily basis I see some of my heroes on the wall behind me I read a page from my book the top ten rooms a success every day watching the videos on my channel every day and preparing content and so that environment that I create for myself on a daily basis sets me up so again I don’t need to come in and think about how to be inspired today how am self-motivate today trying to catch myself when I’m falling down I think we play small by default all day long and we never catch it and so you might catch it 3% of the time and great you can use tactics for that but I’m talking about the 97% of the other time where you play small and don’t even realize it and you’re giving yourself excuses for why you’re doing it and so if you can elevate your environment from the physical environment to the habits to the routines to what you’re consuming doing that on a regular basis raises your level if you are around people who are not procrastinating you won’t procrastinate either and being around people could be here I’m around these people I’m around the people in the book I’m around the people who I’m watching videos up I’m around them and the more I’m around those people the less I’m going to procrastinate too now I’ve got a really special bonus clip that I want to share with you but before that question today I want to know how do you deal with procrastination what’s your go-to strategy please share down the comments below it might really help some of the members of believe nation so put it in the comments thank you guys so much for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is much love I’ll see you again tomorrow morning for another shot of espresso and enjoy the bonus clip expresso give me most people procrastinate because they don’t feel confident that the what they’re doing really motivates them if you’re really motivate motivated you it what you wouldn’t procrastinate it’s like a 14 year old kid that the mom and dad can’t get the kid to do anything but the kids motivated play video games Kittel ride his bike across town to buy a video game and come back like so there’s motivation there the parents just don’t know how to find it and as you grow you have to know how to find deep within yourself that motivation and once you have motivation you have no problem with procrastination our world today with its amazing technological advances and the fact that this innovation cycle is ever shortening this world has no space for those who procrastinate. Build unstoppable confidence. it’s that urgency that makes me say to colleagues of mine in the company but if you have good news for me take the stairs but if you have bad news take the elevator I need to know that quickly so I can do something about it a lot of people think that urgency and patience are contradictory and they could not be more wrong you need to be patient enough to listen to everybody but yes you must have a sense of urgency to take a decision and to execute if you tell yourself a story long enough you start to believe it don’t you believe it act like I tell so what a whale out of handcuffed lightning throw thunder in jail now you know I’m bad over the last week I molded a rock into the stone into a brick. I’m so mean I make medicine sick. The fundamental key to success.

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