My Supplements Guide *2019*

I’ve been having a problem with sleep. I know sleep is important for recovery and muscle growth but lately I just toss and turn all night. Do you have any suggestions?

A sound night’s sleep is an important part of the recovery process and I think the addition of ZMA and GABA to your supplementation plan may very well take care of the problem.

GABA is an often overlooked, yet very important supplement that offers unique benefits. For example, 3 to 5 grams of GABA taken before bed will promote a more restful and sound sleep. Plus, GABA has an amazing effect on elevating plasma growth hormone levels as well.

ZMA (zinc and magnesium aspartate plus vitamin B6) is strongly supported by research to be an effective supplement for speeding muscle recovery, size and strength, and even aiding fat loss. It’s also been shown to put you into deeper quality REM sleep.

An Intelligent Supplementation Plan

The combination of better sleep and increased growth hormone levels will have a huge impact on your recovery ability and makes ZMA and GABA an important part of an intelligent supplementation plan. You’ll be well rested, you’ll feel better and you’ll be packing on muscle at the same time!

I am currently training with progressively heavier weights and taking whey protein. I have been reading great things about creatine and I am going to add that to my plan too. My question is, do you mix creatine and protein in the same container or do you have to take them separately?

You are off to a great start with the powerful muscle building combination of weights and isolated whey protein. Adding micronized creatine to your plan is a very smart move that will accelerate your gains even more.

Creatine and Protein

There is no need to take creatine and whey protein separately, however I usually do because I like to take my creatine in orange or grape juice. It’s just a taste thing. I drink both before and after training to supply my body with the exact nutrients it needs at the precise times to maximize gains.

I’ve noticed you don’t recommend very many carbs before you workout. How do you manage to have the energy for training?

I use a powerful pre-workout combination of whey protein, taurine, and creatine. This gives me an incredible boost in energy plus it supplies my body with the precise nutrients it needs to get the maximum benefits of creatine from training.

Taking whey and creatine before and after training is a very potent strategy that will not only increase nutrient uptake during the most vital time period of the day, but you’ll also feel more energized and get an increased pump while training.

Caffeine Pre Workout

Add caffeine to the mix and you’ll be busting down the doors to get to the weights.

Do I need to take glutamine every day or only after I work out?

Consistent nutrition is one of the keys to achieving outstanding results and you must remember that your nutritional habits are every bit as important on the days you are not training.

Your days off training are a vital part of the muscle building equation because you are recovering from your intense workouts and it is through recovery that you grow and get stronger.

In order to maximize the recovery process it is essential that you supply your body with a steady stream nutrients just as you would on a day you workout.


Glutamine plays a key role in the muscle building process and should definitely be a included on non training days.

Should I avoid high GI carbs with my creatine when I am trying to get lean?

There is a common belief that carbs are bad when you are trying to get lean and they should be the first things you cut. I used to believe that too, but I know better now.

I’ve learned a lot about the importance of strategically placing high GI carbs in your diet at specific times to take advantage of insulin sensitivity and trigger the mechanisms of muscle growth.

First Thing in the Morning

These times are first thing in the morning as well as before and after training. High GI carbs at these precise times will go directly to supporting muscle growth and not fat gain.

Creatine with whey protein plus a high GI carb source is the perfect formula for pre and post workout nutrition for optimal nutrient uptake. Drink the blend before and after training and you will keep you packing on muscle while you shed the fat.

We want to continue to take advantage of all the benefits from creatine and protein, and that is why we have kept it in place and made caloric adjustments from other areas of the diet.

My Supplements Guide *2019*
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My Supplements Guide *2019*
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