Doctor’s Video Guide to Taking Care of Your Joints

Strategies That You Can Implement to Optimize Your Joint Health

You might be surprised to find out that eighty percent of adults need additional joint support throughout their lifetime. Likely you or someone you know is affected so let’s review some of the strategies that you can implement to optimize your joint health.

One of the most important is going to be exercise and it’s helpful for a number of reasons. First of all it’s going to optimize your weight. Being overweight could push important biochemicals like prostaglandins and leukotrienes in the wrong direction because being overweight can also increase compressive forces on your knees.

Video Transcript

For every pound or kilogram of extra weight you’re going to put about four pounds or to Gila grams of force on your knees additionally vitamin D is going to be important for your joint health but it’s often difficult to expose your skin to enough ultraviolet irradiation to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D you can also use a vitamin D supplement orally additionally you may want to have high-quality omega-3 fats now there’s both plant-based an animal-based and if you use plant based exclusively you won’t get all the benefits so we use both of them together and my favorite here for animal based ones is krill now in addition to lifestyle changes I recommend to try activities like yoga tai chi chi gong all of which can help optimize your joints so what about supplements supplements can provide joint support the most common examples are glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate but I’m not a big fan one reason I’ve never seen significant benefits from people taking them so what can you use this dead our team came up with a comprehensive alternative that has four ingredients the first one is called Biola flex which is an eggshell membrane that is profoundly helpful to support these stability and flexibility of your joints we also use one of the most potent antioxidants known that I’m aware of which is a carotenoid extract from algae algae called astaxanthin it supports joint health and flexibility and is particularly useful for any place where oxidation is occurring next we have an Indian herb that’s been used for centuries called boswellia it supports the normal function of your joints and research suggests that it may strongly support biochemical cartilage structure last there is hyaluronic acid which is actually a part of your synovial fluid and synovial fluid is the fluid in your joint that helps lubricate them and makes them function without pain the hyaluronic acid actually supports collagen production and that also helps to protect your bones and joints during normal movement so just remember there’s no magic supplement for joint support benefits come from a combination of a healthy diet and exercise program so hopefully this has been a helpful information for the four out of five of you that struggle with joint issues to help you and your family fully take control of your help.

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